Guest Blogger: Emily Andersen

The Kardashian Wedding.

There has been so much hype surrounding this event, you’d think that the man was about to land on the moon all over again! I often wonder why the Kardashians are famous and why they feel the need to expose every single aspect of their family to us. I mean seriously! Soon Kourtney’s baby son Mason is going to have his own spin off!

Maybe that’s why they’re all so intriguing. We have to watch them constantly in case they expose some hidden talent that’ll explain how they merited such fame. So far, however, this observation has yielded no such enlightening explanation. Anyways, back to the wedding! Now of course Kim, the second oldest Kardashian, has finally found a man who she has deemed suitable enough to marry, and share all of those intelligent and scintillating moments of her life with.

Kris Humphries, first and fore mostly, has a first name that begins with a “K”. This is an all important marketing aspect that Kim’s mother, also Kris, required in order to sign off on this whole shindig. An NBA player, Humphries also has the bank account to ensure that Kim will be able to continue to live in the outlandish, yet humbly modest lifestyle that she has so grown accustom. Kim’s, now hubby, also has a small case of the crazies which is necessary in order to for one to commit oneself to the Kardashians. (Oh yeah, when you marry one you marry them all!).

The newlyweds reportedly received (is it just me, or is there something innately wrong with paying two people to get married?) $17.9 million in net profits and a huge discount on almost everything at their wedding, from the flowers to the cake. The nuptials themselves were a star-studded event and lasted well into the night. It was a seriously “tre fab” set up with a ten tiered cake inspired by the other royal wedding earlier this year. There were some beautifully heart-felt moments of memorial for Kim’s father and honestly, by the end of the program, the Kardashian-Humphries wedding really got to me! (I still wanted to rip that diamond headpiece off Kim’s head though…. seriously, what was she thinking!!!!)

But, why? Why was it so easy to become emotionally invested in the Kardashian’s life? Maybe it’s because they’re all simply famous for being famous, they’re all actually a really normal family that just happens to get paid for breathing. I mean I know that my family has its share of drama, and me and my sisters definitely get into the kind of shenanigans that the three Kardashians do (but obviously with a smaller budget). As much as people don’t understand and therefor look down at this celebrity family, you can’t help but appreciate that at the end of the day, the Kardashians are closer than most other families.


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  1. Ami says:

    I personally do not watch the Kardashians and it does not really intrst me much, but form what I know people sometimes obsessed themselves with the show because they feel like they can learn something from the Kardashians or just get pure drama that the views do not dare do at home, and Television is the only way to carv this feeling.
    Somtimes, I feel that people try to compare or mimic Kim Kardashian. She is her own person and you are too. So people don not compare yourself to her. Is one thing to get style ideas from her is another wishing to be her.

  2. laurenthinks says:

    Whether I want to be or not, I am engulfed in the life of the Kardashians. Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim take NY, tabloids, books, articles, all of it– I am obsessed. Let’s just say that I was thrilled that Kim’s 2 part, 4 hour wedding special premiered over Fall Break so that I was able to fully dedicate myself to it. Also, I got to catch up on the marathon of episodes that college has deprived me of seeing.
    The wedding was absolutely bizarre– so extravagant, over the top, glamorous, gaudy, aka- SO Kim Kardashian. I mean it was gorgeous, but just so impersonal and so over done…a typical Hollywood wedding. From the guest list to the 3 dress changes to the HUGE rock, it just seemed way to glamorized. More of a television event than an actual “intimate” event.
    I actually really like Kris Humphries, he seems like such a nice guy (Why is he with Kim?). I thought it was mean how she basically didn’t let him have any say in the Wedding planning, poor guy. And how she didn’t take his last name in the end, poor Kris! It basically seemed like Kim was more focused on the Wedding event than the actual marriage aspect, typical.
    I find it funny how Khloe got married last year, but the hype over her wedding was maybe 1/100 of the phenomenon surrounding Kim’s wedding. This just proves how Kim is the dominant Kardashian not only to society, but to her family as well, did you see how excited and melodramatic mom Kris Jenner was? She made it seem like it was the best day of her life. Like wtf, I would be so jealous if I was one of the other 5 Kardashian/Jenner children.
    I often find myself asking how the Kardashians got so famous. Once I googled Kim Kardashian, and was quickly reminded that the reason “Kardashian” is a house-hold name in America is credited to Kim’s sex-tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. Cool right? Porn star goes reality star– so E! (ex: Kendra). I guess it’s just easy to forget that NONE of the Kardashian’s did anything to earn their fame, not one of them is a musician, actor, entertainer, singer, dance, writer– Unless you consider the Kardashian girl trio’s tell-all memoir actual literature, Kardashian Konfessions? Please. Actually, just kidding, I kind of want to read it.
    The only person in the clan, I mean klan, who I actually have a bit of respect for is Bruce Jenner. I guarantee you that very few of the Kardashian viewers even know that Bruce was an Olympic Runner– kind of a big deal right? The once internationally recognized athlete is completely over-shadowed by his wife Kris, who has never been anything more than a trophy wife. Also, I recently learned that Bruce has 4 other children from previous marriages, one of them being Brody Jenner (LC the Hills, anyone?) Hence, the Kardashian girls are Brody Jenner’s stepsisters…what? Yeah, my mind was blown. Sounds like a bunch of Hollywood incest to me.
    I think its weird how Bruce’s four kids are never shown and rarely mentioned on the show. Especially since he is so consumed in the Kardashian kids’ lives, he walked Kim down the aisle for christssake! My assumption is that none of Bruce’s kids want anything to do with the Kardashian frivolousness– its just embarrassing!
    I will admit that at the end of the day I give them credit for being a tight-knit, loving family, but I still always wonder how much of their shit is genuine and how much is staged to increase the rating of their reality TV show. But love it or hate it, EVERYONE is obsessed with the Kardashians– I think I watched and read more on Kim’s big day than Will and Kate!

  3. maddiecarens says:

    I’m so glad you brought up this extravagant, over the top, wedding event for your blog post. It gives me a reason to talk about the Kardashian family and how great I think they are (to an extent). If I could choose one celebrity family to join it would definitely be theirs. There never seems to be a dull moment in these Kardashian t.v. shows. I love watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, and of course the most recent Kourtney and Kim Take New York. The only reason though is it’s pure entertainment for me. I find the arguments between sisters so funny, their tricks on their mom Kris hysterical, and their interactions with the whole family together very amusing. Although it is pretty clear that most of what goes on in the show is scripted, I still think that their personalities are basically legitimate. I also like that no matter what drama happens during each episode, it’s almost always resolved by the end of the show, which is cheesy, but makes me feel good. Now although I have opinions about the Kardashian’s where I think they are genuine people, don’t think that I agree with any of the over the top aspects of their life such as their money spending, (Kim’s wedding is a great example) because I really don’t. They have too much money that they don’t even know what to do with!

  4. eurogate says:

    Kim really is a business-minded gal. She marketed herself very well. Kim is not dependent on Krises ‘baller’ bread haha. I feel like you have downplayed her success greatly in this article. This wedding is more a problem of the american public than Kim. If there was no money involved it wouldnt be on tv.

    Kim made herself news, the news didnt make Kim

    Now my opinion, hahaha I dont watch that crap but i know plenty of people that do. I have little respect for people who make it big off leaked sex tapes too.

    But that doesnt mean shes stupid

  5. Matt Riggi says:

    The funny thing is, my family would be so much more fun to watch than these clowns. At least I think that this is the case, but I don’t really watch the show to much at all. I would much rather be watching… well anything but this show!!! But I mean come one! Why would someone want to watch just a ton of drama over probably nothing really at all? At least if we were to watch my family someone would see a little bit of fighting and fun. And now to the wedding, getting paid to have a wedding is a little bit ridiculous, especially as much as they got paid. Someone can’t lead a normal and happy life if they are spoiled as much as the Kardashians are. And it’s also possible they are as happy as they are because they’re just acting, maybe that is they’re secret talent. I’m not going to lie, Kim is probably one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life, but that is no reason for her and her family to be famous. I really do like Kris Humphries, even though he kind of seems like a dick. “Everyone in the family hates Kris… Kris and Kim’s brother Rob argue nonstop because Kris is always talking down to him,” this is what one of the friends of khloe said. Chris also asked Khloe if Lamar was gay and their marriage was a whole set up. Even though these are two bad examples of Kris, I feel like he is going to be the most normal one in the family.

  6. karinaaramboles says:

    I never actually watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians or any other Kardashian show until my sisters made me watch it. I have to say that this reality show is not that bad because I sometimes able to relate to it, in the sense that the main characters are the three older sisters and in my family there are three sisters. Anyways, the show is basically following the life of a family living in California that have many traditions such as with the letter “k” and family dinners.

    Emily, the reason that there has been so much “hype” about this wedding is because most of America’s young adults are infatuated with this family. I’m one of the few people that would rather watch Pretty Little Liars or One Tree Hill rather than a reality show that’s never fully real. Why is it that people are obsessed with The Kardashians, I mean they do work hard but there is nothing amusing about them? Other than the fact that Kourtney’s husband is a psychopath and Mason is a cutie they are just an average family trying to keep traditions and survive.

    I also agree with the above comment….In this post Kim is thought to be a gold digger who doesn’t finance herself where in reality she is a serious businesswoman. I mean the things she did in her past still haunt her today however she is still able to work as if nothing is happening in her life.

  7. Tacco26 says:

    I also often wonder why the Kardashian family is so famous. Is it because Kim made a sex tape and then it just all took off from there, I think people forget that is how it all began. What I don’t get is how they can feel so comfortable exposing every little intimate detail of their lives to the world on television. It is so funny that everyone is so obsessed with them and they don’t even know why, I guess they are just famous for being famous. Although I didn’t see Kim’s wedding special I saw previews, advertisements, news reports and magazine covers. You would have to live in a cave if you didn’t know about it. It was pretty brilliant that they got married then waited a few months to show the footage to prolong the wedding craze. I remember reading somewhere that some crazy amount like 4.4 million people tuned in to watch Kim’s wedding. I also agree it does seem a little wrong for two people to get paid to get married. Although that would be a very easy way to make $17.9 million in net profits, just walking down the aisle. Although the Kardasian’s are everywhere and that tends to get annoying I agree that they are a real close family. They may not be a typical family but at least they are one, I rather watch them then the dysfunctional families on the Real House Wives. Ohh and I totally agree with you about the headpiece she was wearing it was awful.

  8. stfeldman says:


    We aren’t big T.V. watchers in our room, but it seems like a good percentage of what we watch is the one of the many spin offs of the Kardashians. I’m pretty torn as to what I think about them. On one hand, I really don’t get it. I’d love to go back and watch season one and see how this show even started. They have become an obsession. What makes their family so interesting to watch is Greek to me. At the same time, I’m totally sucked in. Everyone needs their guilty pleasure, and for me, shameless reality television is a perfect way to get my fix.

    With that said, I agree with what Eurogate said above me. While I don’t necessarily understand it, they are smart. Whatever they did worked.They branded themselves in a way where they can make millions off of simply being themselves. They have their name on so many different product lines, from diet pills to perfume to clothing lines. And that is just the top of the list. While we probably can all agree that Keeping up with the Kardashians is by no means sophisticated entertainment, we have to acknowledge what they have made of themselves. They must be doing something right.

  9. Let me start off by saying that I have never watched the anything related to the Kardashians, So I have even less of and Idea as to why they are famous to begin with. They must have marketed themselves very well, because from what I’ve heard…..they are just famous for being famous. Like I said, I have never seen the show and it makes me wonder what about them could be so fascinating. Why do so many people need to “keep up” with the Kardashians? This brought me back to a conversation we had in WRRH100 over chat the other day. What makes us so interested in the lives of celebrities? Many of my classmates seemed to agree on the fact that we live somewhat vicariously through these celebs. While watching, we invest ourselves into their lives and imagine what life would be like in their shoes. We pay attention to them because we believe their lives are far more interesting and upbeat than our own. It’s an escape into another lifestyle. And, normally, I can understand this as long as long as the person you’re vicariously living through has a reason to be famous. While you keep up with the kardashians, you’re essentially following along with ordinary people’s lives that just happened to make it big. From my point of view, I find it hard to understand how that could be an interesting television show.

  10. I am so glad you blogged about this as well. I used to be obsessed with watching the Kardashians, I loved seeing their lavish lifestyle, and all of the perks that came with being so rich and famous. After a few seasons of watching the family, I began to realize it was superficial and really a bad representation of our culture. I think if a person from 200 years ago could watch this show, their jaw would immediately drop to the floor in awe. Although the wedding was beautiful and immaculately planned and executed, I think a wedding is meant to be personal and intimate. I think those two things would be very hard to obtain having the whole thing video tapped for the world to see. I think the show is so popular because it really enables people to see how the rich and famous live on a daily basis, although they probably show the girls working only twice a season for ten minutes…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ugh finally someone that understands me! I don’t understand the Kardashian’s overnight fame either and I think this has to do a lot with what we were talk about in our last class. The media pays so much attention to things that don’t even seem to be news worthy. Although Keeping up with the Kardashian might be considered great for entertainment purposes — they just don’t make the cut for being substantial news.

  12. perezer says:

    Ugh finally someone that understands me! I don’t understand the Kardashian’s overnight fame either. I think this has to do a lot with what we were talk about in our last class. The media pays so much attention to these shows instead of focusing on events and people that are news worthy and actually contribute to the news. Although Weeping up with the Kardashians might be great because of entertainment purposes — it just doesn’t make the cut to be considered as substantial news.

  13. Ashley says:

    I’m not a big Kardashian fan but, oddly enough, my MOTHER, age 53, is. Whenever I’m home visiting Rochester I’ll find the TV tuned in to their big dysfunctional mansion, with Kourtney bitching about something and mama bear what’s-her-name sobbing about how she thinks her daughters don’t love her because they’re not showing enough concern over her getting plastic surgery (Which she could DIE from!), and Kim’s prodigious ass (which I don’t really think is that big…okay it’s a little disproportionate for the rest of her Barbie-like proportions, but that’s it) causing more drama than all of SPEAKING members of the family combined.

    I’ve also asked my mom: Why? Her response: “It’s kind of like a car crash. You can’t look away.”

    I can understand that. And I think that’s what draws a lot of people to shows like “The Kardashians”, or “Toddlers & Tiaras”. It’s not that we want to emulate them. God, I HOPE no one wants to emulate those stage-moms-from-hell. It’s more of a “Holy shit, what will they do next??” type of fascination. Same with “Hoarders”, or “My Strange Addiction”. BIzarre shows for the public to watch if you really think about it–but it’s that whole can’t…look….away effect.

    But I think it’s pretty disgusting the power they have over our culture. I mean, there’s been a huge “controversy” (and I use that word very loosely) over whether or not Obama will let his daughters watch their show. Pesronally, i think the fact that he’s against it will only help his reelection campaign. Economic policy be damned….I don’t think I’d want a president in the white hous who watched The Kardashians.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jolyon Davis

    Lol, this blog is great. First I would like to say as I read this, there was then a news report saying that Kim and Kris were getting divorced, I just found that completely ironic. Anyways I think there is more of a reason this family is famous more than just their drama, or their unknown talents. I think its because this is a family of beautiful ladies which drive people to think of how perfect they are, and then having money as well intertwines it all into one. A family, with nothing but gorgeous ladies, and then having money. All you need is drama or some kind interesting angle to drive people to watch them, or want to get to know who they are beyond their looks. Myself personally have seen the show and thinks its funny, but at the same time its their lives shot through a camera. The only thing that honestly would drive me to want to know more is their looks. Now to the blog, the wedding has to be great, it costing a hefty 17.9 million. You know what I would do with that kind of money…Anyways its great to see people get married, but it would be even better not to have every given aspect of your life including a great moment, that you should cherish displayed everywhere like that. Why does everything have to be publicized just because you are famous. If i was at the position like these people, yes the people would know small little facts about my life, and my critical work, and accomplishments, but that about it. I wouldn’t want my life told to the world, every part of my day. When I am taking a shower lol, cooking, sleeping, or even having a family controversy like the Kardashians do. The blog said also something that I thought was interesting “once you marry a Kardashian you marry them all” I feel as though that shouldn’t be right, you marry a single person not the family, and based on the criteria this guy shows, being rich himself, having a first name starting with a “K”, and being kinda off as well, makes perfect sense the compatibility for one another. Then the fact Kim has an array of diamonds place on her head, shows to much. To me this all was to much overall. A wedding is about uniting love for another person, finally sharing ones life, and not based on money. It all seemed like a more look at me!!, and make sure you get all this, and less of the real thing. That is exactly why they are in the conflict they are today. This was all believed to be a sham, and now they are getting a divorced.

  15. Jackie Minnehan says:

    I am so glad I found a blog post about the Kardashians! I first need to admit that I am one of the many dumb watchers of the television series. (So, of course I tuned in for the big wedding!) At first, I was amazed by how much the entire family hated Kim’s soon to be husband, Kris Humphries. Two of Kim’s siblings, Rob and Khloe, wanted Kris dead – seriously. Kris was just so disrespectful to the family, and acted like a five-year-old girl 75% of the time – not really what I expected from a guy who was like ten feet tall. I did cry at one point during the wedding episode, I really though the two fit well with one another. However, the recent DIVORCE of the two very very newly weds definitely proves that happy idea wrong. When I heard this news, I seriously couldn’t believe it. Not even three months, and you’re getting divorced? Come on. I really hate divorce, it’s sad and so dramatic and so unnecessary. Not only does this make Kim look so bad, but it’s humiliating to her family and makes many of us fans question her motivations. Does she have any feelings or morals? Was this marriage done for publicity and more fame? I hate making these assumptions, but I think that Kim is a smart woman – so, the fact that she would marry a man she recently met so quickly makes no sense to me. I am not trying to judge, but I am definitely starting to wonder why I ever watched the Kardashian television show.

  16. […] amazed me to see how many people commented on Emily’s Kardashian blog post. So many of you are totally into the Kardashian family. I never got it. I pretty much absorb pop […]

  17. Liz Douglass says:

    I thought it might be interesting to respond to this blog after it was just recently announced that Kris and Kim are filing for a divorce just 72 days after their blowout, extravagant wedding. This has created an uproar around the nation, but why is anyone surprised? As this article states, the Kardashian family gained great profits from this wedding, and many obvious factors surrounding the wedding make it clear that Kim and Kris’s wedding was nothing more than a publicity stunt. These shallow aspects of the Kardashian’s life do make one question why the public is so interested in watching people like this. Yet, as an avid Kardashian fan, I cannot give you an answer.
    I agree with the writer that it is odd that we have become so invested in the lives of the Kardashians who are simply ‘famous for being famous’. But, there is no other explanation for this than the entertainment Americans find in watching the drama of others on live television. This question arises when analyzing many reality television shows. Why are we interested in watching the trashy antics of the characters of the Jersey Shore or the Real World? All of these shows have one thing in common; fights, break-ups, drinking, and love. These are all common events in the average person’s life, and this allows the viewers to focus on the issues in the lives of these people rather than their own. Personally, I think it is always interesting to observe the way a celebrity lives, and how their lives differ from that of the average person. I’ve found that the Kardashians and all of their relationships are very similar to that of most families, making the show more appealing to me. We can all criticize one another for watching these so-called ‘trashy’ television shows. But, in reality, most of us are culprits, and there is no simple reason to explain this fascination.

  18. Ariel Trent says:

    I know the Kardashians show is very popular and many people tune in to it, but I still question whether they are acting “real” or they are just showing off because they are on television. My mother loves watching this show but to me I feel like they are just dummy’s at times. I think because they create so much drama and the fact that there is a good balance of pathos and ethos people can’t help but to tune in to the show. I did tune into the episode with the wedding and I felt like it was all a set up. Some points and moments were cute; for example when he set up the room with roses in the room spelling out “Will you marry me” and had the candles lit as he waited in the center for her. However I notice that she said yes only when he showed her the ring. At that moment I felt that she was all about the money and the fact that the ring was huge. Shows like that don’t seem entertaining it makes me upset because it’s not even real.
    In addition to that her other sister, the youngest one got marries with in a week of knowing the guy. One again similar to Kardashian’s situation he is rich since he is a basketball player. However even though I do feel like these marriages were for the money I feel Kleo’s relationship with her man is more natural and might grow into something serious.

  19. Steven Webb says:

    The Kim Kardashian’s wedding would never have worked anyway. She and her husband are both celebrities. And in this society most the time those two types never work out, one gets jealous of the others hype and popularity that the other one can’t stand not getting noticed as much and wanting out of what could have been a great loving life. I agree, the Kardashians expose way too much of their life to America, it’s like they love showing everyone how dramatic their family is and how rich, but yet beautiful the family is. Kim is gorgeous but the rest of the family is questionable. Ha I like the fact you pointed out how Kim found a man that starts his name with K, and that has a big bank roll so she can still live her life as a top model, hot star in some eyes. Now that she’s off again being single will she be able to find another rich man that can support her wealth issue and needs? If Kim can’t live the life she had been brought up into I believe she will just continue living at home with mother and father.

  20. Yosh Karbowniczak says:

    As close and comforting as they seem on televesion, the Kardashian’s in my opinion are all about the money. Over the years, i have found it very hard to trust any television serious believing it is real and sentimental as they make it seem. YOu have to remember, it is a t.v. show, and they are getting paid to make the show. Also, have you ever seen some one on the Kardashian’s studder or mutter something, no becasue the producers take out the bad things and highlight the good scenes. I dont mean to burst anyones bubble here, it’s just hard to take shows like this serious Kim Kardashian is going to get her ass x-rayed, to prove that thier is no implants; and shes getting paid for this!
    When it comes to the wedding, i think it is a complete joke. The fact that they recieved around 17 million dollars just to say i do to each other is unbelieveable. I feel that this kind of stuff is taking away from the true meanning of a wedding. This wasn’t true love, you could set me up with a blind date, throw 17 million in front of me, and i bet both of us will instantly fall in love. The best claim that i have to support my little argument here is the fact that this couple is already divourced!!! The marrige lasted an entire two months! Now you mean to tell me that this wedding wasn’t about just the money or the publicity. I mean maybe not so much the money, because both of them are set on that, but ofcourse Kim needs some kind of publicity to keep her noticed and not forgetten!

  21. Before the Wedding of Kim Kardashian had arrived I had a feeling it wouldnt work. I think we all were in shock that this bitch was actually going to get married. After all of her relationships that havent had happy endings it was kind of exciting being able to wait and see this marriage hold out. After watching the tv shows of the family you realize how these girls are the most spoiled immature females i have ever seen. Its almost like they are grown up 8 year olds living in this surreal dream. The life they are living is ridiculous. Making millions of dollars for literally doing nothing other than being extremely good looking. They make money because college guys like me are drooling in front of the t.v. and cant seem to change the channel. Even though i’m hating on these girls right now i dont mind their shows at all. I just dont understand how a show like this was created. And about the whole marriage thing… these bitches are just looking for a rich man with a 6 pack. They dont care about the personality aspect of a person, lets be real here. Theyre too dumb to even know what that means. I wish the marriage worked out, but we all knew this shit was going to happen. Cmon Kardashians!

  22. Tacco26 says:

    I knew they were going to break up! I was almost convinced that they were all a family that happened to let cameras into their home. They are just obsessed with being famous and doing extravagant and crazy things to get more attention. I guess Kim got the attention she wanted from her wedding. That lasted a while then she had her wedding broadcasted to the general public and then when the craze from that died down she had to do something so after 72 days of marriage she gets a divorce.
    I have to say she is brilliant or at least her agent or publicist is. They know exactly how to work the public and media to make sure they are always being talked about. I have to say I gasped the other day while watching the fox news. I was hearing about the poor economy, then the republican candidates and then all of the sudden I hear Kim Kardasians name. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; a well-respected news anchor on the most conservative news station was announcing the end of Kim’s 72-day marriage. What is happening to the world? Who cares about her, she married an imagine social climbing loser obviously it wasn’t going to work! Can we get back the real news!

  23. Sasha Borenstein says:

    I have to admit I have been guilty of occasionally watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. At first it was just because they live in Calabasas and that is about a five minute drive, about two exists, away from my house. I drive past their store almost every day when I am home. During the show sometimes I see the golf course that is walking distance from my house and to be honest that is pretty awesome I must admit. I am not saying that I am obsessed with the show but occasionally I will sit and watch it if there is nothing else on television. I do not know what it is about watching a show of a family that is only famous because they say they are. We watch this family fight, laugh, pull pranks on each other, and just live their life. Most families fight, laugh, pull pranks on each other, and live their life, what makes this family so different then all of us that we all gather around to watch? I don’t know about you but I would not my entire life open for the whole world to know, especially a day like my wedding. I want my wedding to be my special day, with my family and friends to share it with not the entire world. Because Kim decided to share her “special” day with the entire world she felt like it would be wrong to end something she knew did not feel right to her, and now she is getting even more criticism for it in the end. I do not know what it is about reality shows like these, but most people cannot stay away from watching other people live their life and unfortunately I am guilty of it as well.

  24. Jacqueline Murphy says:

    I am not a huge overly obsessed Kardashian fan, I will admit that if it is the only thing on I will watch it rather then doing something else that is productive. After this 4 hour/2 part wedding special aired on E it was released that Kim and Kris were in fact getting divorced after just 72 days of marriage. Even after this news was released the E special was continuing to air on tv basically on repeat. This comes as no surprise to me, Khloe and her husband Lamar Odem met and got engaged and married very quickly and Kim was just following in her footsteps. Kim and Kris did not know each other for very long when they decided to get engaged. I personally believe that rushing into marriage no matter who you are is asking for a disaster, you may not know everything about someone and then you move in together and the little things build up. This seems to be a publicity stunt to thrust the Kardashian family into more overnight fame. Fame came quickly for the Kardashian family and has been continuing ever since. This wedding makes it clear that the Kardashians were only looking to profit from this what seems like “overnight” wedding. This is giving a bad name to couples everywhere and the institution of marriage. They were using marriage to gain popularity, wealth, and fame rather then using marriage to love someone. The Kardashians are indeed “famous for being famous” so there is really no answer to why anyone loves them. We love them because we think that they are famous. They have not anything spectactular, they cause drama, fights, breakups and that is all aired on their tv show. That is why people stay tuned in to their lives.

  25. Oct 17 Blogger- Emily Anderson

    First off I would just like to state the fact that with the entire cost of this wedding, it could pay off about 400 years of full tuition at Hobart and William Smith. I get that the Kardashian especially Kim is good looking but the fact that millions of viewers are glued to their TV watching their show every week is insane. It is like we have to someone live through him or her and his or her drama. Reading this blog made me think about a book I read called The Hunger Games. It is a book about these kids that kill each other for the entertainment of others. This symbolizes reality TV and how obsessed we are with it. So really, what’s the next to screw up our sense of reality?

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