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Take nine minutes out of your day and watch this video. Then think about it. And react


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so excited to watch this program! I appreciate the fact that the discrepancy between the percentage of women in the population and the amount of representation of women in politics. How can we keep up the pretense that we’re a government for the people when more than have the people aren’t even being heard? The incredibly insulting comment made by the correspondent on the Bill O’Reilly show about a woman president, I will never forget that. Even the great Socrates felt that we should choose our leaders because they were the best individual for the job regardless of their race gender or age. I hope that Bill O’Reilly realizes that he depends on ratings from his female audience in order to keep his show on the air. Watching this inspires me to really push myself. I hope that I’m not the only one that feels like its the modern woman’s duty to take full advantage of all the opportunities our foremothers fought for. Again I can’t wait for this and for the reactions that are going to follow.

  2. lizbramley says:

    Wow, that was defiantly one of the more interesting and eye opening things I’ve seen in a while. It was really surprising to me that we have less women in government than in China! Are you kidding? America should be leading the way in reforms because it is what we are supposed to stand for. Also, I never really thought that the media wasn’t showing what the population demanded, but are in fact creating our culture through a male dominated media industry that exploits women. When we turn on the TV we see unrealistic expectations of what women are supposed to look like and act like, while men dominate. There has to be some credit given that there has been progress, and sometimes women are the main characters and they have their own agendas. However, it is so true that these women still have to be tall and skinny with big tits and perfect skin. And seriously,barely anyone looks like that; and if they do, well then we assume they are stupid. I have to admit I have a weakness for magazines and that the racier the add the more attention i give it. However, shouldn’t there be a overwhelming majority of people behind these adds that think… “hey, maybe this is the wrong way to represent a women”, cause the more I think about it, adds that misrepresent women are also a bad representation of what you would want your company to stand for, Right? Well, you would think so. We need to get more women involved in creating media who will put interest in the intellectual aspects of a woman.

  3. I can’t believe there are only two comments on this post, I expect and expected way more comments than what it already had. THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING!!! And says it all, and is surprisingly eye-opening. Every point made in the video makes complete sense and can be applied to our daily lives. Media shapes everything in our society, this is one reason why today’s girls and kids are trying hard to get media attention for e.g Rebecca Black. All kids think about is, how to be like the people shown on TV, magazines, etc.

    In simple words, for nowadays kids people who act and are shown on TV are their role models. Media overall is affecting the children’s brain, lifestyle and what not. Young girls from beginning catch the impact that they need to look gorgeous no matter what, they need to dress up well, should out make up on and wear heels, this is all what they get from watching TV, magazines etc. About 10 to 12 years back when I was 6 or 7, I was really girlie, I wanted to put make-up on, wear high heels etc. Just because of what i used to see on TV, it influenced my priorities and choice. And even still, I put make-up on, wear clothes that makes me look sexy.. why?? because media had influence me and my choices and same is happening with the kids nowadays. I am not saying media influence is bad, but its bad what nowadays they’re showing on t.v.. How the women are shown as sluts, wearing tiny dresses that shows there butt etc. This is influencing a lot of children and they do tend to follow it. We can here take an example of Noah cyrus she is just 8 or 9 years old and she wears a pushup bra?A why? just because she wants her boobs to look big and that is exactly how media has influenced her.. they obviously show on tv how pushup bra’s make your boobs look big and better.

    “No matter what womens do, what they achieve.. there values still depend on how they look”. Oh My God what a great fact so true, every time a celebrity is wearing anything that is not looking good on her.. people just start gossiping about how the dress didn’t suite her well and blah blah blah, and just because of the societal pressure she gets she has to do what the people expect her to do, as she is known as there role model. But in real it looks more like her being the puppet and working on how people expect her to look like.

    There is one example in the video about breast implants, an interviewer is asking a celebrity about the breast implant she had. I mean seriously? Why do they have to know? Who are they to interfere in her personal life? All nowadays people think about is gossip which is what it is all about. All this according to me is ridiculous. They all seriously need to get a life of their own, and should stop poking there nose in others business.. same goes for media too.

    • Guanqun Li says:

      I really want to comment on Ramsha’s brilliant reply.
      First of all, I do agree with you that some personal things like breast implant should not be interfered by media. As a Michael Jackson’s fan, I am often asked by others about my comments of MJ’s plastic surgeries. My answer is: “It’s his personal issue. I do not care.” However, this is how tabloids are going to survive and make money. Supposed when you flip the first page of a magazine, what you see is “Obama’s policy on blah blah blah”, are you going to buy it? Come on, we have free New York Times at Scandling Center. I would rather buy one with something like “Justin Bieber became a dad”.
      Furthermore, I am going to argue against this: “ No matter what women do, what they achieve. Their values still depend on how they look”. I think this argument is partially flawed, especially in this highly developed society, in which people are less discriminatory toward women: we no longer judge a woman only based on her looking. For example, Cher is a famous actress, singer, songwriter, author, and entertainer. She has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. These are her values in the society. We admit and accept her talent and dedication. Although she is ugly, even in the top 10 ugly celebrities list, we still think she is a valuable, successful, and talented entertainer.

      Work Cited

      “Top 10 Ugliest Female Celebrities.” Listverse. 09 Sept. 2007. Web. 05 Nov. 2011.

  4. karinaaramboles says:

    I agree with Ramsha’s post this post needs more comments…again this shows what America would much rather focus on…Kardashians!!!!

    This video does not come as a surprise to me however to see it, hear it and then think about I am surprised. My surprise comes after deep thinking about the issue especially because the ratio, of people who attend higher education, between male and female is much higher in the female side than the male side. The fact that more male than female represent the United States while in other countries MORE FEMALE REPRESENT THE COUNTRY! The U.S. is composed of 51% women and only 17% make up congress, I guess the public believes that if a woman is the leader of the U.S. then it will go downhill. Really? Then finally a woman is running for office (Sarah Palin) and, even though I thought she was not capable of running America I am still proud of how determined she was. Yes, she might have been a lady running for presidency but the public never really cared about that. In other words, they’d much rather talk about her family and how her daughter was having a baby (teen pregnancy) or how Palin received plastic surgery to enhance a few assets. America will keep focusing on what they want even if the other side which is the important side is right in front of their faces.

  5. Gabby Mylod says:

    Wow this video was truly eye-opening! It was really shocking to see how few women are involved in high positions of government in America compared to other countries. Then you listen to men of power in our country and see what they are saying about women and it’s really degrading. I couldn’t believe the one man who someone asked what it would be like if there was a female president and he said “you mean besides the PMS and the mood swings?” That sort of puts everything into perspective. Obviously not every man has that same mindset as this guy, but to think that when thinking about a woman in power a man would focus solely on women’s hormones is shocking. It’s like men don’t take women seriously just because of “PMS and mood swings.” Which is just ridiculous.

    It was interesting to hear from the teenaged girls who were interviewed. The one girl is talking about how she has always been worrying about her weight just because the media is showing all of these skinny girls and it makes her feel like she needs to look like them. But really people don’t look that skinny! The video even shows a model who is very thin to begin with and then they show a picture of that same model photo-shopped and it’s disgusting how skinny she looks! I really don’t understand the draw to making women so thin! Biologically, men aren’t even attracted to skinny girls because they want a woman to would be able to support their child. So what is the draw to being so thin?

    Another teenaged girl talks about how at school girls go into the bathroom in between classes to put on tons of makeup and she makes a good point, “we’re here to learn.” So why are girls these days SO obsessed with what they look like? Clearly there is some force which is making us all want to look perfect all the time. I don’t know if we can blame it all on the media but it certainly in degrading to women to think that our only purpose in life is to look pretty. I found it so interesting to see that people are no longer blaming the actions of men on their Y chromosome. One man in the video was saying that it is learned behavior that all men are focused on violent and sexual images of women. I personally have never even though that this could be learned behavior. I always assumed that men’s actions were greatly influenced by their genetic makeups. After listening to this idea that young men are following learned behavior based on advertisements makes me think, why don’t we change this? Clearly we see that men could think differently about women if they were portrayed differently so it makes you think about how different the world could be if the media had a different approach.

    One of my friends knows someone from home who is writing a book with another woman about how women use their bravery to achieve success. They have interviewed teenaged girls of all ages as well as college students to talk about their success stories and what has helped them achieve success. They also have a website called “What’s Your Brave?” in which they post a lot of the stories they have heard. I think this goes hand in hand with “Miss Representation” because they are both working to change the role of women in society.

  6. AbbyMW says:

    Wow! This is an amazing clip, and I am really excited for the movie to be released. I personally like the different approach that is taken here. Sometimes it gets tiring hearing the same old feminist arguments. I am completely for feminism, but there are certain arguments that have less logos than others. I believe that this argument has a large amount of logos. And not only does it contain a great amount of logos, but it has a great balance between ethos, pathos and logos. I am glad that they have found the media to be at the root of the problem, showing that sexism is socially constructed.
    This argument reminds me of Eleanor Roosevelt quote “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Although, I don’t think that women believe they are choosing to feel inferior, we are also not taking charge and changing what society has “proclaimed” for us.
    One thing that really drives me up a wall is the argument against women presidents because of their menstrual cycle. I have heard it before in comedian acts, saying something like “we can’t have a women as president because we would go to war once a month.” This argument is complete ethos! There is no evidential support behind the claim. There are many women executives and politicians that have made huge improvements. This completely false idea, is socially constructed because of fear.

  7. Ariel Trent says:

    Females are seen mostly for how they look rather than their personality and their achievements in society. From magazines, the internet, television, pop stars, and music videos females see the women looking sexy slim and very dependent on man that they begin to believe that that’s how society should be. Girls are starting to put make up on at a younger age and also get involved in more mature things. There was recently reported that a parent allowed her young child to get plastic surgery. I do not think children should be acting so mature. People may think that the media does not have that big of an impact but it is since children tune in to television, internet social networks and advertisements everyday naturally. Advertisements use females to sell products because they have sex appeal and they are attractive. This ideal also effects the epidemic that men are seeing women as objects and that’s because these advertisements are using girls to sell things. Not only is it only the appearance that matter, but it is the videos and pop concerts displayed on television. Most music videos degrade women by having them dressed in skanky clothes and have them under control of men. Women lose individuality in a sense because they all are seen as the same and are belittled by men. Even in relationships its always the guys that have to initiate the conversation, however when there is any apology it it coming from the women. Why do females in general need the males to make a move first? why can’t they be the leader and take the initiative? Society gives men a lot of power .vSociety makes it seems as if it’s the guys obligation to make the move, to be the one to determine whether the girl and him will be together or whether they will get married and so forth.
    I feel that because females begin to focus so much on their appearances, they do not focus on the things that matter such as academics and education, future goals, and taking leadership roles in society in order to have more substance rather than the superlative image of the perfect girl.

  8. Steven Webb says:

    This clip shows a lot of truth of the world and society in today’s life. People these days are starting to live off social networking and cell phones. I agree with this because I myself are on both these things practically 24/7. Also when they say society lowers or degrades women, it’s true, what we see on tv or in movies and in music videos is how we think the world is, and if we think women are they easy, or easily hurt and all it just gives guys the leverage and makes it harder for women to be heard. But at the same time, these women chose and still are choosing to do these things kind of degrading themselves and the ones that are fighting against it.

  9. Ami says:

    Course Blog Post

    I just took 9 minutes of my busy schedule to watch this video and I am glad I did. It immediately took my attention. It is interesting to see how we don’t fine videos like these online much, because we do not know they exist or we find them not appealing enough. I agree with this video 100%. We women worry more about how we look than everything else.
    I myself used to worry about my weight a lot because I would have classmates call me fat and ugly. At home, I had family members pressuring me to lose weight. They commented on how I look, how I dressed and what I had to change about myself. They would also mention that if I did not lose weight any boy/men would want to date me or like me. At that time, I really thought I was on this planet just to appeal to men and please them.
    For a very long I worried about my weight and was conscious about how I look. It was too the point that I could leave my house without triple checking myself in the mirror and trying 300 different outfits. But, as I got older and thanks to positive influential role models in my life, I learned that I can do anything I want, wear anything I want and still be a beautiful lady. I learned that I have one shot to live and I should live it for myself.
    Weather people agree or disagree, I know media has a huge effect on our lives, it controls what we wear, what we use, how to act, what to say, and when to say it. It is like the media writes off our day to day life for us. And we forget that the main reason they make us thing these ways is to make profit out of us. We allow them to feel our head with nonsense and control us so they can get as much money as possible. Most of these companies do not care much about you; they just want you to buy their products. And since the media is a strong influential tool in our life, we go by whatever they say is good for us.
    Now, I am saying not all companies and commercial are out there to destroy our values and view of others. Some are there to courage us to take a stand and not just be a product for men or men to be a product for women. It is okay not get all dress up sometimes and it is okay to get all dress up. We all like to get dress up and get all dazzling, but we should do it because we want to, not because someone is telling us to do it. We have more potential than that and we can achieve whatever we put our mind to. Your race, gender and values do not determine your ability to succeed in whatever you wish to do. Do yourself a favor go out wear the first things you find in your clothes and go about your day; you got better things to do than worry about how you look. I know I do this a lot!

    The media knows it has a strong impact on our life, know use that change the world for the better, not corrupt people thinking there are not with it until they fit a certain criterion.

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