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The best new movie I’ve seen in a while has to be Craig Brewer’s 2011, Footloose.

I know it’s a remake, and unfortunately I never saw the original, but in any case I think it is a crowd pleaser for people of all ages (13+). It was very well done from beginning to end with actor choice, special effects, music and costume.

To help you get an idea of what you find in Footloose, here’s your quick synopsis. 17 year old, Ren MacCormack moves from Boston to a small southern town in Georgia, where he will now live with his aunt and uncle.

In this town three years earlier there was a tragic accident where five high school seniors on their way back from a dance party were killed. After this incident that affected so many town-wide, there were many laws put into place including “no public dance.” Ren McCormack uses his determination and convincing to try and get this law abolished. Throw in some teenage love, and Dennis Quaid as the local minister, and you have a fabulous combination of action and enjoyment.

Because this movie is based on dance, I think it was really ideal that the director chose characters that actually have solid dance ability and history, making the use of stunt doubles virtually invisible. This is not your next High School Musical, this is a developed, feel good flick, that had me dancing in my seat once it ended.


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  1. I am so so glad that you liked this movie! I’ve wanted to see it ever since I heard they were making another one but I was kinda nervous that I wasn’t going to be that good, you know the whole remake taboo. I just wish that in both the old and the new Footloose, they would’ve included the songs from the musical. If the producers had chosen to do that in the remake, it definitely would’ve set this movie apart. I love Julianne Huff and I think that it’s so great that she’s going back to dance in this role, what originally made her famous. I just think shes so genuine and really has her life in order. We see her out with her friends enjoying life, but we have yet to see her mugshot. I also have the softest spot ever for Dennis Quad, and normally I’m not in to older men. I don’t know, he’s not the typical good-looking but there’s something charming about him, and he always ends up in the best roles. Thanks again for your review! Now I’m even more excited for this movie!

  2. xoklc says:

    Being a fan of the original Footloose because it is my mothers favorite movie of all time. I was extremely excited when i heard they were making a re-make. i read reviews from others about how much of a great movie it was i couldnt wait to watch it. when i finally got around to watching the movie i was extremely disappointed. i felt as if the acting was horrible and the overall movie was cheesy. i did appreciate how they chose actors/actresses who could actually dance, that was the best part. its too bad because the original was such a great movie. i was satisfied with the original so i guess i didnt feel they needed to make a re-make. to each his own though.

  3. karinaaramboles says:

    I seriously could not wait until this movie came out in the theaters!!!! The original Footloose was great so I imagine this remake will be amazing. Just before looking at this post I actually saw the commercial and said to myself “these dancing movies are all the same just with different characters and different scenery” but actually it is not the same as other movies. In “Step Up” and “Step Up 2” there were no laws against dancing provocatively or doing other things however in both movies a male and female were the main characters and both have an unwanted love affair. The good thing about this movie is that it has enough action, romance and comedy involved all in one. I bet it probably has a few tear jerker scenes also!
    Like Maddie said this movie cannot and should not be compared to High School Musical because it is a classic and so much better in the sense that the new generation of teens can watch it and enjoy it while the generation of the 20th century can watch it, compare it and remember when they were kids.

  4. stfeldman says:

    Maddie- I totally agree with you when you say this was a feel good flick. It is not just because I saw the movie with you =] Like you, I had never seen the original, but I knew enough to know what it was about. I was still surprised during the car crash and my friend next to me laughed at me for having my face in my hands. At the ending scene, I was clapping and dancing right along with the characters. Not many movies get me to do that (though it could have had to do with the absurd amount of candy I ate before). I agree that it was nice to know that the actor’s cast in the film could actually dance. I am one of the few people that recognize Kenny Wormald from being a dancer on MTV’s Dance Life so can attest to his actual dancing ability. Julianne Hough, no words are needed. This is only the beginning of her amazing career. Granted, I am an easy audience when it comes to movies. But overall, it was a nice two hour escape from my usual routine.

  5. Ashley says:

    My complaint with the original was that they didn’t include music from the original broadway soundtrack (being a musical theater nerd…also Footloose was my very first show, so I have a special soft spot for Bomont in my heart!). I mean, I know the Broadway show has some slightly loose plot points. It’s cheesy as hell. But it’s an ’80s musical! Forgiven and forgotten! Let’s tease up the hair, kick off those Sunday shoes!

    I wasn’t that big of a fan of the origianl movie either, although Kevin bacon is so adorable (and the Will & Grace episode with him is probably my favorite episode of anything, ever). Everything underwhelmed me. That’s the problem with turning theater to movie, in my opinion. Now one of my WRRH friends will argue, if he pops up on here, that “you can’t compare two totally separate mediums like that’. He gets furious with me when I start comparing and judging movies that don’t follow the book– “It’s two totally different interpretations!”–but there’s only so many ways to remake the wheel. or “Footloose”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jolyon Davis

    First off I have seen the original Footloose, but I would have to say this one is better, not only because it’s new, but the dance moves, and the action are fresh and exciting. As I watched the video on the blog, it excited me from what the previews showed. The aspect of a young man coming to a town that abolished a law to “publicly dance” which is absurd, really has great bases for a movie then feeds off that throughout the movie. I love the fact having a main character in a movie fighting for what they believe, no matter what the age is or how serious the situation is. Having the courage to stand up for yourself, and doing what makes you happy, is important. The characters in this movie did just that when Ren MacCormack moves from Boston to a small southern town in Georgia, living with his uncle and aunt. He changes the demeanor and social life of the town but also the people within the town. He also goes up against legal conflicts as well. The town had a law of no public dance, he was fighting against that. This movie makes me think a lot of how dancing today is portrayed and it’s just more sexual as generations go on. The dancing in the movie was something that looked just like what we do today, dancing is really a fluid sexual motion between two people, its looked upon as fun, but there also is a connection between the two people that is shared and it can become more if it’s thought upon as such. Back to the movie though, I really think the movie should be seen by the youth not only to show the aspects of dance, but meaningful dance, dancing for something and not for other aspects. Dancing for a purpose, to set free, and liberate the youth in this town, to actually have fun, and be creative rather than not do anything and just grown up having no childhood, or fun. The movie shows life in action, and all these people just want to live, living through dance. That’s why it is called footloose, meaning “Able to travel freely and do as one pleases due to a lack of responsibilities or commitments” but they do it through dance. This is a must see movie..

  7. Jacqueline Murphy says:

    This looks like a great movie! I have wanted to see it since I saw the previews for it but unfortunately haven’t had the time to actually go. I am a fan of the original movie Footloose but I do often times like remakes and or updated versions because it suits the time period better. I am a movie lover, there aren’t too many times when I dislike a movie. As long as it can keep my attention throughout the whole thing I enjoy it. I feel as though movies that contain a lot of dancing and love tend to keep me interested. When I watched the video on the blog I immediately became even more interested in going and seeing this movie.
    The idea that a town has abolished public dancing is absolutely crazy. Why would anyone abolish public dancing, it doesn’t hurt anyone. I like how the main character, who is new to the town comes in and wants to get rid of this law because he believes that they should be able to dance. This seems to be exactly what Ren McCormack does when he moves from a big town, Boston to Bomont, Georgia, a small southern city. He seems like he is different then the rest of kids, in the preview someone asks him if he got made fun of yet for wearing a tie. He doesn’t understand the small city life just yet and adjusting while trying to be a kid and having fun. He is changing how people act in the small city and people are against it. I am all for Ren making changes to this small town. He is introducing part of who he is to the small town and changing the dynamic of Bomont. The preview just got me more excited to go see the movie.

  8. mreeg62 says:

    I really wanted to see this movie; the previews for it seemed really good. I actually remember watching the old one, but I only remember like two scenes from it. The one scene I remember is Kevin Bacon just going footloose in the barn. I just remember him just dance his ugly little nose off and just going nutso in the barn. Another scene I remember is Bacon being in a tractor playing chicken with something. I’m not really sure what he was playing chicken with or if it even was footloose, but I know in some movie Kevin Bacon plays chicken with someone. Back to the previews, they seem really good and really interesting, but they do seem a little bit ridiculous. I don’t really like movies like this, kind of like high school musical. Somehow they all break out in the same exact dance and just start dancing together. And how come they’re all amazing dancers? This just kind of seems impossible to me!! And it kind of just bothers me a little bit, but that’s it. I would probably enjoy it and have a good time, I would just have to get over the fact that they’re all amazing at dancing. I saw someone say that this one was better than the original footloose, I would disagree. I mean I haven’t seen this one, but the original footloose was a classic, it’ considered a great movie and I’m sure that this new footloose isn’t better at all.

  9. perezer says:

    Wow when I saw this movie I thought it could actually be really good — that is however until I saw the part where the mayor (Or what ever he is) tells the students of the high school that they can’t dance because it is band. Who does that?! I wonder do states have the right to ban dancing and if so why would they? It seems like today the movies are just getting worse. Scary movies are just not scary anymore especially after producers create 15 sequels, Chick flicks are all the same, and Comedies (well….I still like those. Hopefully no one messes them up.) But seriously, I truly long to see a movie that just scares the crap out of me of a chick flick that actually has a different ending. We need more chick flicks to be like 500 Days of Summer!

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