FW: what pisses me off?

This is a huge news week: Lindsay was sent to jail, Justin Beiber is being sued for paternity and we are only a day after the big Kardashian blowout. yep, the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding has ended after only 72 days of bliss. Wedded bliss? not quite.

It amazed me to see how many people commented on Emily’s Kardashian blog post. So many of you are totally into the Kardashian family. I never got it. I pretty much absorb pop culture like a sponge– and support it: I am in total support of Lindsay getting the rehabilitation she needs to pull a Robert Downey Jr. career revamp.

but those Kardashian chicks? no use for them. Not only are they in that place of being famous for being famous, they really have nothing whatsoever to offer me or the community at large. That I know of.

So I am not really bothered that this was just a 72 day marriage; I am not that concerned with weddings and marriage to be bothered by this. But I am pissed that they are flat out lying to the American (global?!!) public that they made NO MONEY on the wedding and actually think we are dumb enough to believe that there was any resemblance of love in that union.

I think there are a lot of celebrities that do some pretty brilliant things for attention.

Kim Kardashian is not one of them. Not only is she NOT brilliant, she cannot even pull off this stunt as believeable. So yeah, this pisses me off more than anything: people who think I am that dumb to believe their bullshit.

Suck it Kardashians. You carry no ethos with me. Hmph.


19 thoughts on “FW: what pisses me off?

  1. AbbyMW says:

    I saw a blog posted on Facebook a couple days ago about how the Kardashian wedding was was just a scam, and how it ruins the sanctity of marriage. Personally I thought the blog was very moving, and I agree. Why should we prevent real loving unions from being marriages (same-sex marriage) when people like Kim and Kris mistreat this special bond. Currently marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman, this is the technical definition in Merriam-Webster dictionary. The LGBT community is not given that same right, even though they can be married it is technically called a same-sex marriage, which discriminates against their rights as humans. Also, I followed some of the wedding media and one thing that really stuck with me was that Kim wouldn’t take Humphries name. But let me explain, this was not a feminist action, this was done purely for business. That is just WRONG! I am all for keeping your name for legitimate reasons but for the simple fact that your brand name would be diminished is just not okay in my book! I have to say, I have followed the Kardashians show, but personally I am only a real fan of Kourtney and Khloe. It seems like they have their heads on a little straighter. However this entire incident is just unbelievable.

  2. GT says:

    Well first I want to start of by saying that I am an avid “Keeping up with the Kardashians” watcher. I love everything Kardashian! I personally think their family is great! Not only are they all beautiful, smart, have more than one klothing shop, and have a great sense of how to run the business world but they are somewhat humble. I mean obviously no one with that amount of money shouldn’t be able to treat themselves to the “finer” things in life but they do good for others too. Like when they took in that homeless guy and gave him an opportunity to start over or when Kimmy found that puppy and took care of it. I bet you didn’t know that Kylie and Kendall go to the animal shelter weekly? They are good people, they just happen to be ridiculously wealthy. I also don’t understand why people think they’re dumb. Of course, E! is not gonna show how intelligent they actually are. So, what were seeing is them just acting krazy with one another. I love how klose they all are! I think they have a great family dynamic. I wish I were a Kardashian. I think that the viewers that don’t like them and were disgusted by the wedding need to stop sipping on their haterade gaterade. So, what if Kimmy made a fortune off of HER wedding. If it were my wedding and I kould make money off of it I probably would too. I understand that weddings are supposed to be intimate and all but Kimmy’s her own brand so why not make money off of her own wedding. She’s a money making business women, leave her alone…. As for the divorce, it sucks. I kouldn’t believe it. I feel bad. I do not think that it was all a set up. I know that Kimmy did indeed love Kris. If anything, it was a hoax on Kris’ side. That would not surprise me. He’s such a jerk and I don’t think he actually ever fully loved Kim. I kan totally see it being a publicity stunt on his behalf. But its all good Kimmy! On to the next one….

    • Stephen says:

      Please, tell me this is a satire reply.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, despite your lack of spellcheck, you seem to forget one thing–where did you learn the younger daughters volunteer at an animal shelter? Or that Kim nursed that dog (aka dropped it at the vet)? You learn it all on their TV show. Give me a good deed they don’t broadcast themselves, then maybe, maybe I’ll be more apt to call them “good people.” Until then, I’m more interested in looking at the timing of the press of this divorce with the mother’s book and Rob’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

  3. I am personally a huge fan of the Kardashian Family. I watch “Keeping up the Kardashians” whenever I can, and I watched the WHOLE wedding special. I too was a little thrown off that Kim wouldn’t take Humphries as her last name, especially because it was purely for business. And the fact that Kim hadn’t even known him for a year…I knew the marriage wasn’t going to work, but it’s still fun to watch and laugh at, just like most reality TV shows. They’re just like all families- they’ve got their ups and downs, they just happen to display theirs to all the world. And they have a lot of money. A LOT. I like the Ks for pretty shallow reasons- they’re gorgeous, they all have K names (except poor Rob) and they’re really fun and silly to watch. Kourtney is my favorite. 😀 What I don’t like about the Kardashians is that money and business always come first, especially for Kris. She treats all of her daughters as partners, and not like her children. I think Bruce is the most down to earth out of them all, even with his gross plastic surgery/earring thing. I think, somewhere inside, they’re all good people. Maybe not Khloe. She’s sort of mean. Speaking of which, she knew Lamar for what, like three months? And they’ve been married…I dunno how long, definitely longer than Kim’s marriage though. It sucks for Kim that her marriage was so publicized, cuz now everybody is going to be giving her a piece of their minds. And yes, I totally agree that through this one stunt, she has ruined the “sanctity of marriage” Bad move, Kimmy. (I’ll still watch your show though!)

  4. Richard Jarrett says:

    I personally love the Kardashians. I love watching their show. But this is all because I think they are the stupidest human beings on earth (except for Bruce, hes ok). They are all crazy bitches. I never heard anything about them faking their marriage before reading this post, but now that I know, I think that it is kind of scummy. Also, on the point of why they are famous, I think my professor is right by saying that they are famous for no reason. Its kind of funny in a way. But, its all ok. If they didn’t make any money off of their marriage, then they are the most moronic people. I mean, getting married? For money? Im starting to question whether it means anything to get married any more in this day and age. By the way, the gays must be loving this. The Kardashians are proving the republicans wrong on their stance of Gay marriage. They believe that all gay marriages are all dysfunctional, thus they should be illegal. But the Kardashians are an example that now a days, marriage is always a dysfunctional struggle. I think that all marriges are hard, that is why the marriage rate is rapidly decreasing. Where is the love? What does that word even mean anymore. I guess its up to global citizens to find out…

  5. Michele says:

    Posted by Guanqun Li:

    The 72-day marriage was a personal thing: although it was stupid, or even considered as immoral, it was none of our business. However, as the blog article pointed out, her super DUMB lies made everyone sick, globally, if she had fans in other countries. BTW, she should go to take an IQ test. I highly doubted she could score higher than 50.

    Her lies did not make any sense, especially when she wore her $2 million worth of 20.5-carat diamond engagement ring. Actually, she tried to use her dumb brain to fool everyone. However, there was a powerful “science” called Kardashianomics, which told her to shut up and go to hell: “the New York Times calculated that the couple made $10,358.80 per hour of marriage, or $5,179.40 each if split evenly.”

    Also, I think, being as dumb as a zombie, she just enjoyed lying. She even feigned an ankle injury when she forgot to take her little sisters Kendall and Kylie to the beach. What shall we expect more from her if she even lied to her family members?

    Undoubtedly, I think lying is a worse idea than running nakedly in front of the camera because if she had attractive body, probably by running nakedly, she could earn more male fans. However, by lying to the public, she definitely lost a lot of fans. Also, her behavior influenced her own future:

    If her future husband has a brain, he should think whether $5,179.40 is too much for her and whether 72 days is long enough for him.

  6. Tom Mascia says:

    Honestly, I am not surprised at all that the Kardashain’s are claiming that Kim did ” not make any money” off her wedding. It seems these days that everything is made for TV and broadcast over the air for absurd amounts of cash. Who cares if this girl gets married? Who cares if she gets divorced? Really, c’mon people lets be honest…I do believe this marriage was a sham to make money and it’s too bad that people decided to buy into it. Every thing these people do is set up. Do we all really believe that Kim Kardsahian goes around when cameras are not following her and aids the local homeless population? I would say no. These people do not have any particular talent other than Kim made a sex tape. Does that constitute as a talent? I guess…
    Anyway, however much I do not want to admit it, Kim and her family do have a significant impact over American media. Having said that, I believe the Kardashian’s, and Kim in particular, are sending a terrible message about marriage. Especially when marriage legality is such a hot topic in politics today, the focus should be on the importance of knowing who you are marrying and making sure it works. I believe everybody deserves the chance to marry, but I think getting married for 72 days just because you can, disrespects those who cannot get married, yet have been together for more than 5 months.

  7. How could you not see this coming? I think a 72 day marriage for Kim is actually impressive! Kim is just going from professional sport to professinal sport. She’s been with some of the biggest football names such as Reggie Bush, of the Miami Dolphins and Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys. She has even been with the music artist Ray J. And then she gets engaged with Chris Humphries? She has had tons of relationships all which have not worked out. I, personally, love Kim Kardashian— I mean, what guy doesnt? She’s just an idiot though. I’ve watched some of their shows (my favorite being khloe&Lamar). But just from watching the tv show you can see that this chic just wasnt made for marriage. She loves having way too much fun and there is absolutely no way this chic can be responsible to start a family yet. It makes completely perfect sense for these girls to do this to get money. Is it true? I dono. But it sounds like the dustiest move anyone could make. All I’ve got to say is, thats fucked up Kim.

  8. lizbramley says:

    I have watched the Kardashians forever. Why? Because the drama is addicting even though I know it provides no benefit to me personally.AT ALL. Until this was brought up I thought the show was just fun and games, and the fact that they got divorced so soon, honestly, cracked me up. However, after reading the comments made by Abby and Tom I am beginning to see the kardashians in a different light.Kim has disrespecting the sanctity of marriage by making a joke out of it… when so many people just want to marry the person they love, but can not. Furthermore, I am coming to pity the Kardashians, especially Kim. Undoubtedly she works hard… but for what? She is not educating people or making a difference through her show. She is working hard to stay famous by putting her life out there for people to oogle at. Just like we are doing now. And that is sad. How can someone like Kim ever find true happiness if she is always trying to make her life seem more important that events that could shape out world? How can she ever be happy when she is so caught up with herself she can not possibly give up the time she spends on herself to make a life with someone who will actually care about her, and not shit on her the moment she is uninteresting, like the public will eventually? She is making some poor choices, not in a business sense but on a personal level. She needs to stop her obsession with fame and drama and come to realize there is more important things in life than being on tv. I do not give two shits if she made money off the wedding,it is simply the fact that she doesn’t realize what is actually important in life that is upsetting.

  9. Ashley says:

    A video’s worth a million words.

  10. stfeldman says:

    I completely agree with you when you say it pisses you off when people think I am dumb enough to believe their bullshit. I think it would be way smarter for Kim to admit that she rushed into things, and did receive a profit than to spin a story to make herself look good. Facts are facts. It can be proven easily that she made money off of it. Why can’t she just own up to the fact that she did? I would be so much happier if she said “yes, I made money and I bought a new house” even if its shady, at least she is being honest. I respect honesty, even if I don’t agree with what they are doing.

    Also- what do you think about the fact that she is giving her wedding gifts to charity? I respect that she is making a donation to charity. Nothing is wrong with that. But why not return the expensive gifts to the people that bought them, and let them decide to do with the money that they spent? How about she donate the money SHE made to charity, instead of decide what to do with other peoples money? It would be one thing if they were married for a while longer when she got the divorce, and then decided what to do with them. Those gifts were so new, they probably were still piled in their perfectly wrapped boxes.

  11. mreeg62 says:

    To be honest, I can’t really stand the Kardashian family. But I do like Lindsey Lohan mainly because of her movie parent trap. To be honest, that is probably one of my favorite movies. I first saw it when I was like twelve, and I fell in love. It’s just so clever and cute and amazing. She is kind of screwing up hard core, but it isn’t totally her fault. Her real family life was messed up and that will always mess with a kid. Sometimes it’s not so bad, but other times people fall to drugs to take care of their problems. Another person that I love is Robert Downy Junior, he is an excellent actor. Not only is he a great actor, he is a strong person. In order to get out of a bad addiction you need to have some will power, to get out of a strong addiction and then go make some great movies you need even more will power!! It’s safe to say I love every single one of his movie, I saw a really old one that like no one had heard of and I thought it was amazing, mainly because he was in it. I may or may not have a man crush on Robert Downy Junior. One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen was Tropic Thunder where Bobby played an African American, and he never went out of character, he starts accusing people of being racist, it’s just hilarious. Back to the point, I hate the Kardashian family, they all just annoy me, even though Kim looks like an angel.

  12. perezer says:

    I couldn’t even believe the Justin Beiber news when I first heard it. This is completely absurd, he is just so young! I know that he is probably receiving a lot of negative publicity (if that even exists because as the saying goes no publicity is bad publicity) but how about the baby’s mother. She had to know what his age was, and what does that say about her? (Cougar much?) I just think that now a days the media revolves way too much on the lives of celebs and not enough on concrete information that will actually educate the public.

  13. Although I agree with all of your previous statements in your original blog post, and many of the follow up comments from other people, I can’t help but still love the Kardashians. Not like I know them personally, but I can’t help staying in on a Sunday night to see what happens in their crazy lives. What will Kim wear, what insane thing will Khloe do next, and what kind of hip so in style with Kourtney be wearing. I think Rob is irresistible and dreamy. I also must admit I watch the show hoping the adorable Mason will make it into the episode. Although the girls seem fake and shallow, and not motivated or deserve the fame that has come to you, I can’t help loving the whole family because it reminds me of my big crazy family. We are all crazy and love each other to no end. So many people tell us to get a reality show as well. Anyways, I do think there is no way that Kim did not receive money for the wedding, and is probably earning money through the divorce as well. Long live the Kardashians?…….until one fakes their death to earn a little extra pocket money…or money to stuff into their butts

  14. Jackie Minnehan says:

    Unfortunately, I am one of those crazy Kardashian show watchers. I can’t tell you what I like about the show or why I watch it, however, I admit that I do. I am usually not a fan of reality television, especially shows that are similar to the Kardashian show (I absolutely hate the show “Kendra,” which is played on the same network as Keeping up with the Kardashians). Lately, the show has become a bit outrageous, and I have not been an avid viewer. However, in the past I was definitely very into the television series, and I think most of my interest came from an easy relation to the Kardashian family. I come from a large family, four girls and one little boy, so I understand the various fights and dramatic issues the family has faced during the show. I know that reality television over exaggerates a lot of what happens, they are cramming days of filming into what, thirty minutes? But I really do feel that the family, at least when the show first came out, was acting a lot like most large families do and it is something many Americans can relate to and be entertained. If you were to film my house for a day, I think the outcome would be very similar to the Kardashian family – scary, but true. Teenage girls out numbering the guys in the family is always an interesting experience, especially because its TEENAGE girls, who are crazy and psycho and out of control – believe me, I know. My sisters, like the Kardashian sisters, are constantly in competition with one another. Although it is friendly and loving competition, it can get feisty. I am not against this blog post at all, I definitely think the Kardashians have become too cocky with their success for being an average American family, however, I think when Keeping up with the Kardashians first aired, it was not a bad television show. I though it was definitely a good and true portrayal of large families everywhere. But you can definitely say, this family has fallen victim to fame…

  15. laurenthinks says:

    Oh, the Kardashians. A mere two weeks ago I wrote a lengthy response on the “Kim’s Wedding” guest blog. Although I knew the marriage would eventually disintegrate, i thought AT LEAST a year. 72 days?! I’ve had goldfish live longer than that.
    I actually just stopped following the Kardashian girls on twitter, it became too much. I found a really funny “not Kris Humphries” twitter account though, and I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the tweets like:

    “So weird to not be with Kim anymore after spending the best .008% of my life married to her :(”

    “RT @KhloeKardashian: Woah… Jet Lag is serious stuff” So is marriage. Might wanna tell your sister.”

    “Gonna try to set my clock back 80 days tonight – wish me luck!”

    Poor Kris. At least he got out while he still could. Everybody hates on Scott Disick, but at least he’s smart enough to not marry into that whacked out family. Never divorce? Khloe and Lamar…calling it.

  16. Stephen says:

    Did you type this blog while watching Jersey Shore?

  17. xoklc says:

    Honestly it wasn’t the least bit surprising to me that the Kardashian-Humphries wedding only lasted a short, 72 days.. Personally, I figured it would‘ve been much shorter. I mean who would want to spend the rest of their life with someone who constantly whines and complains about what she wants/has/needs? Plus it doesn’t help Kim does everything for publicity. She is an attention seeker. So it is sad that she had to use the marriage with Kris Humphries to get the attention she wants.. I choose to respond to this post because it is interesting that you, being so into pop-culture, don‘t like the Kardashians. I on the other hand, according to my friends, am a little bit obsessed with them.. Don’t you just think Rob is the cutest? Ah I do! Although, I don’t find reasoning in their shows.. I just feel that they’re outrageously unreal – kind of like Kim’s fake butt.. The Kardashians live such a lavish lifestyle which provokes people to believe that they too can live that lifestyle but in all reality, no one other than the Kardashians can. Unfortunately, being a fan of reality TV, I tend to fall into the daydream of fantasizing about what my life could be like if I were as well off as they are. I agree with you that they offer nothing to the community at large, but I do feel they provide us with a great source of entertainment. Just because I am a fan of them, doesn’t mean I like/support their tactics. I’ve visited two of their DASH clothing stores and they were both a joke! They literally only use them to film and make it look like they run a successful clothing store when actually, there maybe is three pieces of clothing hanging in there and a really dumb big-boobed-blonde sitting behind the counter probably making a hundred an hour to doooo absolutely nothing! I feel as if today’s generation has not been taught in order to make money – you have to work for it. Instead they feel it can be handed to them because of ignorance like the Kardashians show regarding their money.

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