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Guest Blogger: Abby White

My sister shared with me, the other day, the new Kia Soul commercial. This time the hamsters are dancing to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Personally these commercials crack me up. The hamsters are adorable, and the idea is very creative.

The hamsters first appearance in the Kia Soul commercials came about in 2009 were they compared the old age of cars, which are represented by hamster wheels, to the new age, the Kia Soul. This original commercial shows the Kia Soul as vibrant, different, cool, and new. The 3 “hip-hop” hamsters in the Soul are different from the other hamsters. They don’t have the same old wheel, or hamster house, plus they know how to “keep it real.” All the others hamsters are stuck in place, they are not moving forward in the times. Which leads us to believe that the Kia Soul is a step forward for car engineering.

The 2010 commercial finally gave these hamsters clothes though. They are officially the “hip-hop” hamsters. Part 2 of the Kia Soul trilogy is another step up for the Kia Soul.

Whoever created this hamster idea should be making millions, because I am sure they have sold a ton of Soul’s with this commercial. I mean watch the commercial; this is entertaining. The hamsters are “gangster”, and they are the only happy hamsters in the commercial. You see a clinically depressed hamster in a washer, two suicidal hamsters in a toaster, and who knows what is going on with the hamsters in the cardboard box. If that isn’t enough the background music is telling you to “get with this”, the Kia Soul. Plus if you don’t “get with this” I am sure those hamsters would kick your ass. Finally the newest commercial, which is my personal favorite, was just released August 28.

These hamsters are so smart, they have moved out of the hoods and into Hollywood. And now they are saving the world?! As one blogger said they are “bring Soul to a soulless world.” Not to mention, these hamsters are better dancers then most people I know, including myself. These hamsters are taking over the world. The songs exact lines toward the middle of the commercial are “everybody just have a good time, and we gone make you loose your mind.” They are showing how kick ass this car really is. I mean so far the car has hamster’s driving it, it has been showing as the “new generation”, and it is ending wars. These car dealers really know how to advertise a product, subliminal messaging at its best. Not only do they tell the consumer that they want this car because all the hamsters think it’s the best, but they actually show off the product. You can see its sound system, the push to start, the navigation, butterfly lights. This Soul is “the new way to roll”!


Guest Blogger: Stephen Raulli

Puppy Love

I’m an animal lover and devout vegetarian. I think any abuse a person inflicts upon an animal should be inflicted upon them. But, a cynic at heart, I can’t help but notice not only people’s connection to animals, but their disconnect from people.

Think about Independence Day; the scene in the tunnel. Mother and son are safe in the tunnel as a fireball rolls through–but the dog has yet to make it. The audience edges closer to their seats as the dog leaps across cars like a gymnast and land to safety. But–what about the dozens of people who died a fiery death?

Let’s look at perhaps the world’s most heartbreaking commercial:

Many people I know can’t bear to watch. The one-eyed kitty, the slipping dog–heartbreaking. I’m not being sarcastic. But, is this commercial making a good argument? Certainly it applies to our pathos. But ethos? What is it assuming? Obviously that we love animals. But, when asked to “be an angel,” is it implying we’re horrible if we don’t call and donate? It is a heartbreaking commercial–but a lousy argument. Where are the statistics of how many animals are rescued and placed into good homes? Could I see that follow up story? The commercial implies the animals will die if we don’t pick up phone.

For such a lousy argument, this commercial seems to effect a lot of people. But, why is it animals bring people to tears, but not this?

Perhaps there are others more disturbed by this commercial than the ASPCA. But, this one is not as talked about. Is the puppy worth more?

Girl’s Best Friend

OK. Everyone pretty much knows by now that I have been on the hunt for, and have now purchased a dog. And that I am heading to Ohio this upcoming weekend to pick him up. With all of this shuffling around through emails and phone calls in finding the dog I want, I realize I have become that person.

A Dog Person.

I have always been a Cat Person. Because cat’s are cool. They have that fantastic attitude where no matter what, they remain calm and collected at all times. The Internet, as a whole, knows this. This is why cats are everywhere on the net. I am pretty sure everyone has seen one or two LOL Cats at some point.

and Stuff on My Cat is equally impressive.

I am a huge fan, myself, of Maru. If you have never seen a Maru video, you are not a true cat lover.

A Cat Person can usually recognize another Cat Person. On the whole, they are not generally sports fans but tend to favor a good, solid afternoon at a museum. They also tend to lean more toward jazz or classical music as opposed to heavy metal or country. A Cat Person is often like a cat themselves: full of attitude and try, above all, to remain cool.

I never minded identifying as a Cat Person.

So I have no idea where this Dog Person thing came in. Sometime last summer I just started really looking at dogs in a whole new way. As attitude heavy cats are—and as much as I love that part of them—the opposition of the floppy, silly and foolish dumbass dog has suddenly become endearing. And then I saw this:

I mean c’mon. How can anyone not fall in love with this? The goofiness this dog pulls off just by being itself is something a cat would never do. And if it did, accidentally get into this situation, it would not have looked around for a way out. It would have acted as if it actually belonged there.

Cats have power.

And so do dogs. But in a different way. Because every single thing they do is damn funny.

So I have come to the conclusion that for me, age has a lot to do with it. I have become a Dog Person because at this point in my life, I want something to keep me laughing. Like on a regular basis. But I know there are a lot of you that would identify as a Dog Person that has nothing to do with my reasons. Or maybe you identify as a Cat Person. So my question: which one? Why?

Staticy Cat vs. Balloon

OK.  I already posted this on my FB wall but could not resist posting it here.

I don’t know why this is so damn funny to me.  I think it’s because I grew up always having cats around and I know they have that “What.” attitude.  Like they are going to look at you and suddenly they assume a Tony Soprano voice that says, “what the fuck you lookin’ at?”  In my mind, even fluffy kittens say this when you look at them.

So for an owner to do this to their cat…well.  It is just damn funny.  Because you know it is pissing the cat off but he is way too cool to admit it.