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FW: Burgess

Today’s freewrite is based on the Burgess reading, “The Boss in Common” from our text (p. 158). I asked everyone to find a piece of music that they can connect with personally, that reminds them of a family member. I had to really think about this. But not for long. by the time I had logged into the blog, I had my song in mind. Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire”

when I was a kid, my oldest brother used to play this song, nonstop. It’s a pretty creepy song–the opening lyrics set you up:

Baby’s on fire
Better throw her in the water
Look at her laughing
Like a heifer to the slaughter

if that isn’t enough to scare the living hell out of any little kid, I don’t know what is. So not only are the lyrics disturbing, but Eno sings them with a high pitch screeching. When my brother would play this song, he would chase me all over our house and try to catch me. When he did, it was head first into the nearest toilet. I knew when I heard those first few opening bars, I better run or I was gonna get it and get it good.

When I moved away at 18 to go to college, my brother sent me my first care package. It was a great box full of fantastic stuff from home: food from the area (I was in art school in the south so anything from the far-away north was welcome) and books to sink my teeth into. He also made me a mix tape.

I remember opening that box after a full day in the studio, home late and exhausted. I popped the tape in and sure enough, the first few bars of “Baby’s On Fire” came whining through my little 80s-era boom box. At 18, away from home and feeling homesick, my first response wasn’t one of nostalgia but a response that made me run like hell. I was certain that my brother was hiding somewhere close and if I didn’t run, I would be taking a swan dive into the closest commode.

you know, just finding the video on the computer here in the lab, the minute I played the first few seconds, I realized that I instantly made a check for the door. I was so certain my brother would come out of nowhere to direct me to the nearest bathroom. The last thing I want in the middle of the workday is a swirly.


FW: what pisses me off?

This is a huge news week: Lindsay was sent to jail, Justin Beiber is being sued for paternity and we are only a day after the big Kardashian blowout. yep, the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding has ended after only 72 days of bliss. Wedded bliss? not quite.

It amazed me to see how many people commented on Emily’s Kardashian blog post. So many of you are totally into the Kardashian family. I never got it. I pretty much absorb pop culture like a sponge– and support it: I am in total support of Lindsay getting the rehabilitation she needs to pull a Robert Downey Jr. career revamp.

but those Kardashian chicks? no use for them. Not only are they in that place of being famous for being famous, they really have nothing whatsoever to offer me or the community at large. That I know of.

So I am not really bothered that this was just a 72 day marriage; I am not that concerned with weddings and marriage to be bothered by this. But I am pissed that they are flat out lying to the American (global?!!) public that they made NO MONEY on the wedding and actually think we are dumb enough to believe that there was any resemblance of love in that union.

I think there are a lot of celebrities that do some pretty brilliant things for attention.

Kim Kardashian is not one of them. Not only is she NOT brilliant, she cannot even pull off this stunt as believeable. So yeah, this pisses me off more than anything: people who think I am that dumb to believe their bullshit.

Suck it Kardashians. You carry no ethos with me. Hmph.

FW: Corn Dog Movie

OK, I have done this freewrite several times already but last night I sat through yet another viewing of Stick It. This damn flick!

Those of you that know me already know I am a huge fan of gymnastics. I especially like gymnastics because I pretty much like watching people fall on their asses. And no one falls better than a gymnast. So elegant, so graceful, so splat on their face.

so yeah, I love Stick It simply because it’s all that gymnastics stuff and the movie is basically a big FU to USA Gymnastics. The climatic moment of the film is when one of the girls is up for a vault and she gets points deducted for having her bra strap show. All the gymnasts are pretty pissed at the stupidity and limitations of the judging committee so they end up pretty much blowing the entire meet by doing their own thing.

Best scene: Wei Wei’s beam routine. This chick “rocks it out” (as any Toddler’s and Tiara contestant would say). it kicks some major ass. And it’s fun to watch. Thank GOD for YouTube.

yeah, I can watch this stupid movie a million times and still be pretty content. It was on ABC Family all weekend of fall break. And I watched it all six times. And yeah, I do already own. It is what it is.

FW: Most stupid thing I have ever done

there is so much. so very, very much. Of course, what can I actually write here that will still allow for some sort of respect from my students?

I think I have managed to mention on here that I traveled around Europe about a decade ago. Well, on one of these adventures, I was heading from Munich in Germany to Prague in the Czech Republic. I traveled by train–a pretty straight and normally, a really easy trip. I took traveled at night so I wouldn’t lose any of my days through traveling. thus, I boarded a sleeper car.

so sleeper cars are not an American concept. In fact, traveling by train is hardly an American concept. In Europe, however, pretty common.

I boarded the train at 1a in Munich and headed to my assigned bunk in one of the cars. What I did not know was that there were three bunks in each car. it being 1a, everyone was pretty loaded up and already sleeping by the time I boarded. Getting to my bunk–of course the TOP bunk–entailed me climbing up two bunks. Awkward genius that I am with my too-stuffed backpack climbed on the face of not on but two sleeping Germans. so not happy with me.

Because I caused such chaos in boarding my bunk (I also turned the light on when I walked in, waking up half the passengers, apparently a no,no in a sleeper car) I wanted to slip out of there first thing when the train hit Prague.

So early morning light, I got ready, jumped down and as soon as the train came into a station, I got out, trying to avoid the people I had so rudely stomped on the night before. Leave it to me to get out the station BEFORE Prague.

Here I was, stuck at a train station in the middle of the Czech republic at 6a. Sun breaking through the trees, completely alone and clueless. You know, they do not speak English in Prague. In fact, it isn’t even the same alphabet.

my vanity, pride and embarrassment took a bruise. Especially having to find a way to Prague that day, 200 miles away.


in light of my most recent freewrite and last night’s Emmy awards, I thought I might add these fantastic shots. The Emmy, of course, makes me love him even more. Because yeah, I am shallow like that.

FW: Elevator

who would i like to be stuck in an elevator with? look, I can be all brilliant and philosophical and say God or Gloria Steinem but I am going to go with Peter Dinklage.

“who the hell is this” you ask? I am totally sucked into Game of Thrones right now. Yeah, this fantasy series on HBO; I am not a fantasy fan–the genre is really hard for me to follow because the names are really messed up (among other reasons for my distaste). BUT. I LOVE Peter Dinklage. he is such a fantastic actor and so damn adorable. I have loved him since I first saw him in The Station Agent.

so when I found out he got the Emmy nomination for his role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, I figured I needed to see an episode.

so what happens? well, I got my Peter Dinklage crush on. but then, I kinda really fell in love with the actual show. um, wtf? the last episode I saw, some chick tried hatching dragon eggs. yeah, you read it. dragon eggs. so NOT my thing.

but Peter Dinklage…SO MY THING.

So what would I say to him if I was stuck on an elevator with him? I would probably ask him about acting. Like how difficult he finds it getting roles in Hollywood as a dwarf: for the notoriously shallow field of acting in Hollywood–all about body image–he is not only managing to survive the field but succeed.

and then I would probably get all real on him and ask him real life questions about his education, what his favorite music might be, if there is a chance that he would divorce his wife and marry me. you know, the usual.

so yeah, gimmie some more Peter Dinklage, the only man that might beat out George Clooney for my affections.

FW5: Corn Dog Movie

I have written about this several times already here, for example, so I will move onto my next favorite corn dog movie which is on my mind since we are butt middle into the Olympics:  The Cutting Edge.

This was a fantastic movie from the early 90s about a figure skater and hockey player that team up and form a pairs figure skating duo.  I love the movie for the mere fact that the it is so amazingly simple but full of fantastic one-liners:  “toe pick”!  to see this burly hockey player trying to do figure skating is beyond my reasoning.  LOVES it!  AND the father is played by Red from That 70s Show which is yet another fantastic moment of film usage.

The film ends, of course, in that typical fashion of Hollywood gala where the duo–who have only been paired for a few months–manage to win the Nationals and are off to the Olympics.  Gotta love it.  And while they never showed it, you KNOW they won the gold.  You just know it.

ETA: omg.  How can I be so confused?  when I got on IMDB to create a film link, I discover that the father in this film is NOT Red from That 70s Show but actually John Locke from Lost!  How can I confuse the two?  ah.  the power of the freewrite….to think on your feet and get your thoughts down.  but where.? Where was my head that I was not thinking about Locke?  Probably thinking about dinner.  I was uber hungry during class today.

FW2: First Concert

My first concert was AC/DC, the “Back in Black” tour. I was 14. It was an amazing concert–of course, what did I have to compare it to, you know? I went with my friend Chris who if I recall, brought a bottle of gin and cherry soda so we can make slow gin fizzes. Half way through the concert, he jumped and knocked my drink out of my hands…it doused the front of me, staining my white jeans. Yeah, I had on white jeans. It was the 80s. We wore shit like that.

What I remember most was that some guy in front of us was hunched over passed out. There was a footprint on his back. I also remember getting a total contact buzz from the audience since we paid extra cash to sit in the pavilion. I don’t think I realized I was high at the time but it was hard not to be–AC/DC fans are loyal with their weed, that’s for sure.

That is one of my fondest memories I have ever had with Chris. I just talked to him about a month ago and we laughed about that concert all over again.