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My sister shared with me, the other day, the new Kia Soul commercial. This time the hamsters are dancing to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Personally these commercials crack me up. The hamsters are adorable, and the idea is very creative.

The hamsters first appearance in the Kia Soul commercials came about in 2009 were they compared the old age of cars, which are represented by hamster wheels, to the new age, the Kia Soul. This original commercial shows the Kia Soul as vibrant, different, cool, and new. The 3 “hip-hop” hamsters in the Soul are different from the other hamsters. They don’t have the same old wheel, or hamster house, plus they know how to “keep it real.” All the others hamsters are stuck in place, they are not moving forward in the times. Which leads us to believe that the Kia Soul is a step forward for car engineering.

The 2010 commercial finally gave these hamsters clothes though. They are officially the “hip-hop” hamsters. Part 2 of the Kia Soul trilogy is another step up for the Kia Soul.

Whoever created this hamster idea should be making millions, because I am sure they have sold a ton of Soul’s with this commercial. I mean watch the commercial; this is entertaining. The hamsters are “gangster”, and they are the only happy hamsters in the commercial. You see a clinically depressed hamster in a washer, two suicidal hamsters in a toaster, and who knows what is going on with the hamsters in the cardboard box. If that isn’t enough the background music is telling you to “get with this”, the Kia Soul. Plus if you don’t “get with this” I am sure those hamsters would kick your ass. Finally the newest commercial, which is my personal favorite, was just released August 28.

These hamsters are so smart, they have moved out of the hoods and into Hollywood. And now they are saving the world?! As one blogger said they are “bring Soul to a soulless world.” Not to mention, these hamsters are better dancers then most people I know, including myself. These hamsters are taking over the world. The songs exact lines toward the middle of the commercial are “everybody just have a good time, and we gone make you loose your mind.” They are showing how kick ass this car really is. I mean so far the car has hamster’s driving it, it has been showing as the “new generation”, and it is ending wars. These car dealers really know how to advertise a product, subliminal messaging at its best. Not only do they tell the consumer that they want this car because all the hamsters think it’s the best, but they actually show off the product. You can see its sound system, the push to start, the navigation, butterfly lights. This Soul is “the new way to roll”!


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  1. Sasha Borenstein says:

    These commercials make me laugh too. At first I thought it was strange that they were using rapping hamsters to advertise for a car, but then I realized that it was a very clever idea. These commercials are memorable and that is the point right? I mean the whole point of an advertisement whether it is on television or a billboard is for people to buy the product you are trying to sell. If the advertisement is not memorable then you have not done your job because most people are not going to remember what the point of the advertisement was for. These commercials selling the new KIA Soul cars are great because not only do I remember what it is they are trying to sell to me, it is also super entertaining to watch. Not only do they show off the car they are trying to sell but now every time I hear the song I think of the commercial. And the fact that they keep upping the intensity and look of the hamsters to keep us interested is a brilliant idea. My parents worked in sales and my dad used to tell me that in order to sell a product you must first grab your client’s eye. If you can’t get the attention of your customers then you have already failed. These KIA Soul commercials have not only grabbed my attention but they have also entertained me too which is an extra bonus. They have done what they set out to do successfully. Not many commercials these days do and I actually love to watch this particular commercial when it comes on, this is one commercial that I stay on the channel to watch or not fast forward through if what I am watching is recorded.

  2. Sean says:

    This is a great way to advertise a product especially for a car dealership. Companies are always out there in the market trying to find a way to make an advertisement that they know will blow the buyer away. I like the way you mention subliminal messaging because that is one of the most influential ways to make someone buy a product. I mean the advertisement has hamsters driving a car. I guaruntee most of us who watch the ad picture ourselves driving that car. Personally, I am not a fan of KIA but ill admit that this one particular ad caught my eye. That’s the goal of every company– You’ve gotta catch peoples attention and come up with something that people are going to remember. I think KIA did well for themselves with this ad.

  3. yosh karbowniczak says:

    Kia is a company that does a great job using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. We all know what the Kia car company is. They have been around for quite some time now and have established some credibility. With that when we see these hamsters, we think kia, and that’s why these commercials are so good.
    These hamsters have ethos as well because they have been in numerous commercials and have played an essential role in the selling of Kia cars. These hamsters bring out pathos too. In these commercials there is alot of good emotion., These little hamsters are sitting in thier cool cars, jammin out, looking like a bunch of studmuffins. I dont know about you guys but i get pumped up when this commercial and almost wanna go practice dancing in the mirror like these hamsters. They give me a good vibe, and especially a good vibe towards kia.
    Theres good logos i thought too. I dont know what it is, but these litttle hamsters look like there having too much fun in this kia car. They make me wanna go out buy a kia, pick up all my friends, and cruise around town with the music bumping. Kia i think with these commercials can be very successful. They are attracting a younger crowd with this kind of advertising and because kia has elegant cars as well, they attract a lot of people.

  4. Steven Webb says:

    In these hamster commercials I feel as if in some ways they are trying to advertise the hamsters, to be bought. They’re cute little pets that young ones and older ones would love to have. You can hold them and take them almost anywhere. But how they are being used in these commercials is to entertain us people with laughter as they find cool ways to try and sell the KIA car to us. Like in the first clip it shows many hamsters just running in a cage all around the world, then a KIA car pulls up and it shows a bit of the interior and all the cool futures, it also has a sweet little song that says there’s something separating you and I. in the second clip they are trying to compare their product with a toaster saying what they have is better and won’t ever be burnt or burnt out, or that’s the message I get from seeing it. And for the final clip I find it to be hilarious because the hamsters pull up in the car where there is a huge massive fight going on and they come out bumping music and they get the bots that are fighting to dance with so they can get through, signifying that nothing can stop this new KIA car from where it wants to go. All of these commercials show different types of the product but still trying to sell it with the same message. Using the hamsters for them was clever because there such cute animals.

  5. Tacco26 says:

    I love the Kia Soul commercials! They are extremely creative and I can imagine very effective. They definitely get their point across that the Kia Soul is a new car that is far from just any ordinary car we have seen, these hamsters aren’t hanging out in some old hamster wheel. They know what is new and in and that is the Soul. The combination of the dancing hamsters and catchy music always makes be pay attention when these commercials show up. On the rare occasion I am watching television with my mother and these commercials come on my mother always says what an ugly car it is and how annoying the commercials are but that doesn’t really matter because she isn’t the target customer of the Kia Soul, young people who are hip and cool are. These hip young adults like this commercial because as you said it is a new generation like them. Once they have gotten the attention of the new people with their brilliant commercial they show off the cool features of the car so if the hamsters and hip music didn’t leave you wanting the car then the cool features sure would.

  6. maddiecarens says:

    I love Kia’s campaign for their Soul and Sorento cars. Every time I see these commercials I just lose it! Who came up with this stuff anyway? They are hilarious. I think it is so creative that a car company would take a comedic approach for their commercials. Kia is definitely the only company I can think of that uses this humorous tactic to sell cars. I find their strategy extremely effective. In general I am someone that is always noticing the different cars on the road, but I find especially with Kia their cars are even more noticeable to me because the commercials are so entertaining. When I see a Kia Soul on the road I picture the hamsters bumping to music blasting, and when I see the Sorento, I think of the sock monkey on his wild road trip driving with his other stuffed animal friends.
    This past fall when our family minivan was on its last breaths, it was a big decision as to what car we would buy to replace it. Should we get an SUV or a fuel efficient sedan? After many test drives of Honda CRV’S, Honda Pilots, and Nissan Muranos, my family was unsatisfied. None of these cars were right for us. I had mentioned to my parents that they should drive a Kia Sorento, and truth be told it was after I showed them this youtube video:, that we went to the Kia dealership. Two test drives later one of the 4 cylinder and one of the 6 cylinder my parents made up their mind, they were going to buy the Sorento. I am not certain that this commercial is what made us get our new Sorento, but it did make a difference. My parents were excited to support a company that was creative and different.

  7. Matt Riggi says:

    This is probably one of my favorite commercials ever. I remember watching the first one on TV with one of my best friends and I honestly could not stop laughing. These commercials honestly just put me in a good mood and therefor I associate the Kia soul with a good mood. I’m sure that concept alone has sold many cars. With a lot of car commercials it just seems like a meeting with a boss just telling you about facts on a car, but not this commercial. And honestly a kind of agree with Steven Webb also because this commercial makes me want to buy a hamster, to bad I’m not aloud. If I were to pick my favorite commercial out of these three it would probably be the last one. This blog was the first time I had ever seen this specific KIA commercial and I had a smile on my face the whole time. My favorite part of this last commercial was probably when the hamsters started to dance, then the big burly machine starts to dance. I also think that this commercial has a lot of symbolism, for example, everything in the commercial, before the awesome hamsters roll in, in black and gray and just miserable, then the hamsters roll up in a lime green KIA and get out and are wearing some colorful kicks and cloths. It seems to me like the KIA is bringing life to a very dull and bad place. That’s one reason I would buy the KIA, and the hamsters are cute as hell.

  8. Tommy Mascia says:

    I think this commercial is a great use of advertisement. To begin with the commercial is bombarded with colorful images, directing the audiences attention to the screen. Using colorful imaging especially this contrast of colors, is unlike many commercials and makes the product appear unique. Secondly is the use of animal. Who doesn’t love small animals..especially when their doing people things like driving a car…its cool..its hip…its awesome. Dressing these animals up in people clothes also makes them more identifiable to the public at large, but still humorous because their hamsters in baggy clothes. Third is the effective use of music. Having the song Party Rock is huge to this commercials success, because the song itself is a #1 hit and if cool musicians like LMFAO endorse these cars…and I like their music..I will buy the car. Luckily for me I dont like LMFAO and the car looks like a glowing neon box I wont be buying in the near future..or ever

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