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Do yourself a favor….

Take nine minutes out of your day and watch this video. Then think about it. And react


Guest Blogger: Abby White

My sister shared with me, the other day, the new Kia Soul commercial. This time the hamsters are dancing to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Personally these commercials crack me up. The hamsters are adorable, and the idea is very creative.

The hamsters first appearance in the Kia Soul commercials came about in 2009 were they compared the old age of cars, which are represented by hamster wheels, to the new age, the Kia Soul. This original commercial shows the Kia Soul as vibrant, different, cool, and new. The 3 “hip-hop” hamsters in the Soul are different from the other hamsters. They don’t have the same old wheel, or hamster house, plus they know how to “keep it real.” All the others hamsters are stuck in place, they are not moving forward in the times. Which leads us to believe that the Kia Soul is a step forward for car engineering.

The 2010 commercial finally gave these hamsters clothes though. They are officially the “hip-hop” hamsters. Part 2 of the Kia Soul trilogy is another step up for the Kia Soul.

Whoever created this hamster idea should be making millions, because I am sure they have sold a ton of Soul’s with this commercial. I mean watch the commercial; this is entertaining. The hamsters are “gangster”, and they are the only happy hamsters in the commercial. You see a clinically depressed hamster in a washer, two suicidal hamsters in a toaster, and who knows what is going on with the hamsters in the cardboard box. If that isn’t enough the background music is telling you to “get with this”, the Kia Soul. Plus if you don’t “get with this” I am sure those hamsters would kick your ass. Finally the newest commercial, which is my personal favorite, was just released August 28.

These hamsters are so smart, they have moved out of the hoods and into Hollywood. And now they are saving the world?! As one blogger said they are “bring Soul to a soulless world.” Not to mention, these hamsters are better dancers then most people I know, including myself. These hamsters are taking over the world. The songs exact lines toward the middle of the commercial are “everybody just have a good time, and we gone make you loose your mind.” They are showing how kick ass this car really is. I mean so far the car has hamster’s driving it, it has been showing as the “new generation”, and it is ending wars. These car dealers really know how to advertise a product, subliminal messaging at its best. Not only do they tell the consumer that they want this car because all the hamsters think it’s the best, but they actually show off the product. You can see its sound system, the push to start, the navigation, butterfly lights. This Soul is “the new way to roll”!

The SPARK Summit

From the SPARK Summit on the sexualization of women and girls in the media and its effects on young women:

Guest Blogger: Marcela Melara

Busy Moms need Energy

What’s your 2:30 feeling like? If you’ve seen any 5-Hour Energy commercial, you know they all start the same… In this case, they are asking a busy mom. Her 2:30 feeling lasts all day sometimes because she is so tired. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if you’re a working mom, which is certainly not uncommon, you need to something that will help you stay awake throughout the day (we, as college students, know this feeling just too well). Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much…

If you’re not really paying attention, this commercial seems like any other 5-Hour Energy commercial. But if you are, there are so many implications made in this commercial…

The very first thing we see, is the busy mom walking in with two full grocery bags. And the two boys in the background? Out of control. From the first couple seconds of this commercial we know she is a working mom that must deal with running the household and her job. Notice how she mentions she has two jobs: some kind of job (most likely an office job by how she’s dressed) and motherhood. It is implied that her second job is being a mom. What is this commercial saying about working mothers in the States?

This working mom is aware that she has to deal with so much stress on a daily basis, so she decides to take 5-Hour Energy shots that keep her alert and energized all day. Her husband had suggested this energy drink to her (coffee must have not been enough anymore…). Although she refused to follow his suggestion for some time, she has to admit that “for once he was right”.

Gee, I wonder why she declined her husband’s suggestion for such a long time. It’s not like he’s just sitting on the couch…
“I told you so…” Is that really all you have to say?! How about: “Oh honey, let me cook for you tonight” or “I went to get the groceries for you today”? What is this saying about women in marriage? What is this commercial saying about husbands?

Let’s just solve all our problems with energy drinks, how about that…

Double down, my ass.

So here is the news:

KFC is doubling down on its promo across college coeds’ backsides. The world’s largest chicken chain is putting yet more college women — at three more universities — into sweatpants with “Double Down” emblazoned across their rear ends.

I have so many mixed feelings about this, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, if women want to be stupid enough to sell their ass as advertising space, who am I to judge? $500 is a nice sum just for walking around campus in sweat pants. I mean, is it much different than wearing a fuzzy pair of HWS sweats to class?

But this is rather bothersome:

Double Down is KFC’s new male-targeted sandwich that uses chicken patties as buns.

Are we really gendering food? This notion that there are female foods:

And male foods:

is rather limiting. Yet our gender ideologies manage to well enforce these ideas. Heaven forbid we head to a bar uptown and catch a Hobart Bro downing one of these:

So to use women to market to men a specific food aimed at their—pardon the pun—desires, makes sense. I mean, isn’t that what this means?

In college life, women are supposed to be highly sexed and men are supposed to be very hungry. Someone said: ‘Let’s put them together.’

we should ask the Dean of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration. Since he said it. I think he was being sarcastic. I think.

17 Things Every Women’s Magazine Will Tell You (That You Should Ignore)

from The Huffington Post:

“Women’s magazines are expensive. In this economy, I can’t just throw five dollars out the window to read about eight discreet ways to have sex in public or what Lauren Conrad’s doing with her hair. Luckily, I’ve read enough of these gems in the past to describe every issue being released this fall.”

click here.

Come As You Are

You know, the Puritans came across the pond way back in the 17th century. So tell me why we will never see an ad like this in the US?

Smell my finger.

These ads are so problematic to begin with. But this one…..oh, I don’t even know where to begin.

Be A Man.

Well, if you have any doubt that our media knows how they want masculinity defined, one viewing of a few of this year’s Super Bowl commercials is all you need.

They sure have those definitions down, right? Because according to this night of TV, these commercials will tell you exactly how to be a man.