in light of my most recent freewrite and last night’s Emmy awards, I thought I might add these fantastic shots. The Emmy, of course, makes me love him even more. Because yeah, I am shallow like that.


3 thoughts on “Ahem.

  1. eurogate says:

    He makes Game of Thrones a show worth watching!

  2. Ashley says:

    Yeah but his thank-you speech was abysmal. This was the 30seconds of the Emmys that I happened to catch, passing through the living room while trying to get the tutu off my cat that Stephen had forced it into, but seriously…he’s about as eloquent a speaker as a 7 year old with a stutter. What’s up with that?

  3. Steven Webb says:

    I’ve never really known who this guy was but I have seen him a few times in movies; the newer American Pie movies, where he played as an awesome character that was in charge of his group and would prevail against the Stifle-rs. Also I find him to be a funny comedian as he uses his height and use of words to make the people laugh in the movies he’s played apart in.

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