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Just as Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge stated: “Let’s be clear– live means live. If you are spending up to $200 [on concert tickets], I think you deserve better than a film clip.” Lip synchronization is often considered to be dishonest. BUT, let’s see this!!!

I have to commit that I love her at 1:24, but definitely not at 1:35; it just sounds damn horrible. I do not care about the external factors, such as allergies or drug addition, which may lead to this awful and husky voice because I am not a reporter for the tabloid. I just represent a group of people who have to spend quite a lot hoping to enjoy a live concert. Unfortunately, what Whitney Houston did was against their wills and made more than half of them walk out of the concert before it ended. Is Whitney Houston a successful entertainer?

Probably, yes, for her prominence in the past. But, definitely, NOT clever, especially when you compare her to Michael Jackson, who did lip sync when presenting Billie Jean on the television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever in 1983

By doing the lip sync, he could emphasize more on his dance and create a better on-stage performance. Look at 3:37, his first moonwalk would not be that marvelous if he was singing authentically! After that performance, he accumulated more reputation and became more eminent and influential. He became a pop icon! Thinking about his on-stage figure, lip sync is likely to be a little drop of water in the deep ocean. The main part of the ocean consists of “ The King of Pop”, “ the most successful entertainer of all time”, “the best selling album– Thriller”, and etc.

An author from argue that lip-syncing in live concerts will “…destroy our ability to enjoy great live performances the way we once could.” WHAT A JOKE! Probably this author is a HUGE fan of Whitney Houston.


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  1. Steven Webb says:

    I’m not TOO familiar with Whitney Houston and her great talented career of singing back in the day but of this short two and half minute clip of her on stage she looked and sounded pitiful! When people pay big money to listen and hear one of their all-time greatest singers on stage, no matter what their age, they should be able to deliver. Also between the two videos it seems that Whitney and Michael have had an impact in society with their style of singing and dancing. Houston had won many, many awards for her performance for singing and it’s a shame that after a long career her voice can’t keep up to her mentality and desire to sing. On her comeback tour she started to talk way too much and not sing as everyone came to hear, maybe even she knows she can’t keep up vocally so that’s why she talked as much as she did on her comeback tour. But if you’re getting mad people walking out on your tour that is not a good sign.
    Just comparing the two video’s regarding who is singing in it, Houston’s video was not as attractive and entertaining as Michael Jackson’s where he used his youngness and slick style of moves (dances) to entertain as he sang. Michael’s most significant and popular move I’d say is his MOON WALK, just seeing it amazes, many people and certainly me! I don’t know people do it but when they do it looks really good. See when people came to Michael Jacksons concert he performed to the status that the people coming to see him wanted, that’s the difference between the two videos, Whitney had not come prepared to full-fill the crowd with her beautiful voice as she once could.

  2. Tommy Mascia says:

    The matter of lip syncing, is dwelled upon too much. There are certain people who are “entertainers” in the music industry, the Britney’s and Ke$ha’s (with a dollar sign) of the world, they exist to”entertain”. The concerts they put on are meant to be about the show, not vocal performance. If someone is dancing with a snake around their neck or shooting glitter out of a cannon to shower over me while I rage the night away, I am ok with them singing along to a back track. If I am the type of person who goes to see these shows, I am looking to be “entertained”. I am not expecting to hear an emotional rendition of “Over the Mountain”. In reality, I probably do not want to hear the vocals anyway. They will most likely sound horrible, and distract me from why I went in the first place.
    Comparatively, I believe there exist “musicians” in the music industry i.e. The Black Keys, Kid Cudi, or Coldplay. Relying more upon the lyrical aspect of their music, fans of these types of artists tend to look for an emotional connection rather than purely artificial reasons. These are the kinds of artists who will and should sing live. Their entertainment factors span beyond eye candy. Do I think lip syncing is ruining the music format? No, it is just based on entertaining rather then a purely musical driven format.

  3. GT says:

    Whitney Houston will forever remain one of the best R&B singers of all time. She has a sensational voice. And only recently has any new and up and coming singer been compared to her. Adele is now making strides towards competing with Houston for the top reigning voice. As for that performance in the clip, it did suck. I cannot lie about that. I will always love Whitney (no pun intended) but after knowing about her long line of drug abuse, I would not pay more than $30 to go see her in concert. That would just be stupid on my part. I also don’t think it would have made much sense for Whitney to lip synch because she’s not like Michael Jackson, she’s never been known to dance on stage like him. Her on stage performance has always been about just her singing. And if she can’t sing then she shouldn’t be performing at concerts. I’m not gonna pay to watch her lip synch, I’d rather just put on one of her CD’s and turn up the bass. Perhaps I’d put on a concert of my own instead.

  4. Guanqun Li says:

    Finally find this post. She once was AMAZING. No one would disagree with that. That’s it. RIP to Whitney Houston.

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