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OK, I have done this freewrite several times already but last night I sat through yet another viewing of Stick It. This damn flick!

Those of you that know me already know I am a huge fan of gymnastics. I especially like gymnastics because I pretty much like watching people fall on their asses. And no one falls better than a gymnast. So elegant, so graceful, so splat on their face.

so yeah, I love Stick It simply because it’s all that gymnastics stuff and the movie is basically a big FU to USA Gymnastics. The climatic moment of the film is when one of the girls is up for a vault and she gets points deducted for having her bra strap show. All the gymnasts are pretty pissed at the stupidity and limitations of the judging committee so they end up pretty much blowing the entire meet by doing their own thing.

Best scene: Wei Wei’s beam routine. This chick “rocks it out” (as any Toddler’s and Tiara contestant would say). it kicks some major ass. And it’s fun to watch. Thank GOD for YouTube.

yeah, I can watch this stupid movie a million times and still be pretty content. It was on ABC Family all weekend of fall break. And I watched it all six times. And yeah, I do already own. It is what it is.


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  1. laurenthinks says:

    I’ll have to admit, I’ve never actually watched Stick It beginning to end. I’ve definitely seen parts though, good stuff. It’s like the gymnast version of “Bring It On,” which is a series of movies that everyone seems to be intrigued by. I think the movies are satirical of the “sports” of cheerleading and gymnastics, and creates the stereotypes that we view these groups as. Who can pass up good girl drama though? Gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers…drama IS the game

  2. I watched Wei-Wei’s routine, and that movie looks amazing. I’ve actually never seen it. I really love watching the BRING IT ON series when it’s on TV (usually on ABC Family). There was one day over the summer when it was a marathon of all the movies, I sat there and watched every single one! But, I definitely agree with the above comment that these movies do support and create the typical “high-school” stereotypes. At the same time, I think movies like these are really funny and enjoyable to watch, not to use a Netflix term, but they’re “feel good” 😛 Everybody likes watching the main character kick ass in front of a whole crowd of people and end up winning ( I don’t know if Wei Wei ends up winning…I’m going to have to watch the whole movie) OR they end up gaining lots of supporters and learning and valuable lesson, impressing their family, or just inspiring everybody else. That’s why I watch Glee, for the amazing “underdog” story that inspires every viewer to do something to rise against the odds! I’m starting to get a little too cliché here I think.
    I couldn’t find any good clips, but the best scene “Bring it On: All Or Nothing” is totally the last, when Hayden’s old school is cheering, and her new squad comes out and totally dominates…it’s with Beyonce’s lil’ sis, and Hayden P….something, I don’t actually know how to spell her last name.

  3. kristalongo says:

    i have not fully sit down to watch this movie entirely yet. all of my friends are telling me that i need to see it because its an awesome movie! from the parts i have seen of it, i have enjoyed it. i can tell from that that i would like this movie a lot. i did see it on television over fall break but didn’t have time to watch it all because i had so much to do. i was never really into the whole gymnastics thing but i have seen some movies about the sport and have liked watching them. i want to get a chance to watch “stick it” entirely through one of these days so hopefully it will be on television again soon!

  4. Matthew Riggi says:

    To be honest with you I have only seen parts of this movie. I actually saw the part where she is trying to land a move that she has never done before and her coach comes in, at least I think it was her coach, and bitches her out for trying something that is almost impossible to get. I also noticed at this point that this girl is gorgeous, she is perfect and I kind of want to be her husband, but this is beside the point. When I started watching this I was chilling in my room and lying on my bed and I was scrolling bye and I noticed this beautiful girl so I stopped to see what was going on. I watched for a little bit and saw her stumble a couple of times and decided that this movie was bad. But I did judge it a little to early, because of this blog, and also because you love it so much I am probably going to give it another shot. But it really doesn’t seem like a movie that I would want to watch. The movies I like to watch are gladiator and 300, and any Disney movie. I’ve also never seen Bring it on, it kind of seems that all of these posts are talking about how great both of these movies are. Maybe I’ve just led a very sheltered life and was unable to watch these when I was a young boy. It’s also because I have older brothers, they would never have aloud me to watch these movies.

  5. Sasha Borenstein says:

    Stick It is a great movie! Although it is about gymnastics and let’s face it I am the farthest from anyone you would think that enjoys movies that involve gymnastics and cheerleading I cannot deny the fact that I love them. Although they are totally predictable I still find myself sitting in front of the TV watching them every time. Stick it is different than all the other movies though. It has a punk feel to it. The main character Haley is not your ordinary gymnast, she breaks the rules and demands respect. The other girls hate her and she does not care at all. She knows who she is and she does not let anyone bring her down. One of the main differences between Stick It and the other gymnastics and cheerleading movies is that the main plot is not about a romance. It is about standing up for yourself and not letting others decide the outcome. Not only is the message of this movie great, it also has some sick gymnastic routines in it as well. The beam routine done by Wei-Wei is incredible. The moves she does on a balance beam I can only dream of doing on the ground. I cannot do any of the stunts they do, nor will I ever be able to. Gymnasts are tough, and Stick It is a great movie to prove it. So although it may seem like I am not one to watch these types of movies, I do, and I would have to say that they are great!

  6. Jacqueline Murphy says:

    I love this movie so much. I have seen it in full probably 10 times. I never get sick of it. Although you are right it is a corn dog movie, there is something about it that keeps pulling me in and making me watch it over and over again. I was never gymnast although I wish I had been. Gymnasts are badass and do take a lot of hard hits. I am impressed with what they do how hard they train and everything they are about. The characters in stick it are not necessarily real gymnasts but they are still portraying gymnasts and showing how hard they train and work to be the best that they can be. Haley is my favorite character because she is the type of girl who is going to do what she wants and not let anyone get in the way of what she is trying to accomplish.
    She pushes herself so hard and everyone else does not agree with her antics because she comes off as disrespectful and rude. Yet, she is just trying to do things her way, she does not want other people to tell her what to do or how to do it. That is why she trains in the old gym for a large portion of the movie because she wants to learn tricks her way. Although it is sort of a punishment for disobeying her coach she enjoys working on her own.
    My favorite scene is the phone call scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=Cb9V1fuqxqU Haley pretends to call Mina so that she can talk to Joanne without talking to her directly. Haley is making fun of the normal beam routine and makes fun of that routine and says that she will do a real dismount. Even though she can not complete the real dismount she speaks of she attempts it anyway to prove that gymnastics is more then just frilly dancing. She is a new world female athlete. She does not care what other people think of her. She may do things in a nonconventional way but she still gets it done and still succeeds. I love this movie and could watch it over and over again.

  7. xoklc says:

    I really enjoy this movie. i own it on DVD and watch it alll the timee. i always wanted to be a gymnast and had envied my childhood best friend for being one. unfortunately, the closest i got to gymnastics was cheerleading.. probably not one of my best decisions. i used to go to my best friends practices/competitions and watch her compete and totally wish it was me out there. although i dont think i’d want to take all the hard hits and bruises she used to get. the movie seems to portray the coaches as harder on the girls then i seem to remember but that might just be because the girls were 10. i love how haley is who she is and doesnt change for anyone. she is exactly how more girls need to be!

  8. Steven Webb says:

    I’ve never seen the movie “Stick It” but from watching this clip, as many others have posted, gymnastics is very hard and compares to cheerleading in how you have to be very balanced and strong all around. The clip shows drama between the two gymnastics and shows how competitive this sport is. Also coming with this comes the silence when someone messes up and lands improperly and hurts them self as when they miss their landing it doesn’t quit look as good. Gymnastics is one the hardest sports I’d say to do; it has a few unique attributes from other sports that just make it unique itself. I’d say it has a mix of cheerleading, dancing and diving moves.

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