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Guest Blogger: Guanqun Li

Back to like three weeks ago, Steve Jobs passed away. From that time on, I was thinking what makes Apple successful?

First of all, I think Apple brings innovation to the products. Take iPhone for example, it does not have any keyboard; its touch screen is highly accurate; it contains various kinds of apps from entertaining to academic. 21 century needs creativity! As a product of innovation, iPhone leads the whole cell phone industry, as shown below:

Another point to address here is about their tricky strategy. For example, rather than launching iPhone 4G after iPhone 3G, they produced iPhone 3GS, which did not make big differences than iPhone 3G. However, soon after iPhone 3GS, 4G popped up with brand new design, display, capability, performance, and battery life. People are surprised by these changes; they just want to buy it!

In addition, they know our necessity and preference. When more and more people are complaining about the screen of iTouch is small. They launched the iPad, which had a much bigger screen. Although the price tripled, a lot of people would still buy it because it’s just cool!

Last but not least, compared to the people back to 80’s, we are more sensational: we care more about our feeling. Take laptop for example, Macbook Pro is just like caffeine. Although it may not be the best, it gives people good feeling when we are tired with heavy and noisy laptop. Also, the system is just great to use. Personally, I enjoy iCal a lot. It just simplifies my life. Maybe Macintosh operating system is not better in the aspect of academic than Linux; not better in the aspect of business-use than Windows. However, it is definitely better in the aspect of easiness, beauty, and convenience.

All in all, Apple’s products combine technology and art. Just as Jobs said:

Technology alone is not enough, it’s technique married with the liberal arts, married with humanities, that yield us the result that make our heart sing.

Apple is just like an icon, which spread around the whole world with its aesthetics and convenience.


Guest Blogger: Emily Andersen

“Baby, Baby, Oh, like Baby, Baby, Baby, NOOO!!”

Recently these lyrics have taken on a whole new meaning. A young woman, Mariah Yeater, has come forward with some shocking news for Bielebers; a claim that her 4-month-old son was fathered by the teenage mega-star.

Now I know that many JB fans didn’t believe Yeater for a second. How could their beloved, cherub-like idol (who is currently madly in love with his fellow teenstar girlfriend Selena Gomez) have a child with a 20-year-old he met backstage at one of his concerts?

This seems like an age old ploy in order for some poor girl to get her 15 minutes of fame and some probably much needed funding. However unbelievable Yeater’s claim is, it’s still a scandal, and scandal’s are news in our society. Magazines and Entertainment News shows can’t get enough of this possible blemish on Bieber’s all too pristine record (minus some “inappropriate” photos of him kissing his girlfriend, not exactly a career-damaging infraction). Star Magazine was the first to snatch up pics of the baby and it’s mother, with an exclusive interview that painted Bieber in a not-so-romantic light.

Reporters took this information and ran, trying to milk as much money out of the incident before Yeater’s 15 minutes were up. Jimmy Fallon did a very accurate and hilarious parody of Bieber’s first hit “Baby” on his late night show, and even Matt Lauer addressed the Baby Mama Drama during JBieb’s appearance on the Today Show.

Recently, Camp Bieber has released a statement that Justin will be taking a paternity test in order to prove that he had no part in the conception of the child. I can’t help but feel like this won’t be the last time Bieber will be sending out a DNA sample in order to squash baby rumors. Although this is the only guaranteed way to prove Yeater’s claim false, Bieber seems to be opening a floodgate for future paternity suits. Hopefully Bieber’s obvious talent and the support of his fans won’t let this drama overshadow, or become reoccurring for the rest of his career.

Guest Blogger: Aminata Dansoko

Fun Does Not Destroy Our Education Instead, It Helps It

A science geek that I am, I was on the ScienceNews website to check out some new in the science world. I came across this article call “Skateboarders Rock Physics.”

The article talks about how Skateboarders are learning physics without realizing that they are. The way the jump and do tricks are all in the name of physics.

It is said that Skateboarders use their intuition and motor memory to determine that a sharp early descent creates a speed advantage and this is something not even physicists can grasp the idea of. So Skateboarding has it advantages in that a skateboarder might know more physics then a person with a PhD in physics. This is amazing.

Now it is up to you to decide if you believe this or not. But I think education is not just want we learn in school. It is more than that, sometimes we learn more outside the walls of a class. I challenge you to go have fun and see the relation between what you learn in class and the activity your doing. You might just find a connection!!! Skateboarder’s certainly have.

FW: Burgess

Today’s freewrite is based on the Burgess reading, “The Boss in Common” from our text (p. 158). I asked everyone to find a piece of music that they can connect with personally, that reminds them of a family member. I had to really think about this. But not for long. by the time I had logged into the blog, I had my song in mind. Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire”

when I was a kid, my oldest brother used to play this song, nonstop. It’s a pretty creepy song–the opening lyrics set you up:

Baby’s on fire
Better throw her in the water
Look at her laughing
Like a heifer to the slaughter

if that isn’t enough to scare the living hell out of any little kid, I don’t know what is. So not only are the lyrics disturbing, but Eno sings them with a high pitch screeching. When my brother would play this song, he would chase me all over our house and try to catch me. When he did, it was head first into the nearest toilet. I knew when I heard those first few opening bars, I better run or I was gonna get it and get it good.

When I moved away at 18 to go to college, my brother sent me my first care package. It was a great box full of fantastic stuff from home: food from the area (I was in art school in the south so anything from the far-away north was welcome) and books to sink my teeth into. He also made me a mix tape.

I remember opening that box after a full day in the studio, home late and exhausted. I popped the tape in and sure enough, the first few bars of “Baby’s On Fire” came whining through my little 80s-era boom box. At 18, away from home and feeling homesick, my first response wasn’t one of nostalgia but a response that made me run like hell. I was certain that my brother was hiding somewhere close and if I didn’t run, I would be taking a swan dive into the closest commode.

you know, just finding the video on the computer here in the lab, the minute I played the first few seconds, I realized that I instantly made a check for the door. I was so certain my brother would come out of nowhere to direct me to the nearest bathroom. The last thing I want in the middle of the workday is a swirly.

Guest Blogger: Maddie Carens

This clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live has to be one of the more creative ideas on a comedy show that I have seen in a while. This particular Jimmy Kimmel clip captures children at what seems to be the “end of the world” for them, but in retrospect it uncovers something that is a bit terrifying about todays youth.

The funny thing is, at that age I can totally see how their reactions are plausible. For them that candy is supposed to last for months. Getting the candy in the first place involved hours of their hard work, running around neighborhoods in costumes that are not always easy to maneuver in… But the sad thing is how small the issue of Halloween candy disappearing is, compared to other worldwide issues.

Now although this clip was extremely entertaining, lets get the serious part. How ridiculous is it that children in our country are so traumatized when their candy vanishes? There are children in America that can’t even have a Halloween; either costumes are too expensive, neighborhoods are not safe enough, or parents can’t afford to give their children the experience. There are people in the world starving to death, and we are upset about candy?

It is definitely something to think about, and a wake up call to those parents whose children responded in this way. It is the parent’s job to inform their children that they can’t always have everything their way, and that there are people in the world whose food situations are extremely different and challenging. This clip gives parents an incentive to step in and teach a good lesson to their children early on.

Guest Blogger: Krista Longo

I am not big on reading, but if I find a book that interests me that completely changes. Recently, my best friend told me about a book that she read. She told me it was one of the best books she had ever read and she started telling me about it. After I thought, “This book sounds amazing, I definitely need to borrow it!”

So I asked her for the book and I began reading. Something Borrowed, by Emily Giffin, is about a forbidden romance. It tells the story of Rachel, a young attorney living and working in Manhattan. She had always been the perfect good girl, until she turned thirty. Her best friend Darcy throws her a surprise birthday party. After a night of too many drinks, Rachel ends up in bed that night with Darcy’s finance.

Although she wakes up the next morning wanting to forget everything that happened that night, Rachel is soon discovering that she has feelings for Dex, the one guy that is off limits. As the wedding date nears, Rachel knows she needs to figure her feelings out. She realizes that the difference between right and wrong is sometimes blurry and that you have to risk everything to achieve true happiness.

Something Borrowed is the first book of a five book series. Although I haven’t yet finished the series, I am in love with it. These books always keep me entertained and interested in what is happening. There is so much suspense and drama involved that you feel like you are a part of it. Each book takes a new perspective from a different character, continuing on the story from the first novel.

I would definitely recommend reading these books. Giffin is a very talented writer who knows how to capture her audiences’ attention. She makes it hard for you to stop reading and put down the book. Giffin is also very good at sending out life lessons through her writing.

Next time you are at the bookstore, invest in the book Something Borrowed to begin reading a fantastic series.

Guest Blogger: Rich Jarrett

Why the St. Louis Cardinals will not even make the playoffs next year?

The St. Louis Cardinals made us all remember how important it is to never give up, even in the very end. With their come-from-behind victories in games six and seven, thanks to third baseman David Freese’s heroics, the Cardinals won their first Championship since 2006. But I am afraid to tell you Cardinals fans that this is the last Championship for a while.

With the departure of Tony La Russa, arguably one of the best baseball managers ever, the Cardinals don’t know where to turn. So far, they have been searching through the minors, looking for a young, rising star coach. But right now, the foundation of their winning franchise is retired, and does not want to return. Leaving them with no leadership.

Probably the biggest reason why the Cardinals will not be a winning team nest season, is because they are about to lose Albert Pujols, the cornerstone of the franchise, and arguably the best player in all of baseball. Pujols has been the face of the team ever since he was brought up in 2001. Winning rookie of the year that season, Pujols quickly developed himself into one of the most feared hitters in the game, and with his passion for the diamond turned himself into one of the greatest baseball has ever seen. Pujols carried these characteristics into the 2011 postseason and carried the cardinals on his back all the way to the World Series.

But, the problem is not that Pujols is aging, it’s that he may not be wearing a redbird jersey in 2012, which is incredibly hard to imagine. Pujols is now a free-agent, and the cardinals are trying to gather enough money to pay the immensely talented player, who is looking for Adrian Gonzalez money that the Cardinals just don’t have right now, due to being tied up in the contracts of Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman and Adam Wainwright. If Pujols doesn’t return, its safe to say that the Cardinals will not be a contender.

Another mystery in the world-series winning franchise is their pitching staff. This is because their only reliable pitcher, Chris Carpenter, is constantly injury-prone, and is their only truly reliable option on the mound. No one knows what Adam Wainwright (their obvious second-best option on the team) is going to look like after missing two whole seasons by getting Tommy-John surgery. He very may well turn out to be another Brandon Webb, who showed much promise, but career ruined by the popular medical procedure.

The Cardinals will not be a good team in the 2012 season, and most certainly will not repeat for a ring. The reasons are blatant and every analyst is unanimously agreeing. I think that the cardinals should do everything they can to rebuild for a brighter future by trading everyone away and investing in young prospects. But for now, well see what they can do with what they have.

FW: what pisses me off?

This is a huge news week: Lindsay was sent to jail, Justin Beiber is being sued for paternity and we are only a day after the big Kardashian blowout. yep, the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding has ended after only 72 days of bliss. Wedded bliss? not quite.

It amazed me to see how many people commented on Emily’s Kardashian blog post. So many of you are totally into the Kardashian family. I never got it. I pretty much absorb pop culture like a sponge– and support it: I am in total support of Lindsay getting the rehabilitation she needs to pull a Robert Downey Jr. career revamp.

but those Kardashian chicks? no use for them. Not only are they in that place of being famous for being famous, they really have nothing whatsoever to offer me or the community at large. That I know of.

So I am not really bothered that this was just a 72 day marriage; I am not that concerned with weddings and marriage to be bothered by this. But I am pissed that they are flat out lying to the American (global?!!) public that they made NO MONEY on the wedding and actually think we are dumb enough to believe that there was any resemblance of love in that union.

I think there are a lot of celebrities that do some pretty brilliant things for attention.

Kim Kardashian is not one of them. Not only is she NOT brilliant, she cannot even pull off this stunt as believeable. So yeah, this pisses me off more than anything: people who think I am that dumb to believe their bullshit.

Suck it Kardashians. You carry no ethos with me. Hmph.

Guest Blogger: Aminata Dansoko

A Strong Woman

Wangarĭ Maathai was an environmentalist, and a women’s rights activist.

She was also the founder of the Green Belt Movement Kenya, where she helped women in Kenya plant and maintained millions of trees.

She believed that trees are a key to spiritual values and it brings the idea of love for the environment, gratitude, commitment to service and self-betterment and that tree’s bring healing to our earth and us.

As an activist Wangari Maathai had face many political opponents in Kenya and even spend some time in jail because of her stand on women’s right. Most African countries do not acknowledge woman’s rights and Wangari Maathai took the risk and tried to end the idea of man superiority. She changed the view of women role not only in Kenya, but also in many parts of Africa.

She won a Nobel Peace Prize.

and wrote lots of books like Replenishing the Earth, The Challenge of Africa, and Unbowed.

The most amazing fact thing is that she came to Hobart and William Smith Colleges as a guest speaker. This is so awesome and amazing that I am attending a school that had one of my favorite role model of all time. I wish I could have met her, so I can see how powerful this woman is in person.

Unfortunately, Wangari Maathai has left us on September 25, 2011. She died of ovarian cancer. She has change the life of many and the role of women in Africa and I hope her movement will still be continued.

Guest Blogger: Emily Andersen

The Kardashian Wedding.

There has been so much hype surrounding this event, you’d think that the man was about to land on the moon all over again! I often wonder why the Kardashians are famous and why they feel the need to expose every single aspect of their family to us. I mean seriously! Soon Kourtney’s baby son Mason is going to have his own spin off!

Maybe that’s why they’re all so intriguing. We have to watch them constantly in case they expose some hidden talent that’ll explain how they merited such fame. So far, however, this observation has yielded no such enlightening explanation. Anyways, back to the wedding! Now of course Kim, the second oldest Kardashian, has finally found a man who she has deemed suitable enough to marry, and share all of those intelligent and scintillating moments of her life with.

Kris Humphries, first and fore mostly, has a first name that begins with a “K”. This is an all important marketing aspect that Kim’s mother, also Kris, required in order to sign off on this whole shindig. An NBA player, Humphries also has the bank account to ensure that Kim will be able to continue to live in the outlandish, yet humbly modest lifestyle that she has so grown accustom. Kim’s, now hubby, also has a small case of the crazies which is necessary in order to for one to commit oneself to the Kardashians. (Oh yeah, when you marry one you marry them all!).

The newlyweds reportedly received (is it just me, or is there something innately wrong with paying two people to get married?) $17.9 million in net profits and a huge discount on almost everything at their wedding, from the flowers to the cake. The nuptials themselves were a star-studded event and lasted well into the night. It was a seriously “tre fab” set up with a ten tiered cake inspired by the other royal wedding earlier this year. There were some beautifully heart-felt moments of memorial for Kim’s father and honestly, by the end of the program, the Kardashian-Humphries wedding really got to me! (I still wanted to rip that diamond headpiece off Kim’s head though…. seriously, what was she thinking!!!!)

But, why? Why was it so easy to become emotionally invested in the Kardashian’s life? Maybe it’s because they’re all simply famous for being famous, they’re all actually a really normal family that just happens to get paid for breathing. I mean I know that my family has its share of drama, and me and my sisters definitely get into the kind of shenanigans that the three Kardashians do (but obviously with a smaller budget). As much as people don’t understand and therefor look down at this celebrity family, you can’t help but appreciate that at the end of the day, the Kardashians are closer than most other families.