Guest Blogger: Emily Andersen

“Baby, Baby, Oh, like Baby, Baby, Baby, NOOO!!”

Recently these lyrics have taken on a whole new meaning. A young woman, Mariah Yeater, has come forward with some shocking news for Bielebers; a claim that her 4-month-old son was fathered by the teenage mega-star.

Now I know that many JB fans didn’t believe Yeater for a second. How could their beloved, cherub-like idol (who is currently madly in love with his fellow teenstar girlfriend Selena Gomez) have a child with a 20-year-old he met backstage at one of his concerts?

This seems like an age old ploy in order for some poor girl to get her 15 minutes of fame and some probably much needed funding. However unbelievable Yeater’s claim is, it’s still a scandal, and scandal’s are news in our society. Magazines and Entertainment News shows can’t get enough of this possible blemish on Bieber’s all too pristine record (minus some “inappropriate” photos of him kissing his girlfriend, not exactly a career-damaging infraction). Star Magazine was the first to snatch up pics of the baby and it’s mother, with an exclusive interview that painted Bieber in a not-so-romantic light.

Reporters took this information and ran, trying to milk as much money out of the incident before Yeater’s 15 minutes were up. Jimmy Fallon did a very accurate and hilarious parody of Bieber’s first hit “Baby” on his late night show, and even Matt Lauer addressed the Baby Mama Drama during JBieb’s appearance on the Today Show.

Recently, Camp Bieber has released a statement that Justin will be taking a paternity test in order to prove that he had no part in the conception of the child. I can’t help but feel like this won’t be the last time Bieber will be sending out a DNA sample in order to squash baby rumors. Although this is the only guaranteed way to prove Yeater’s claim false, Bieber seems to be opening a floodgate for future paternity suits. Hopefully Bieber’s obvious talent and the support of his fans won’t let this drama overshadow, or become reoccurring for the rest of his career.


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  1. This is crazy! The media eats news up like this. In no way can this be true–Bieber who isnt even 20 years old yet has a kid? This reminds of the case of the assistant Syracuse basketball coach who is being accused of child molestation that occurred 20 years ago. If both of these things are true then okay i understand why these people come out, but two men who are now in their 40s are coming out and saying that they were molested as a kid. The whole situation just seems a little sketchy if you ask me. And for Bieber, i kinda feel bad. He’s dating one of the most gorgeous young stars in the world today and now he has to deal with something like this? The kid isnt even old enough to buy alcohol and he’s gotta take a paternity test. it amazes me when issues like this occur.

  2. Why am I not surprised about all this? It’s more like I expected all this. Well not from him, but news like this is extremely common about the media ‘STARS’ like Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber, a 17 years old boy got sexually involved with a 20 years old girl, and ended up having a baby, who is now 4 months old, ehhhh.. I don’t know whether one can believe it or not. I mean I know he is a guy, and most of the people hate him but that doesn’t mean he really did that. I mean no wonder, he is young and is still in high school but that doesn’t mean he can be that dumb, you know. I mean how dumb can a 17 year old be? I am sure he has enough knowledge about ‘Condoms’ and ‘safe sex’. Okay, Justin bieber being a teenage boy messed things up, but how dumb can that girl be? She was a 20 years old girl, I am sure she had enough experience. Then why did she not stop, or opted for safer options? Maybe she really wanted that to happen. I don’t know what exactly the truth is, but based on the knowledge the media is providing for now, it doesn’t make any sense really. We are not even sure whether the baby is of Justin Bieber.. Maybe that girl is faking all this. Maybe this is just one way of ruining his reputation, just because he’s reaching the sky of fame. Maybe that girl wants to be famous.
    It has still not been proved whether that baby boy is of Justin, DNA report is still not out, therefore, for now I don’t think anyone really has a right to blame Bieber. Well lets suppose, its true, will Justin Bieber still give that baby his name? Or would back off, making a total different story.
    This really has got me excited, and now am waiting for the news to come out. If this news is true, Justin’s reputation will be SCREWED!! And if this news is false, I am sure Justin will not wait to sue that girl for providing media the false news about him being a dad, as no matter if it’s not true, it has screwed his repo up. Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for the ‘right’ news to be out.

  3. Liz Douglass says:

    The Justin Bieber “baby mama” scandal is one of the most popular topics of discussion right now. Personally, I think the entire thing is a joke. It was clear from the beginning that this women was just trying to make her claim to fame, and has actually succeeded in doing so. In reality, Justin Bieber has most likely never even spoken to, or met her. To think that one person can create such uproar over a simple fabrication is sad. This story depicts our country at its worst.
    The motives of Yeater display the greed-driven society that we live in today. Sometimes, it seems as if people are willing to do anything to make a few extra bucks; including destroying other people’s lives. Yeater was willing to ruin Bieber’s career, relationship, and respect in order to make some money. She was disrespecting herself in front of the entire nation for this purpose as well. The number of times that women have attempted to do this to celebrities is sadly, very high.
    This story also shows us that people, our nation specifically, are way too involved and obsessed with the lives of others, especially celebrities. I cannot say that I don’t read all of the trashy magazines, and watch the reality tv shows. But to think that this has been consuming discussion in all forms of media for some time now makes one question the focus of our society these days.

  4. GT says:

    Of course this would happen. I’m surprised this is the first “false” accusations against JBiebs since he’s been a teen sex icon for a few years now. I do not understand why girls always do this. Like seriously, unless its actually true why even try to lie about it. You know, they are just gonna ask for a paternity test and when that happens you’re gonna be proved wrong. Yeah, you would have gotten your 15 minutes of fame. But now, you’re remembered as the girl that lied about carrying ______’s (insert hot guy celebrity here) baby. You now look like a fool and a gold digger. Why would one do that to themself? Also, you know Selena and Justin are long time dating. So seriously stop being a home wrecker. Why try to ruin Beib’s perfect image? Instead, if you actually thought you were pregnant with his kid wouldn’t you go to him or his secretary, assistant or get in touch with someone working closely with him rather than going to the tabloids first? Seems like just a publicity stunt to me.

  5. Clune says:

    As hard as a tried to stay away from responding to this post, I couldn’t resist. This is not to say that I couldn’t resist Bieber, I personally am not too fond of the prepubescent pop – star, rather it’s my concern for humanity that draws me to comment on this. I’d like to start off by saying that I truly feel for this woman. Clearly she has nothing better to do with her life than make outlandish claims about Bieber impregnating her. Good for you darling, you’ve managed to make millions of Bieber followers despise your very existence. I wonder what made her think that people would actually believe her. Does she know that there are scientific ways to prove things like this? Yes, there is the possibility that she knew she would be proved worng in the end and all she wanted was a little face time, but seriously is this what people have to do to get recognition these days? I wonder what her child will think about this years from now. Probably something along the lines of, “Wow, thanks for using be for publicity mom.” As much as I dislike Bieber and all that he stands for, I do have to admit people should just let the guy live his life and not make outrageous claims such as this. Nobody, no matter how cheesy or feminine in nature, should have to endure such burdens.

  6. Stephen says:

    This story fascinates me. Obviously anyone who knows me knows I have the sickest sense of humor, so of course this would be an episode of Maury I’d show to my grandkids. But there are other elements that strike with me, and since there hasn’t really been a solid discussion about them, I’m a little miffed everything will be kept under wraps.

    Let’s play with the scenario that Justin is the father, despite his denial. If so, what then would become of his career? An accusation is just a blemish on the career report card, especially when you have fans as ravenous as his. But if it came out he fathered a child? Would people still see him as the talented Youtube prodigy? Or as a normal, horny teenage boy? Would the sweet cherubic face now get a hard edge to it? Would he take the Rinhanna route and make his music darker? And would his fans follow? It’s more interesting to think about him actually being the father, because that scenario makes a larger social commentary.

    Many claim this girl just wants her 15 minutes. Maybe so. I mean, could we blame her? We’re a culture that puts Casey Anthony in Star magazine, so it’s not like fame is hard to achieve (I think the cats playing patty cake are more famous than the supporting cast in Twilight. Seriously, apart from the main three and Ashley Green, who can name the rest?).

    However, if she does just want fame, then she must be stupid; she’s now proclaiming to the world she’s a statutory rapist. Was she too dumb and blinded by limelight to see this humongous problem? Maybe. But, by putting herself in this position, isn’t it possible her claim holds some merit? But then any charges would just further her 15 minutes.

    Of course labeling her a “rapist” seems odd for our culture. If he weren’t famous, and just a kid in high school, he’d probably be high fiving his friends about how he got with a 20-year old. If they had sex, can Justin prove he’s just a naive teenager who’s too young to know any better? Yes he’s young, but he has still managed to work sex into his image. What about the cover of Vanity Fair where he was covered in kiss marks? Does anyone think those were from his mom kissing him good-bye on the bus stop?

    And since when have we gotten a sense of morality when it comes to older women having sex with younger men? It seems the cultural norm is to applaud the guy for doing the deed. When a female teacher preys on a male student, no one is calling for the firing or jailing if it were a male teacher. Hell, mary Kay Laterneau got her own Lifetime movie and televised marriage! And who said jail was bad?

    The one thing I do like about Justin is that he has never preached abstinence and wore purity rings, like Miley, the Jonas brothers, and (oh hey!) Selena Gomez. Abstinence is unrealistic for some teenagers (read:most). He’s said that sex before marriage is fine if you’re in love. Hey, parents may prefer the ring, but compared to the tween celebs who seem to have taken theirs off, his honesty is refreshing. So we know Justin isn’t exactly saving himself.

    And as much as I hate our “blame the victim” culture, I wonder what would become of Selena should the story be true? Will the tabloids dig through any evidence she and Justin had sex? If they did, she’s as guilty as Yeater. But, she’s a talented singer (sort of), not some random groupie like Yeater, so it’s safe to say we’ll go to great lengths to protect her. Right now she’s of legal age, Justin is not. In a lot of photos she looks like his byby-sitter. Is she any sort of “predator” that Yeater must be? Stories leak constantly about the romantic things Justin is doing for Selena (I suspect his camp leakes it. Good PR). Isn’t it plausible to think that, after being swept off her feet, and after spending the day trying to woo his girlfriend, a simple kiss goodnight didn’t feel like enough?

    Well, it’s not plausible now that Yeater is in the picture. While I know me typing this long-winded response is giving her the fame she craves, I still think it’s important to have a dialogue about teen sex. Which teens are having it? Is it the girl dressed to look 20? We’re led to think so. But now that Justin has been linked to sex, it’s like anyone is capable of doing it. Who knew?

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Baby, Baby, Oh, like Baby, Baby, Baby, NOOO!!”
    Jolyon Davis

    Justin Bieber what are you getting yourself into now man, come on son! Anyways this scandal has been a huge claim in the news, and is crazy that it has been a question of discussion, makes you think is it actually true or false. You can never know the apprehensions on such things like these without a Paternity test, drug test, or even STD test. You can never truly know where you stand with anything until you get an official test. In addition Justin Bieber a multi-million recording artist is doing big things, and him being so famous and popular will cause problems in the society for him. He will be accused of things such a pregnancy, drinking, physical outlook, as well as personality outlook too. Having such a high status as Justin will create problems that will keep being fed by the media until its sucked dry. The media love confrontations and complications, it builds their job up. The more problems we have as significant people cause more problems and struggle. This reading goes for not only artist in the music industry, but also sports people, actors, and even high class people of government. They all get called out upon aspects that will bring out an obstacle in their successful careers. As soon as the word is out the media takes it, and rolls with the story. I know as a typical average, good looking male or female your status is already significant, and that being said creates a lot of talk, and reputation to withhold to others. See what people don’t understand is that yes you have your famous people in society, and your high class people, but they all are people. It’s just that their lives are shadowed in the light of a camera and ours through the perception of others. Justin B. also needs to see that he has a great girl as well, that has a celebrity status, and the more gossip that is spoken upon makes her question his intentions, but clearly he has been being faithful and not doing what the media foreshadows him of having done, so JB, keep it loyal, and focus on what you have.

  8. There has definitely been a lot about Justin Bieber and his baby drama in the news recently. I am a Justin Bieber fan myself, and believe the claims are totally false, and that this crazy woman is definitely in it for some publicity and money. But should celebrities come to expect this? It has happened before to other celebrities I’m sure, currently a woman is trying to get one of our presidential candidates charged with harassment because of some “lewd” behavior. (I was going to try and bring in some examples from the whole Tiger Woods thing…but those all turned out to be true. :P) So although it’s utterly ridiculous of this woman, Mariah Yeater, to claim that Justin Bieber fathered her child, he can’t really complain. He is Justin Bieber, a beloved teen idol, he’s bound to get claims like this, along with many others. (And I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people that would love to claim that the Biebs fathered their child). But should he have to put up with them? Well, he’s not going to. He’s made arrangements to take a paternity test after returning from Europe, and then he plans to sue Mariah for her claims, which he has denied (yay!) from the very beginning. What I’m wondering is it is necessary for Justin Bieber to sue Mariah, or should he just take the paternity test, prove her wrong, and walk away? Or does he think it’s necessary to avoid other claims like this in the future? To be honest, although she seems pretty crazy, and what she is doing is wrong, I think just proving her wrong will be humiliating enough without him taking her to court. But I can understand that maybe JB is doing this to stop anybody else from trying this stunt in the future. Is anybody thinking about the other possibility? As a JB fan, I don’t want to…but what if it turns out that he really is the father? What will that do to his fan base, or even his relationship with Selena Gomez? I don’t know how I’d even react, let alone the media. It would definitely be talked about for years to come…hopefully he’ll prove them wrong, and like Emily said, hopefully his talent and fan support will help this issue go away and not become a permanent blemish on his otherwise spotless record.

  9. I’m going to approach this one from a difference angle. I’m incredibly curious about how this story even came about. I understand that media sources like STAR feed off of information like this, but how did they even find this woman claiming to be the mother of Justin Bieber’s 4 month old child? What did she have to do to contact them? I’m sure tabloids get hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls and what not regularly, each one of them telling a story about a new scandal whether it’s true or not. How did they decide to print this one? I’m also wondering if anyone involved in the making of tabloids has a heart. I might be a little bias because I’m what they call a “true belieber” (I’m currently admiring my life size doll and stickers of him plastered to my wall), but even so….were they just out to get Justin? I guess what they were really trying to do is make money. Make money at all costs. They had absolutely no reliable evidence that there was any truth to this story and yet they printed it just for the sake of money. Tabloids aren’t anything close to a reliable source of information, so why read them and inform yourself with lies? Because that’s what our culture enjoys. We love anything involving a scandal. And here we are back at the endless circle of pop culture. It gets printed because we love it, and we love it because it gets printed. If that makes any sort of sense. But what’s silly about all this is that it will probably have little to no impact on Justin’s career. His fan base is stronger than ever as they support him through this “difficult time.” So in the long run, I suppose it’s all harmless. This baby mama can have her 15 minutes of fame and Justin can grow even more popular. All is right with the world.

  10. kristalongo says:

    Now I am not a fan of Justin Bieber at all, but this is just absurd! Why would a random girl say that Justin Bieber got her pregnant and ruin his life (until the paternity test results)? I think it is ridiculous that some people would go to such extent as to this, especially when he has a girlfriend that he is “madly in love with.” I understand all these lovely ladies want to attention of the hottest teen celebrity, but write him a letter, don’t make claims that he got your pregnant. But then again, what if this turns out to be true? This would tear apart Justin Bieber. Nobody would want anything to do with him anymore and he would have no more fans. He would be considered a liar and be disrespected. Now, I understand why people would believe this claim and why others would not. Biebers crazed fans wouldn’t believe it for one second. People who hate Bieber would continually believe it. But then there are people like me, that don’t take sides, but are disgusted at both sides. If it is true, then why would Justin Bieber lie if a simple DNA test could be taken and speak the truth? If its false, then why would someone make this claim to potentially ruin a celebs life? Either way, I am not surprised this is filling the media today. But the fact of this is that you cant trust anything or anyone these days, no matter if they’re famous or not. The media runs peoples lives and is now so easy to believe.

  11. Oct 17 Blogger- Emily Anderson

    First off I would just like to state the fact that with the entire cost of this wedding, it could pay off about 400 years of full tuition at Hobart and William Smith. I get that the Kardashian especially Kim is good looking but the fact that millions of viewers are glued to their TV watching their show every week is insane. It is like we have to someone live through him or her and his or her drama. Reading this blog made me think about a book I read called The Hunger Games. It is a book about these kids that kill each other for the entertainment of others. This symbolizes reality TV and how obsessed we are with it. So really, what’s the next to screw up our sense of reality?

  12. Nov 20 Blogger- Emily Andersen

    This is the first time I am hearing about this whole incident. I completely respect Justin Bieber because I feel that he has worked hard to get where he is today. He first started by promoting himself through networks and getting his name out there and with his talent, he got caught on and made big. Now I do not believe Mariah when she claims her 4 month old son is Justin Biebers. Wouldn’t one assume that when notified that your pregnant, one would tell the father right away and not wait till the baby is born? I think this is a false claim and that she is looking for her 15 minutes of fame. It is ridiculous the type of things people will do to be put in the spotlight. I feel bad for Bieber being so young and already having to deal with this.

    Sorry for the post above copied in wrong one. CG

  13. Matt says:

    While I’m not a fan of Bieber per se, I do commend Biebs handling of the entire situation. There was an incredible amount of class from that young gentleman that a lot of his contemporaries could learn from.

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