About this blog

This is the central course blog for Assistant Professor Michele Polak, Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

I started keeping a blog for my students as a space for continuing the writing practices and discussions that occur in our classroom.  When I first began the blog process, I maintained blogs for each individual course.  Eventually, students in both of my classes began interacting across blogs and the conversations became rich with critical observation and inquiry.

I finally decided that one central blog will not only enable all my students to continue to converse with each other but it will make my own blogging more focused with less division of topics.   The blogging format allows us all the opportunity to continue discussing topics that we begin in class but run out of time to complete or to visit new topics that could encourage our critical explorations.

You will find that the topics covered in this blog follow no specific pattern or theme.  Because I am prone to popular culture and gender studies, many of the topics will fall under these categories.  This is not to say, however, I limit any topic up for discussion.  I ask that you be kind to each other and remember that argument need not always be a negated conflict but should be an exploration toward new ideas.

This blog remains a public blog with any reader welcome to post comments, per my approval (to keep out spam).  Feel free to share the URL!

and please read:  About Guest Blogging.


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