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Being a second year student in Ms. Polak’s Writers Seminar II class, I am used to talking about food. But when surfing YouTube last year, I came across a video that takes food and how one prepares it to a whole new level, specifically, the epic level. Now, many people have heard of Epic Meal Time, but I have become a new member to their website. For those of you who don’t know of Epic Meal Time, it is just about one of the nastiest things one can watch, but at the same time, makes your mouth water like you’ve just sat down at The Palm.

I am warning you right now, this isn’t your average serving of cheesy tots. When I say they take it to the next level, I mean they really make it epic. Take this Chili Four Loko, a beloved dish with a bacon and college kick to it. These men may seem like slobs, but they are actually geniuses. They have racked up more total views than Rebecca Black.

One day I hope to try out one of their recipes. I am currently training my digestive system with an extra meal of Saga a day. This group of guys take every single meal that real men love, and turn into a bacon fantasy. Past episodes include: Meatball Deathstar, Breakfast of Booze, and TurBacon Epic, a classic take on Thanksgiving dinner.

But seriously, what makes these guys so successful? I definitely think that they know their audience very well. They know all the people that follow them are some serious college eaters and drinkers, as well as bacon lovers (considering that every recipe calls for massive amounts of bacon). I think that with that, plus what they cook, produces a concoction full of fat, fun and fast food.

They make their episodes as epic as possible, including footage of actual people eating these ridiculous meals. We should show this to that blonde anti-fast food activist, or the blond bitch, as she is known around class. I wonder what her response would be…Id love to see her take a bite of the fast food lasagna.


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  1. brokenimage16 says:

    The website “This is Why You’re Fat” was similar to this; it was basically just meals mashed together.

    The success of this website may occur for a few different reasons, depending on the audience’s view.

    Are these guys making fun of us? There was the double down at KFC, a mac and cheese burger at Denny’s, and a Grilled Cheese sandwich at Friendly’s. Unlike the site’s creators, these are real chains producing these dishes. Perhaps these guys are having a good laugh at the consumers (aren’t we all?). They could be thinking, “You morons. Complain about how you can’t lose ten pounds, but eat that crap,” and then make the dishes they do. Maybe they want to see how many people are that gullible; see who would prepare these dishes.

    Or maybe they’re in on the joke. Portions keep getting bigger, and Americans are getting fatter. Maybe these guys have the mentality, “We can top that!” and just want to see what they come up with. Maybe they, the consumer, are showing the chains how ridiculous they are, by showing them the disastrous dishes coming out of the kitchen.

    Or maybe these guys are playing the stereotypical frat guys glorified in Adam Sandler movies. Like you mentioned, the audience seems to be college students. So maybe they took the stoner mentality. They’re taking on a role; a role that makes me question the ethos severely of their programming. It’s a role we laugh at (Tommy Boy, Ridgemont high, Hangover, etc). We pay to watch men act like idiots (I own all three Jackass movies) so they’re just cashing in.

    Advertising is key with something like food. There are food photographers and people who prepare food for photo shoots (ever wonder why the big mac never looks like the picture?) Commercials advertising gum can use something like a wind tunnel to bring it to an extreme level. Dawn soap is now being advertised with last year’s oil spill. We elevate everyday products. Go to youtube and type in “carrots like chocolate.” You should come across a video that advertises baby carrots, but they’re being eaten sensually by a woman in lingerie, much like you see in chocolate commercials. Do you crave baby carrots any more than you did before watching the video?

    As you mentioned, it’s something you can’t turn away from. That definitely plays into why they are so popular. We just have to see how they will top themselves. It’s why I google what Lady Gaga shows up at an awards show wearing–I wanna see her outdo a friggin’ egg. Otherwise, I couldn’t give two shits about fashion. It’s why people like my brother watch Fox News–he hates them and goes against everything, but just can’t help but watch to see what propaganda they’ll pull out of their ass next. Or how about viewers of Jersey Shore? You think they’re watching because of the elegant pathos os Snookie? When there’s a car on the side of the road, we glance over in interest of seeing what happened. When it’s a trainwreck, we stop the car, get out, and grab some popcorn to watch.

    Food is a very universal, binding figured world. Two people with nothing in common could make a conversation about food. It’s another form of the weather. We use it to celebrate, we use it to mourn, we use it to socialize. So just by combining the phenomenon of extreme advertising and food, our interest is sure to be piqued.

    I only bothered to watch 30 seconds of the first video. To me, I’d be more interested in seeing a woman preparing the dishes. Like you said, men are the audience. But why is that already an assumption? I turn on the TV and see a woman nearly orgasm over fat-free yogurt. But with a hamburger? Not so much. So they’ve taken things very familiar to the audience–extreme advertising, stereotypical male logos, food–mashed them together, and came up with their site. Their dishes are some nice symbolism for the videos and the site itself. As a writing and rhetoric major I rather admire it.

    Also important to note is whether or not the creators of the dishes eat this stuff. Most say no, or only once in a while. That’s something conveniently left off of the advertising of, say, the double down. But hey, as long as it’s extremely epic and epically extreme, who cares?

    What I’m trying to say is: there are many reasons for the success of this site.

  2. Guanqun Li says:

    Grabbing a coupon at post office, biking to the McDonald’s, and enjoying the free
    frappe and the second fried premium chicken hamburger, I was falling in love with junk food last Thursday, but not permanently. Undoubtedly, from my perspective, Chinese food is always the best, and it is way much better than the fatty, oily, and unhealthy junk food. Eating junk food occasionally, however, is considered a good choice because of the convenience and cheapness.

    Yet, when I went back and opened the blog, I saw this post about Epic Meal Time, which made me sick because of their craziness. Baconator Sushi roll, popcorn chicken Sushi roll, and etc?!

    11816 cal in total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you kidding me? I just ate McDonald’s please! Then, I decided to use my powerful tool—Internet to check how many calories we need per day. Here is the formula, simple enough:

    “Assuming it takes 10 calories per pound to maintain your weight, take your weight and multiply it by 10. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, then your caloric allowance is 1,500 calories (150 x 10 = 1,500). If you exercise, add 100 calories for every mile walked or other equivalent form of exercise performed (”

    Thus, according to the formula above, a person weigh 118160 pounds needs that much calories!!! Shall we call him Baconator Sushi roll man?

    What really annoyed me was that, when I surfed on the official website of the Epic Meal Time, I saw this: “ we make your dreams come true, and then we eat them (” Our dream? Being a Baconator Sushi roll man?

    Nevertheless, I found out that they were so popular that so many people liked them on Facebook. Why is this website so popular? I draw down several points on my notebook, and analyzed them.

    First of all, food is a universal topic. Not every single person is a Lady Gaga fan, neither is everyone fond of doing sports. But everyone needs food—human eats, or dies. Different people have different tastes, and eat different cuisines. However, we tend to eat normal food because it just makes so much sense. So, the fast food Sushi is brand new, and ridiculous. Human beings like learning new things, especially weird things. That’s why people want to check out how they cook and what they cook.

    Also, their shows are not simple cooking shows; they are entertaining. Look at these men, their facial expression and how they interpret the procedures of cooking the strange food. Also, I realized an interesting thing. As we may all agree, the majority of the audiences to these shows shall be men. However, they invited a woman to “enjoy” the food. How clever are they!

    Probably, if this video is shown to Japanese, they would say: “ nahhh… this is not real sushi roll. You are destroying our culture.” However, besides Japanese, most people would think it is interesting to mix American culture with Japanese culture in the aspect of food. Indeed, this culture mixing is another important strategy to attract people.

    I decided to “quit” the videos since I can’t stand them anymore. Just before I closed my safari, I saw they were selling T-shirt. Food and T-shirt? Two different t-shirt just came to my eyes: one with “bacon strip” and another recent one with “gay bacon strips”. What a smart design!

  3. Sean says:

    HAHAH this site is perfect and doesnt surprise me at all why it is so successful. Honestly, it just reminds me of Joe’s Hots. The most juicy, tasty, greasy, and salty foods mixed all together to make the ultimate garbage plate. These foods obviously arent something you eat on a daily basis, but when its 2:00 AM on a friday night, its definitely on everyone’s mind. I think this site is a great success, because they know their audience (college kids) are a bunch of crazy f****. College is the time of your life to start maturing and becoming an adult, getting an education to move on to bigger and better things, but it is also the time of everyone’s life when they go crazy for food and booze! We’ve all heard of the freshmen 15 and shit like that and guess what people? Its all because of food and booze. You might think these guys are crazy who made this site, but its actually genius.

  4. perezer says:

    I am not one to shy away from a burger or fast food at that but gosh darn-it that’s a whole lot of fattening food! I think that the amount of meat that was consumed to make the 50 pound burger in the third video was ridiculous. 1. Its a waste of food and 2. it is completely a suicidal mission to try and finish that burger. Don’t get me wrong though I love fattening, greasy, cheesy, meaty foods just as much as the next person but how much is too much?

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