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I am not big on reading, but if I find a book that interests me that completely changes. Recently, my best friend told me about a book that she read. She told me it was one of the best books she had ever read and she started telling me about it. After I thought, “This book sounds amazing, I definitely need to borrow it!”

So I asked her for the book and I began reading. Something Borrowed, by Emily Giffin, is about a forbidden romance. It tells the story of Rachel, a young attorney living and working in Manhattan. She had always been the perfect good girl, until she turned thirty. Her best friend Darcy throws her a surprise birthday party. After a night of too many drinks, Rachel ends up in bed that night with Darcy’s finance.

Although she wakes up the next morning wanting to forget everything that happened that night, Rachel is soon discovering that she has feelings for Dex, the one guy that is off limits. As the wedding date nears, Rachel knows she needs to figure her feelings out. She realizes that the difference between right and wrong is sometimes blurry and that you have to risk everything to achieve true happiness.

Something Borrowed is the first book of a five book series. Although I haven’t yet finished the series, I am in love with it. These books always keep me entertained and interested in what is happening. There is so much suspense and drama involved that you feel like you are a part of it. Each book takes a new perspective from a different character, continuing on the story from the first novel.

I would definitely recommend reading these books. Giffin is a very talented writer who knows how to capture her audiences’ attention. She makes it hard for you to stop reading and put down the book. Giffin is also very good at sending out life lessons through her writing.

Next time you are at the bookstore, invest in the book Something Borrowed to begin reading a fantastic series.


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  1. AbbyMW says:

    I have not yet read these books, but they are currently on my list. Over fall break I watched something borrowed thinking it would be a good way to pass a boring night and I ended up falling in love with the movie. This movie has quickly made its way to my top 10 lists of favorite movies. However, I almost feel bad enjoying this movie since it goes against everything we are taught about what is good and right in the world. Even though you want to be on Darcy’s side, because that is the “right” thing to do, you are hoping that Rachel and Dex end up together. I am not a huge book reader myself, I latch on to a very select few books that often spark my interest after seeing the movie. This seems to be backwards, but I think that if I love the movie, the book must be that much better. But the movies are also amazing. Some of these movies that have sparked my interest in their book equivalent are; Pride and Prejudice, The Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song, and Something Borrowed. I think that part of how amazing the movies are, is that the authors of these books are so good at giving specific details to every little part. They make the reader feel, and the producers are able to convey that feeling very well.

  2. Steven Webb says:

    The book “Something Borrowed” from how you described it sounds like a very interesting and realistic situation between best-friends. I have not yet read it, but I myself like drama books because with drama there’s always a climax and a solution at the same time, majority of the time. The one thing that caught my eye about why it’s interesting is that you said; it’s of a good friend who’s engaged throws a party for her best friend, but then that friend ends up in the same bed with the others finance, and grew feelings for him. That right there is true life, doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen.
    So Emily Giffin sounds like a great writer, you said you’re on her second book and still in love with what she had written. If all five of her novels that are displayed are all attached together in a twisted dramatic way that would be amazing, nothing is better than reading a full book then to only know it continues in another but with a little more twist to it. I would like to know how the entire novel ends.

  3. Ami says:

    I LOVE Emily Giffin’s novels. She really capture’s her audience’s attention. Although the story are fiction, many people are living this life of regret and wonder. The minute I open the book Something Borrowed, I couldnt put it done. I would pull it out every minute of free time I had, and I honsetly think it was well spent.
    I had seen the movie also and it was pretty good, but not as good as the book, While the movie just left me wondering, the book had my heart pull, rip, reattach and all over the place, my mind was wondering, and i tried to imagine myself in that situation. this book goes to show that life hardly goes the way we try to go at it. it can just come and flip the script on you one day.

    If anyone is looking for the effects of love on a person, the hard chocies we make in life and the times we break the rules, this is a series worth reading. OOOPS!! I just clinch on the keyboard just thinking about the series. Thank you Krista for this post.

    i think I am going call my mother to bring me my Emily Giffin’s novels.

  4. I haven’t read the books but I’ve seen the movie!! I know I hate it when people do that too, but honestly I didn’t know it was a book until after I had watched it! I’m sure that the movie doesn’t do the book justice (because they never do), but I have to say that I did really enjoy the movie. It wasn’t typical and everyone ended up with the right person, except Jim Krazinski who should in all fairness just have his own movie because he’s so wonderful. I thought that the use of flashbacks was effective because I didn’t get lost and I wasn’t totally confused without the information from the past. It’s sad that Darcy and Rachel couldn’t stay friends in the end but really you didn’t want them too. You can understand why Rachel and Darcy were friends but you could also clearly see that the relationship had pasted it’s expiration date. Ultimately the movie made me think about my friendships and about how sometimes, as nice as it is to have friendships, people grow and change and that’s a part of life. Hopefully if I ever grow apart from a friend it won’t be so dramatic as Rachel and Darcy’s scenario! I really hope that the other novels get made into movies as well because they seem like great stories, and I’m to lazy to jump into a series at this stage in my life… 🙂

  5. stfeldman says:

    Something Borrowed was one of the few books that I actually brought with me from home. Once I saw that the movie was coming out, I raced to the bookstore to read it before I saw it in theaters. To me, the book will always be better, but I still thought the movie did a pretty good job. They captured the ending scene pretty well which was one of my favorite parts. In both the movie and the book I get equally frustrated with Darcy and Rachel’s inability to stand up to her. Whenever I read or watch it, I always want to shake Rachel in the ending scene for not calling Darcy out on being such a hypocrite. The movie and book treat Ethan totally differently. In the movie, he plays his role, as well as takes over one of Rachels best friends from work. It makes sense that for the sake of the movie, they had to take out the “extra” character. I have been kind of scared to read the other books in the series. Sometimes I love the first one in a series and the way it wraps the characters up so much, I’m afraid that if I read the other ones I will not like it as much. After reading your description about the other books, I think I will give them a try! Great Review!

  6. karinaaramboles says:

    Krista I feel the same way about books, I’m not big on reading but when it’s a book that I’ve heard so much about or a book that I read the blurb and I find myself not wanting to put it back on the shelf then I read. I remember my junior year of high school I was at my friend Pamela’s house and as I looked through her library in her room a book stuck out to me. Right away she told me that I shouldn’t read the book because it was depressing and that she couldn’t even finish the book because she felt bad every time after she read a few pages. I didn’t listen to her and I still borrowed the book and although it was a little depressing I still managed to finish the book in a week. I mean I couldn’t put it down, times when I was supposed to be reading the book assigned for class the next day I would be reading this book. This book Beautiful Boy by David Sheff forever made me change my views about society and drugs. I have now read that book and the following book Tweak by his son Nic Sheff which is about the same situation however through Nic’s eyes. Both books will change something within the person who reads it. Another author that is described as depressing that I enjoy reading…I’ve practically read most of his books is Bret Easton Ellis. His books are so interesting to me, non-surprising I found out about him through twitter. A famous person twitpic’d all the books he was reading and his library was composed mostly of Bret Easton Ellis. The thing about me is that “rarely” ready books but when I find books that I truly enjoy reading I go full force and take the time that I’m supposed to be doing homework and rather read the books.

  7. maddiecarens says:

    I am so excited that you have introduced me to this series of books! I have never been someone who reads for fun, not because I don’t like reading, but because I can never seem to find the right book. I end up reading the first 50 pages of a book and putting it down because my interest in it is no longer there. Maybe i’m too critical, or maybe the books that I often do begin to read are never ones that I can relate to, or have something for me to take away from. My opinion is if I am going to spend my free time reading, it has to be with a book that has a catch and significance. Something has to be offered to the reader that is original, and thought provoking. That being said, I am always up for good suggestions. These books seem like the perfect combination of drama and pure entertainment, which is why I am going to spend some time over Thanksgiving break giving the first book in the series, “Something Borrowed” a try. I think that based on your description and the other comments on your post, I will have no problem finishing this book.

  8. Tacco26 says:

    I love all of Emily Griffin’s books! I have read every single one and my absolute favorite was Something Borrowed. Griffin writes books that are definitely targeted towards women and are what I consider “beach reads”. They are very well written, simple and easy to read but but to an extent that they are boring and also have a great plot! They are the types of books you can sit down and read in one day because you don’t want to put them down. But back to Something Borrowed, I loved this book because of the main character Rachel. Normally I would hate a character like her because she is sleeping with her best friends man but she is such a lovable character. Even though she is doing something horrible, I found myself rooting for her the whole book because I liked her but even more because I disliked Darcy.
    The movie was great but the book was better, but I think that is how it always is. The actors were perfect for their roles, just how I had imagined them while reading. I have to say that I loved Jim Krazinski in this movie. He was hilarious. His character was very different from the book but it worked. I loved how sarcastic and awkward he was he was like the odd ball who you just have to love. Something Borrowed is no Pride and Prejudice but I strongly recommend you read this book and then see the movie it will be worth your time if you love a good love story comedy.

  9. laurenthinks says:

    Unfortunately, I am guilty of seeing the movie before reading the book. Although I wasn’t crazy about the actors in the movie, I still thought the plot was good. It was definitely different that your average chick-flick, but still contained the elements we all expect in a girl-geared movie. I haven’t heard whether or not they’re making the rest of the books into movies or not. If they did, I would most likely follow the movies– I mean the Twilight Saga is coming to an end after two more movies, I’m going to need something else to occupy my time.
    As much as I love reading, college has completely stolen that pastime from me. Maybe over Christmas break I can read a few of the books! I forgot how nice it is to actually read for pleasure!

  10. perezer says:

    I have not read any of these books but i did see the movie Something Burrowed. I think that this is a great movie and yes some people might classify it as a chick flick however I think that the overall message of the movie relates to everyone. Who doesn’t want to act reckless sometimes? Or say things that you know are true however will make you look like a rude person if you say them i.e. “Yes you do look fat in that dress!” I personally related to Rachel because she is the type of person that is willing to sacrifice so much for the happiness of her friends and family. The fact that she was able to overcome that and pursue what she wanted even though that meant hurting her friends shows the audience that sometimes you just have to put yourself first. I know this sounds totally wrong: why would I agree with Rachel stealing her best friend’s fiancee? But you will just have to read the books or the movie to find out! 🙂

  11. This is my favorite series as well!! I read them all on the beach within like a week! The lessons about friendship, honesty, and faithfulness are strong, as are the moral values these books seem to give off. I also loved the movies, although it was nothing in relation to the books. Dex is my dream boy, and Marcus the other main male lead is also irresistible. The lifestyles the two main female characters lead are very appealing, as is the plot of the story. If you read one of these books, it’s guaranteed you’ll go out and buy the rest.

  12. Jackie Minnehan says:

    When I saw the wedding ring on the book cover, your blog post caught my eye. I know this sounds crazy, however, for like three weeks now marriage has constantly been on my mind. Seriously, like I will be sitting in class and a RANDOM thought of marriage will pop into my head. When will I get married? Where will I get married? Who will I marry?! This is absolutely insane, and I am so embarrassed by it. However, I have always been one of those people who everything thinks will get married young and have a million kids and stay home with the million kids BUT this is definitely not how I have ever seen my future life. Based on this book, which I have read AND seen the movie – which was amazing, life is so unpredictable. The fact that I cannot stop thinking about marriage is crazy, but I think it stems from the fact that I have not idea what will happen in my future or how my life will end up, and marriage plays a major role in this. Marriage is such a strange and funny concept, but at the same time, I think it’s awesome thinking that you could find someone you like/love enough to stay with and commit yourself to for the rest of your life. This is definitely amazing as a college student, where not a single relationship I have seen or experienced has worked out. Relating to the plot of “Something Borrowed,” cheating and betrayal is something that is not uncommon between married couples in modern society. Although this is a sad fact, it is very true and I think the divorce rate is only rising. I mean look at Kim Kardashian, seventy-two days come onnnnnnn! My perspective is, if you don’t love the person and you aren’t sure if you should marry him or her – DON’T. Judging by previous examples, it most likely wont work out. I may sound a little cynical about marriage, however, I am a huge believer in the tradition and hope to one day be married. But I don’t think marriage is something people should take lightly, it is probably one of the most important moments in an individual’s life. Marriage cannot be taken for granted. Cherish the tradition.

  13. Guanqun Li says:

    From this article, I can see that the author is smart to catch the readers’ eyes. First of all, the covers of the books are clean: titles, author’s name, and some simple pictures, which indicate the topic of the books, some kind of romance. From this post, I know Something Borrowed is telling a story full of drama. This is another reason why I say that the author is smart. She knows drama would rock, especially among young people.

    However, on the other side, I think writing a whole story about drama is problematic since the book just becomes boring when you know the entire book is all about two people having an affair. Also, it may have some negative influences towards young kids since the book distorts the friendship, morals, and true love. The story is not positive to kids, who are still developing their worldview.

    Furthermore, considering that these books do not contain complex vocabularies, I would rather read something like Pride and Prejudice, or even Wall Street Journal to boost my verbal skills.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jolyon Davis

    I too dislike reading books, but when it comes to books of interest and books that teach life lessons I am all about them. When reading the description of this book I found myself wanting to read it more and more. As a young man growing up I feel as though my life was full of nothing but life lessons, and sayings to get me where I need to be in life. My dad had told and taught me so much, he could actually write a book. Furthermore the aspects of books that have a meaning of life, and give situations that actually occur in a given bases, give me a sense that the book has depth and really has great meaning to me as a reader, and would keep my interest throughout the book. “Something Borrowed” at first the title is kind of suspect not because of the wording, but because you do not know what was borrowed, and as you read the book it start to unfold, such as most books do, but when writers can incorporate the story line they are trying to get across with a positive life message it makes the book that much more sweet, and meaningful to you, and even what you learned in the book, can then be applied to your daily life. The book has a strong emphasis on the meaning of love, and friendship bases on the blog. That is right, that making decisions in life are sometimes painful and wrong, but you have to make the best of them to better oneself as a person. Books that teach me how to become a better person, and allow my mind to wonder, and question my thinking are books I love to read. I think we all should have an interest of books that we like to read that can give us a sense of reassurance about life, and to put it back to perspective. Books allow you most of all to take you out the reality of your world, and place you into the characters discussed in the book, and when you can fully embed yourself into the book, as though you were that given character then you can truly say you love the book your reading.

  15. Nov 6 Blogger- Krista Longo

    I have never heard of Something Borrowed until it came out in a movie. I have not read the book but recently watched the movie. I thought it was a good movie with a different plot line than what we are used to in the typical romance story lines. It did keep me guessing what would happen next and in many times I would be wrong. I did however, think that it is very unrealistic. One, if Darcy and Rachel were best friends like the movie made them out to be, Darcy would have never asked Dex on a date when she knew Rachel talked about him all the time. Then in the end, Dex and Rachel would have never ended up together. I agree that it challenges our perceptions of right and wrong. The movie leaves you thinking that Darcy is the bad one and Rachel is the victim when it should be the other way around.

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