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Back to like three weeks ago, Steve Jobs passed away. From that time on, I was thinking what makes Apple successful?

First of all, I think Apple brings innovation to the products. Take iPhone for example, it does not have any keyboard; its touch screen is highly accurate; it contains various kinds of apps from entertaining to academic. 21 century needs creativity! As a product of innovation, iPhone leads the whole cell phone industry, as shown below:

Another point to address here is about their tricky strategy. For example, rather than launching iPhone 4G after iPhone 3G, they produced iPhone 3GS, which did not make big differences than iPhone 3G. However, soon after iPhone 3GS, 4G popped up with brand new design, display, capability, performance, and battery life. People are surprised by these changes; they just want to buy it!

In addition, they know our necessity and preference. When more and more people are complaining about the screen of iTouch is small. They launched the iPad, which had a much bigger screen. Although the price tripled, a lot of people would still buy it because it’s just cool!

Last but not least, compared to the people back to 80’s, we are more sensational: we care more about our feeling. Take laptop for example, Macbook Pro is just like caffeine. Although it may not be the best, it gives people good feeling when we are tired with heavy and noisy laptop. Also, the system is just great to use. Personally, I enjoy iCal a lot. It just simplifies my life. Maybe Macintosh operating system is not better in the aspect of academic than Linux; not better in the aspect of business-use than Windows. However, it is definitely better in the aspect of easiness, beauty, and convenience.

All in all, Apple’s products combine technology and art. Just as Jobs said:

Technology alone is not enough, it’s technique married with the liberal arts, married with humanities, that yield us the result that make our heart sing.

Apple is just like an icon, which spread around the whole world with its aesthetics and convenience.


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Guanqun Li

  1. eurogate says:

    I feel that apple is much more of a marketing genius than innovative company. They knew how to corner people to make money, and they still do that today. By having apple specific plugs that cost more profits go up. I remember before apple used USB, they used Firewire Instead of having HDMI and VGA ports on the macbook pros, you have to spend big $$ on an adapter. Ipods have a special port instead of the industry standard, micro-usb. All these apple exclusive things cost more and generate large sums for the companies. by re-releasing the same thing with slight improvements company profits go up tremendously. If you bout the Iphone 3gs a small step up from 3, I bet you felt stupid when the 4 came out. It took 4 years from the Ipod to the Ipod video. I was watching videos on my MP3 player over a year before the Ipod video was even out. apple knows how to market; Product placement, huge catchy advertisement campaigns. Creating huge price drops is a very clever marketing technique. First you sell the product (lets say iphone) for a high $600-800 and produce it in limited supplys. as a result only the elite can afford and attain one of these high demand products. This causes demand to peak for the object because all the ‘cool’ actresses and rich people have Iphones. Then at this peak you drop the price quickly and mass produce your product. KABOOOM!! using simple economics you have created a pop culture fad. Apple is a pro at this. I feel that if one marketed dog toys like this you will have a fad too! There are plenty of other phones that hold up against the Iphone and other apple products, but no company that knows how to market like they do. Beware of planned obsolescence people! What can’t be debated is Apple has almost become a status symbol.

  2. laurenthinks says:

    I think that Apple is definitely the best company out there. The reason they are so successful is because they earned it…not only are their products the best, but they genuinely back up their guarantee, which is more than I can say about most companies today. I never really considered myself a huge Apple fan, but I would never think to buy another MP3 player besides an iPod. I had a PC laptop for years, an HP, and I never had any major problems with it, but I still decided to get the MacBook Pro before college. As I’m typing on it now, I can’t say that I have any regrets on my decision. Although I think it was ridiculously expensive, I think that it was worth it and in the future, will still be worth it. When I got a new cellphone last June, I had the hardest time figuring out what to get. I really wanted a Blackberry, but my dad talked me out of it. I was hesitant about getting the iPhone, but I went for it anyways. After having the phone for a solid ten minutes, I couldn’t figure out how I had lived so long without it! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to adjust to, and so user friendly.

    Thats the big draw with Apple as a company I think. If you ever go into an Apple store with a question, they make it their duty to help you. I have yet to have any problems with my ipod/macbook/iphone, but some of my friends that have brought their broken item into the store, and Apple would either immediately fix it or replace it with a brand new product. This shows a company that is less concerned with their financial loss (which I doubt their hurting on) and more concerned with their obligation and commitment to their customers. I wish all companies were like this.

  3. maddiecarens says:

    This past October when Steve Jobs passed away it was tragic for so many reasons. He was the backbone behind the empire of Apple. The development and success of Apple products came about from his creativity, dedication, and innovation towards improving societies experience with everyday technology. It was under his leadership that the famous IPod, Mac Book, IMac, IPhone, and IPad came into existence.
    I was amazed when I learned that Steve Jobs was asked to leave his managerial position in the mid 1980s. Even though this was the case he revived the company from an all time low when he returned to Apple in the early 2000s. He claims that leaving Apple for the brief period was the best thing that could have happened to him. With his time away he learned many new aspects of technology that he wouldn’t have had time for otherwise. After gaining new knowledge during his time off, with his return he completely transformed the business for the better.
    Though this may sound like an enormous assumption, I say with confidence that without products such as Apples’ IPhone and Mac Book, society would be struggle. I can’t tell you how many people I have met who rely on these products for them to fully function on a daily basis. Other companies such as IBM, Windows, Lenovo, and Dell just can’t compete. They are not as reliable, durable, and user friendly. You mention that Apple may not be the best computer for a businessperson, or for someone who works in the education field, but I have to disagree with that statement. It is almost always up to personal preference. Businesspeople and those in Education most likely started their professions without Apple technology. People base there opinions on what they hear from others, price, and comfort from their past experiences. This is often why you find people in the business and education sphere avoiding Apple products. Blackberry and Windows has always monopolized businesses, for example my dad who works in technology sales, although greatly disappointed and frustrated with his Blackberry, his company refuses to allow him to get an IPhone. This is not the first time I have heard stories such as this one. It is the older heads of companies that are stubborn and unwilling to adjust to technology that will most likely benefit their business.
    In addition, Apple does have an image that appeals to younger generations. It is clear that this is the case while living on a college campus. Everywhere you go you can spot Apple phones, IPods, computers, and IPads. Out of my friends at home and school I am one of the few that does not own an IPhone. It is amazing how Apple Inc. has managed to change so many people, all through its brilliant easy to use technology. Its abundance of products, cutting-edge applications, and success in staying in front of the technology curve, makes Apple continue to prosper and thrive.

  4. Matt says:

    Good post however i don’t think apple’s existence can really be analyzed by looking at the parts that make up the whole. Like Jobs said the “marriage” is what makes it work.

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