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Guest Blogger: Maddie Carens

This clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live has to be one of the more creative ideas on a comedy show that I have seen in a while. This particular Jimmy Kimmel clip captures children at what seems to be the “end of the world” for them, but in retrospect it uncovers something that is a bit terrifying about todays youth.

The funny thing is, at that age I can totally see how their reactions are plausible. For them that candy is supposed to last for months. Getting the candy in the first place involved hours of their hard work, running around neighborhoods in costumes that are not always easy to maneuver in… But the sad thing is how small the issue of Halloween candy disappearing is, compared to other worldwide issues.

Now although this clip was extremely entertaining, lets get the serious part. How ridiculous is it that children in our country are so traumatized when their candy vanishes? There are children in America that can’t even have a Halloween; either costumes are too expensive, neighborhoods are not safe enough, or parents can’t afford to give their children the experience. There are people in the world starving to death, and we are upset about candy?

It is definitely something to think about, and a wake up call to those parents whose children responded in this way. It is the parent’s job to inform their children that they can’t always have everything their way, and that there are people in the world whose food situations are extremely different and challenging. This clip gives parents an incentive to step in and teach a good lesson to their children early on.


Guest Blogger: Maddie Carens

The Freshmen ’15, you hear about it all the time! It’s one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of someone’s first year in college. Will they gain the weight or will they be able to keep their shape?

I always told myself that I would never have any issues with the Freshmen ‘15. After being a three sport athlete in high school I thought that I would have enough self control to keep my fit body shape all throughout college without any issues. Man was I wrong, it has been a battle everyday to contain myself from all the food options we have here at HWS. There’s the Café, Saga, DeCordova Café, and The Cellar Pub.

Being on the Gold Plan I am allowed unlimited swipes into Saga. That right there is trouble. Unlimited amounts of anything, let alone food is just dangerous. Although I have an assortment of snacks back in my room, I seem to have a mental set every time I am in Saga that I will go hungry in between meals. Therefore I eat as much as I can. I always have to try the different options too making my meal significantly larger then it really should be. I can’t help that they have three different kinds of dessert at lunch and dinner that all look delicious, as well as their constant collection of Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch, and Trix available all day.

At the Café they sell cookie dough, M&M Brownies, and Rice Crispy Treats just to name a few. It’s like they want us to gain weight! Then I think about the “healthy” choices that they offer us at Saga. What I consider healthy such as the vegetables in the “Classics” section, or the fruit in the salad bar area, are realistically not. It is either frozen packaged food that is thawed and cooked in oil and butter, or it is from a can and packed with processed sugar.

I have a Mother that has always cooked a fresh healthy meal every night, buys limited junk food, and always made sure I ate my fruits and veggies. When you get to college all of that is gone. You are forced to make your own decisions, and that freedom is what gets me every time. I am not saying that I am or will become obese after my freshmen year of college, but I do think that the whole food situation is a major adjustment that everyone needs to take into consideration, especially the colleges.

They could take some action on what they provide, limiting the amount of junk, to a couple of days a week. For those like me who have a hard time keeping a steady hand when it comes to food, I feel for you! Hopefully it is just a phase that comes with the excitement of being on our own. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll do much better second semester.

Guest Blogger: Rich Jarrett

Being a second year student in Ms. Polak’s Writers Seminar II class, I am used to talking about food. But when surfing YouTube last year, I came across a video that takes food and how one prepares it to a whole new level, specifically, the epic level. Now, many people have heard of Epic Meal Time, but I have become a new member to their website. For those of you who don’t know of Epic Meal Time, it is just about one of the nastiest things one can watch, but at the same time, makes your mouth water like you’ve just sat down at The Palm.

I am warning you right now, this isn’t your average serving of cheesy tots. When I say they take it to the next level, I mean they really make it epic. Take this Chili Four Loko, a beloved dish with a bacon and college kick to it. These men may seem like slobs, but they are actually geniuses. They have racked up more total views than Rebecca Black.

One day I hope to try out one of their recipes. I am currently training my digestive system with an extra meal of Saga a day. This group of guys take every single meal that real men love, and turn into a bacon fantasy. Past episodes include: Meatball Deathstar, Breakfast of Booze, and TurBacon Epic, a classic take on Thanksgiving dinner.

But seriously, what makes these guys so successful? I definitely think that they know their audience very well. They know all the people that follow them are some serious college eaters and drinkers, as well as bacon lovers (considering that every recipe calls for massive amounts of bacon). I think that with that, plus what they cook, produces a concoction full of fat, fun and fast food.

They make their episodes as epic as possible, including footage of actual people eating these ridiculous meals. We should show this to that blonde anti-fast food activist, or the blond bitch, as she is known around class. I wonder what her response would be…Id love to see her take a bite of the fast food lasagna.

Guest Blogger: Marcela Melara

Busy Moms need Energy

What’s your 2:30 feeling like? If you’ve seen any 5-Hour Energy commercial, you know they all start the same… In this case, they are asking a busy mom. Her 2:30 feeling lasts all day sometimes because she is so tired. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if you’re a working mom, which is certainly not uncommon, you need to something that will help you stay awake throughout the day (we, as college students, know this feeling just too well). Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much…

If you’re not really paying attention, this commercial seems like any other 5-Hour Energy commercial. But if you are, there are so many implications made in this commercial…

The very first thing we see, is the busy mom walking in with two full grocery bags. And the two boys in the background? Out of control. From the first couple seconds of this commercial we know she is a working mom that must deal with running the household and her job. Notice how she mentions she has two jobs: some kind of job (most likely an office job by how she’s dressed) and motherhood. It is implied that her second job is being a mom. What is this commercial saying about working mothers in the States?

This working mom is aware that she has to deal with so much stress on a daily basis, so she decides to take 5-Hour Energy shots that keep her alert and energized all day. Her husband had suggested this energy drink to her (coffee must have not been enough anymore…). Although she refused to follow his suggestion for some time, she has to admit that “for once he was right”.

Gee, I wonder why she declined her husband’s suggestion for such a long time. It’s not like he’s just sitting on the couch…
“I told you so…” Is that really all you have to say?! How about: “Oh honey, let me cook for you tonight” or “I went to get the groceries for you today”? What is this saying about women in marriage? What is this commercial saying about husbands?

Let’s just solve all our problems with energy drinks, how about that…

Double down, my ass.

So here is the news:

KFC is doubling down on its promo across college coeds’ backsides. The world’s largest chicken chain is putting yet more college women — at three more universities — into sweatpants with “Double Down” emblazoned across their rear ends.

I have so many mixed feelings about this, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, if women want to be stupid enough to sell their ass as advertising space, who am I to judge? $500 is a nice sum just for walking around campus in sweat pants. I mean, is it much different than wearing a fuzzy pair of HWS sweats to class?

But this is rather bothersome:

Double Down is KFC’s new male-targeted sandwich that uses chicken patties as buns.

Are we really gendering food? This notion that there are female foods:

And male foods:

is rather limiting. Yet our gender ideologies manage to well enforce these ideas. Heaven forbid we head to a bar uptown and catch a Hobart Bro downing one of these:

So to use women to market to men a specific food aimed at their—pardon the pun—desires, makes sense. I mean, isn’t that what this means?

In college life, women are supposed to be highly sexed and men are supposed to be very hungry. Someone said: ‘Let’s put them together.’

we should ask the Dean of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration. Since he said it. I think he was being sarcastic. I think.

I am such a pushover.

OK, look. I am not going to deny that I have a sweet tooth. I mean, look at me. If you have had a class with me, you know I am a total pushover for all the foods that are bad for me (and, well, anyone). And yes, I have many food-related posts on this blog already (and several on past blogs, just check the links below). I guess I am saying you should pretty much expect a post like this from me every now and then. Because when moments such as this occur…well.

Have you tried this fantastically orgasmic taste sensation yet?

Oh, Jesus wept. It is damn good.

Bros Icing Bros

There is something mystifyingly strange about this whole Bros Icing Bros phenomena. I am a huge advocate of subculture. I love when I hear about silly little popular trends that haven’t yet made their way into mainstream culture. It makes me feel part of something, as if I am cool enough to be part of the “in” crowd (which, for someone as marginalized as I tend to be, is a small girl rush to my psyche).

So finding out about Bros Icing Bros was kinda cool. But I realize that the theory of it occurring and knowing that not everyone knows about it is a more romantic notion than what Bros Icing Bros actually is.

For those of you not cool like me, I will give you the bylaws:

When one bro spots another bro he can ice him, no matter when or where. This involves handing the approaching bro a Smirnoff Ice. Said bro must then get down and one knee and drink the entire bottle at one time. Failure to do so will leave said bro “excommunicated and shunned,” according to BroBible. (ha! And you thought I was making this whole bro thing up! They even have a bible!)

Now, if a bro is about to be iced but is already carrying a Smirnoff Ice, he can offer it up, thus essentially blocking the ice. Then the offending bro must drink both bottles to continue his part in the bro community.

Why Smirnoff Ice, you ask? Well, because it apparently tastes like shit. And to prove real manliness, a bro should be able to down an entire bottle of the sickeningly sweet beverage in one gulp.

Lemme tell you why this whole thing is fascinating to me. Firstly because there is a definite idea of who does and does not constitute a bro. No women, of course, and only the slickest of men. Mostly fraternity-bred but in my research, not all have fraternity backgrounds. Bros tend to be professional, newly minted executives in some type of corporate setting. I conclude this based on the various icing videos posted on YouTube that take place in the halls of financial offices and golf courses.

Now I am not saying that women cannot be iced—I have seen a few videos of women getting iced but c’mon…we know these chicks are pretty much hopeful mascots. They will never be a real bro, no matter how many times they do bro-like things.

What is perhaps most disturbing to me in this whole bros icing bros thing, is that there is this notion of inclusion and non-inclusion. And we all know how badly we want to belong (hell, I admitted in the first paragraph how cool I am for merely knowing what this icing thing is. And it’s because I belong). At the risk of not belonging, said bro will down the 12oz alcoholic drink (or larger, if their bro buddies are especially cruel) no matter where they are. This means that a lot of icing occurs on the way to job interviews, first thing in the morning, or behind the wheel of a car. Because let’s face it, if you ain’t a bro, you must be…a chick. And what man wants to be called that?

So don’t worry if you haven’t heard about Bros Icing Bros until this blog post. Because you’re still cool. By default. Our own Prez Gearan got iced at this year’s graduation. Cuz you know. Gearan’s a bro.

Come As You Are

You know, the Puritans came across the pond way back in the 17th century. So tell me why we will never see an ad like this in the US?

no. really? Really? NOOOOOOO…..

omg. can this week get any worse?


please. please someone save me from myself. without my Cheesy Tots, I am NOTHING.