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who would i like to be stuck in an elevator with? look, I can be all brilliant and philosophical and say God or Gloria Steinem but I am going to go with Peter Dinklage.

“who the hell is this” you ask? I am totally sucked into Game of Thrones right now. Yeah, this fantasy series on HBO; I am not a fantasy fan–the genre is really hard for me to follow because the names are really messed up (among other reasons for my distaste). BUT. I LOVE Peter Dinklage. he is such a fantastic actor and so damn adorable. I have loved him since I first saw him in The Station Agent.

so when I found out he got the Emmy nomination for his role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, I figured I needed to see an episode.

so what happens? well, I got my Peter Dinklage crush on. but then, I kinda really fell in love with the actual show. um, wtf? the last episode I saw, some chick tried hatching dragon eggs. yeah, you read it. dragon eggs. so NOT my thing.

but Peter Dinklage…SO MY THING.

So what would I say to him if I was stuck on an elevator with him? I would probably ask him about acting. Like how difficult he finds it getting roles in Hollywood as a dwarf: for the notoriously shallow field of acting in Hollywood–all about body image–he is not only managing to survive the field but succeed.

and then I would probably get all real on him and ask him real life questions about his education, what his favorite music might be, if there is a chance that he would divorce his wife and marry me. you know, the usual.

so yeah, gimmie some more Peter Dinklage, the only man that might beat out George Clooney for my affections.


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  1. jhrabchak says:

    Wow i would be hard pressed to find a TV show you haven’t heard of, This show, Games and thrones sounds like an interesting show, i dont really understand how a girl could hatch an egg, but if she found a way good for her. I guess i dont watch enough tv, iv never heard of Peter Dinklage before, but it sounds like he must be a good actor to be better then George Clooney.

  2. Jolyon Davis says:

    Jolyon Davis
    Blog #3

    If I were to be stuck in an elevator with any person, I can name a few based on the type of character they have, or just based on their physical being of attraction, but your choice of wanting to have Peter Dinklage, as your person is great. He is such a funny and well known actor, and knowing him from movies he has played in, it would definitely be a pivotal point in any person life. You can gain so much from a person based on their background, you being a Professor, and him being an actor, both coming from two different worlds, it would be a long and interesting talk discussing the various day to day things life brings, and even the steps taking as such to reach the point where you are today. I think people who are intertwined within the entertainment industry are seeing and developing more deep thought ideas then the average person, I feel as though they are becoming one within themselves, and the people around them. Like actors for certain roles they have to become that person in the movie, displaying their physical image, as well as their personality, and way of speaking.
    They also correlate to people in the music industry or even comedians. They all have to think beyond, not saying Professors don’t, them being a huge point in everyone’s life to reach that final point in making a career. Having a person that has more than the usual obstacle to overcome is touching too, Peter Dinklage being a person , that is considered a dwarf, working and thriving in a competitive market of acting, and actually receiving roles to play in these movies and shows over average people is amazing, and rewarding in itself. Having the chance to talk to someone who was born having dwarfism, and lived with it all their life, and actually making something of themselves, would be a inspiring story to hear. I to can agree I wouldn’t mind being trapped in an elevator with him, lol not the fact I want him to get divorced or any of that sort, but to hear his story of how he made it, with such a over bearing obstacle, and the opportunities, and missed opportunities that come with it. Not only would this sort of situation be cool to be in, especially with a famous actor, but learning who they are, and taking the time to know another person is worth all the time in the world for those few minutes or hours being stuck in the elevator.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think that Peter Dinklage is a very interesting choice. I can understand why one would pick him. Every appearance hes has made in anything that I’ve seen has always been great. In one of my favorite movies, Death at a Funeral, he plays a mysterious man who claims to be the secret gay lover of the dead father, and demands his inheritance.


    He is very funny in this movie. I also loved him and his appearance in Elf, another one of my favorites. Here, he plays a famous children’s book author who James Caan’s book company brings in to publish a book. Here, he has a very funny interaction when Will Ferrell believes that he is actually an elf.


    Now, I wouldnt go as far as to say that I would love to spend an afternoon stuck in a elevator with him, but I am definitely a fan. Going back, I remember saying that I would either want to be paired with my room mate, or Emma Watson.

  4. I wanted to respond to what Jolyon had to say about the blog “Elevator” because I really like what he had to say and had a handful of great points. Jolyon’s statements seemed to connect directly to sociology. It is the simple act of communication that can tell you a whole lot about someone. At first if you were to come across a dwarf you may think negatively or even feel pity for that person but if you were to be stuck in an elevator you would have the time to truly get to know them. Peter Dinklage is a very well known actor and has truly made a name for himself, but what I disagree with what Jolyon and the author of the blog had to say was that he has gone above and beyond because he not only made it in the industry but thrived as a dwarf. But the truth is the reason why he has had his success is because he is a dwarf and a good-looking man.
    Considering the fact of being stuck in an elevator though definitely makes you think, because it is not just a normal confrontation with that person but I feel like it is much more intimate. Maybe I feel like this because that is the way it is in the movies but I feel that if you were to e stuck in an elevator with someone you would get into deep conversation. Like Jolyon was talking about, asking questions to find out about how it was growing up for that person the difficulties and how they became so successful. Or the conversation about relationship status like marriage and personal stuff like that would most definitely come up.

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