in keeping with my theme of “best toy ever”

I present:

like, do I even need to say anything?


9 thoughts on “in keeping with my theme of “best toy ever”

  1. Ashley says:

    Can it actually lift stuff? Like, an infant?

    That is my question.

  2. kristalongo says:

    when i was little i used to have a barbie car that i could sit in and drive around in like this one! as the years go on they just keep making toys better and better! i wish that i could be a child today so that i could play with all these new and exciting toys that are coming out! it would be so cool to sit in that and pretend to be a construction worker, driving around and picking stuff up! that is definitely a lot cooler than my barbie car! if this was around when i was little i would have traded my barbie car for this any day!

  3. eurogate says:

    HAHAHAHA what would you even do with that? restock the inventory of your warehouse ahaha

  4. xoklc says:

    I remember my 6th birthday when i got a barbie corvette from my parents. my little brother (15 months younger then me) and I sat in that thing in the middle of our living room for hours. it was pretty sweet and i loved it. when my dad would wash his car in the drive way, i’d take mine out of the garage and wash it besides him. that little car even had a phone attached to the center council and would talk to me. the following year my brother got a jeep and him and i would race up and down the drive way. my little pink car would always win. i swore that thing would go about 15 mph it was so fast. now for my nephews 5th birthday we bought him Hummer motorized car. and seriously that thing is soo much more high-tech then the cars we had back in 1999. its only been 12 years and technology has really expanded. not only has technology, but the features of the cars also. its so much bigger, and has more room inside of it. the details and design of the car is always more i thought my little pink barbie car went fast.. this Hummer goes even faster!

  5. Matthew Riggi says:

    OH MY GOD!!! This thing is amazing… This would have been the perfect toy for me when I was really young, and if they made one big enough for me I would probably play with one now. When I was younger I always wanted one of those little electric cars that can hold like two little kids and you could just cruise around your house. But this toy is on another level, I mean this is even cooler than the race car track that goes up on the wall. If I had this when I was younger I probably would have been playing with it four hours on end. This toy would have controlled my life, maybe it’s good that it wasn’t around when I was a kid. The closest thing I ever had to this was one of those little red vans with the yellow top. It was kind of like a Flintstone car where if you wanted to go you had to run your feet on the ground. I love how it gives you little fake pallets to pick up!!! You could just throw something on the pallet and just carry it around, it’s great. Not to mention, it looks durable, if toy is meant for young boys it is going to take a beating, and this toy certainly looks like it could handle that beating. The real question is how much does it cost, 319 big ones. Yes I do love this toy and yes I would love to play with it, but that is a little bit to much for me.

  6. Guanqun Li says:

    I am such a critic!
    Undoubtedly, this toy is cool and attractive, especially for boys. However, I still believe the simplest toys I had when I was young is more advantageous.
    First of all, as I commented as before, this toy can block the creativity and imagination of a kid because it is fully designed. I think one of the objectives to design the toys for kids is to exploit their creative abilities. Based on this objective, this toy fails since it can only give a kid something like this: “lifting lifting…higher higher…” I still believe that the plain blocks we had is better since we do WORK on it in order to build a complex and stable building or something else. These simple blocks enhance our creativity and problem-solving abilities.
    Also, I wondered what is the energy source for this forklift, electrics? Then it has a lot of problems.
    What if parents are not at home, and their kid wants to play this toy without any energy in it. He will probably go to charge it. However, they do not know that they need to keep their hands dried before doing this. Also, this toy will increase the aggressive behaviors for boys, who will try to lift up everything, probably even their younger sister. These cases are not what parents expect to happen because of a toy they buy for their sweetheart.
    Let’s just go simple!

  7. Clune says:

    First the Hot Wheels track on walls and now this? Kids today have it too easy. They even have their own forklifts now. I remember when I was little, if I had to move my sand box somewhere I would have to have my mom and dad hire a moving crew to do it for me. Today, kids will never again be faced with that problem. They can just get in their trusty forklift and move it themselves.
    Pretty soon kids will be able to have their own space ships. Seriously though I can see that happening in the near future. They already have their own miniature Ford F – 150s and Indy cars. Why not expand to the air? Maybe Boeing should smarten up and get to developing something kids could use to fly down the street to their buddy’s house.
    How safe are these “toys”? To me it almost seems like the more advanced they become the more dangerous they could become. It’s true, forklifts are a very cool idea for an 8 year old. What kid doesn’t dream of driving one of those things around? But what happens if they end up crashing it? Or what if it ends up tipping over? As cool as a mini Boeing jet sounds, I just don’t think it sounds too safe. Also, I don’t think we can trust kids at such a young age to be operating these things on their own. Most of them are barely half way to getting their driver’s license. We should be careful about the progression of these toys in the future. If we aren’t careful, these extremely awesome toys may become an extreme threat to the safety of children.

  8. stfeldman says:

    It continues to amaze me the toys that come out each and every year. In the last 10 years since I was playing with toys, not that long by the way, the toy industry has made me feel ancient. Every year, the toys get bigger and badder, or in some cases smaller and more high-tech. Everything is electronic and has gadgets and gizmos and lights and sounds. When I was younger, my favorite toys were my beanie-babies and barbies. I would play zoo with all of the different beanie babies and my mom would yell at me for ripping the original tags off. I guess I should have listened to her, because now such a simple but great toy is hard to find. Even arts-and-crafts are so much more complex. Remember those stamp pens- made by Crayola with a shape at the tip? Those were a BIG DEAL. Now? They have invisible ink and glow in the dark. They are making markers complicated! Whenever I babysit I find that I have more fun playing with the toys than the kids do. They loose their attention so easily! While they watch another episode of T.V. or play another game on their X-Box, I am perfectly content sitting at the table making a glittery mosaic unicorn. But seriously- its awesome.

  9. Sep 25- In keeping with the theme of “best toy ever”

    I wish they had this when I was a kid! I do remember going on intense speed racing races around the neighborhood on my toy car. Man, those where the days. Not only did this picture trigger childhood memories but it also made me think about a discussion I had in one of my classes. It was about gender stereotypes and for instance in this picture, why is it a boy playing with this toy and not a girl? Almost all children toys are made for a specific gender and are advertised the same way. The moment we are born we are either blue for boy, or pink for girl. This conditions us to believe that this toy pictured is a boys’ toy not a girls’.


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