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Guest Blogger: Maddie Carens

This clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live has to be one of the more creative ideas on a comedy show that I have seen in a while. This particular Jimmy Kimmel clip captures children at what seems to be the “end of the world” for them, but in retrospect it uncovers something that is a bit terrifying about todays youth.

The funny thing is, at that age I can totally see how their reactions are plausible. For them that candy is supposed to last for months. Getting the candy in the first place involved hours of their hard work, running around neighborhoods in costumes that are not always easy to maneuver in… But the sad thing is how small the issue of Halloween candy disappearing is, compared to other worldwide issues.

Now although this clip was extremely entertaining, lets get the serious part. How ridiculous is it that children in our country are so traumatized when their candy vanishes? There are children in America that can’t even have a Halloween; either costumes are too expensive, neighborhoods are not safe enough, or parents can’t afford to give their children the experience. There are people in the world starving to death, and we are upset about candy?

It is definitely something to think about, and a wake up call to those parents whose children responded in this way. It is the parent’s job to inform their children that they can’t always have everything their way, and that there are people in the world whose food situations are extremely different and challenging. This clip gives parents an incentive to step in and teach a good lesson to their children early on.


FW: what pisses me off?

This is a huge news week: Lindsay was sent to jail, Justin Beiber is being sued for paternity and we are only a day after the big Kardashian blowout. yep, the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding has ended after only 72 days of bliss. Wedded bliss? not quite.

It amazed me to see how many people commented on Emily’s Kardashian blog post. So many of you are totally into the Kardashian family. I never got it. I pretty much absorb pop culture like a sponge– and support it: I am in total support of Lindsay getting the rehabilitation she needs to pull a Robert Downey Jr. career revamp.

but those Kardashian chicks? no use for them. Not only are they in that place of being famous for being famous, they really have nothing whatsoever to offer me or the community at large. That I know of.

So I am not really bothered that this was just a 72 day marriage; I am not that concerned with weddings and marriage to be bothered by this. But I am pissed that they are flat out lying to the American (global?!!) public that they made NO MONEY on the wedding and actually think we are dumb enough to believe that there was any resemblance of love in that union.

I think there are a lot of celebrities that do some pretty brilliant things for attention.

Kim Kardashian is not one of them. Not only is she NOT brilliant, she cannot even pull off this stunt as believeable. So yeah, this pisses me off more than anything: people who think I am that dumb to believe their bullshit.

Suck it Kardashians. You carry no ethos with me. Hmph.

Guest Blogger: Emily Andersen

The Kardashian Wedding.

There has been so much hype surrounding this event, you’d think that the man was about to land on the moon all over again! I often wonder why the Kardashians are famous and why they feel the need to expose every single aspect of their family to us. I mean seriously! Soon Kourtney’s baby son Mason is going to have his own spin off!

Maybe that’s why they’re all so intriguing. We have to watch them constantly in case they expose some hidden talent that’ll explain how they merited such fame. So far, however, this observation has yielded no such enlightening explanation. Anyways, back to the wedding! Now of course Kim, the second oldest Kardashian, has finally found a man who she has deemed suitable enough to marry, and share all of those intelligent and scintillating moments of her life with.

Kris Humphries, first and fore mostly, has a first name that begins with a “K”. This is an all important marketing aspect that Kim’s mother, also Kris, required in order to sign off on this whole shindig. An NBA player, Humphries also has the bank account to ensure that Kim will be able to continue to live in the outlandish, yet humbly modest lifestyle that she has so grown accustom. Kim’s, now hubby, also has a small case of the crazies which is necessary in order to for one to commit oneself to the Kardashians. (Oh yeah, when you marry one you marry them all!).

The newlyweds reportedly received (is it just me, or is there something innately wrong with paying two people to get married?) $17.9 million in net profits and a huge discount on almost everything at their wedding, from the flowers to the cake. The nuptials themselves were a star-studded event and lasted well into the night. It was a seriously “tre fab” set up with a ten tiered cake inspired by the other royal wedding earlier this year. There were some beautifully heart-felt moments of memorial for Kim’s father and honestly, by the end of the program, the Kardashian-Humphries wedding really got to me! (I still wanted to rip that diamond headpiece off Kim’s head though…. seriously, what was she thinking!!!!)

But, why? Why was it so easy to become emotionally invested in the Kardashian’s life? Maybe it’s because they’re all simply famous for being famous, they’re all actually a really normal family that just happens to get paid for breathing. I mean I know that my family has its share of drama, and me and my sisters definitely get into the kind of shenanigans that the three Kardashians do (but obviously with a smaller budget). As much as people don’t understand and therefor look down at this celebrity family, you can’t help but appreciate that at the end of the day, the Kardashians are closer than most other families.

Do yourself a favor….

Take nine minutes out of your day and watch this video. Then think about it. And react


in light of my most recent freewrite and last night’s Emmy awards, I thought I might add these fantastic shots. The Emmy, of course, makes me love him even more. Because yeah, I am shallow like that.

FW: Elevator

who would i like to be stuck in an elevator with? look, I can be all brilliant and philosophical and say God or Gloria Steinem but I am going to go with Peter Dinklage.

“who the hell is this” you ask? I am totally sucked into Game of Thrones right now. Yeah, this fantasy series on HBO; I am not a fantasy fan–the genre is really hard for me to follow because the names are really messed up (among other reasons for my distaste). BUT. I LOVE Peter Dinklage. he is such a fantastic actor and so damn adorable. I have loved him since I first saw him in The Station Agent.

so when I found out he got the Emmy nomination for his role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, I figured I needed to see an episode.

so what happens? well, I got my Peter Dinklage crush on. but then, I kinda really fell in love with the actual show. um, wtf? the last episode I saw, some chick tried hatching dragon eggs. yeah, you read it. dragon eggs. so NOT my thing.

but Peter Dinklage…SO MY THING.

So what would I say to him if I was stuck on an elevator with him? I would probably ask him about acting. Like how difficult he finds it getting roles in Hollywood as a dwarf: for the notoriously shallow field of acting in Hollywood–all about body image–he is not only managing to survive the field but succeed.

and then I would probably get all real on him and ask him real life questions about his education, what his favorite music might be, if there is a chance that he would divorce his wife and marry me. you know, the usual.

so yeah, gimmie some more Peter Dinklage, the only man that might beat out George Clooney for my affections.

Guest Blogger: Abby White

My sister shared with me, the other day, the new Kia Soul commercial. This time the hamsters are dancing to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. Personally these commercials crack me up. The hamsters are adorable, and the idea is very creative.

The hamsters first appearance in the Kia Soul commercials came about in 2009 were they compared the old age of cars, which are represented by hamster wheels, to the new age, the Kia Soul. This original commercial shows the Kia Soul as vibrant, different, cool, and new. The 3 “hip-hop” hamsters in the Soul are different from the other hamsters. They don’t have the same old wheel, or hamster house, plus they know how to “keep it real.” All the others hamsters are stuck in place, they are not moving forward in the times. Which leads us to believe that the Kia Soul is a step forward for car engineering.

The 2010 commercial finally gave these hamsters clothes though. They are officially the “hip-hop” hamsters. Part 2 of the Kia Soul trilogy is another step up for the Kia Soul.

Whoever created this hamster idea should be making millions, because I am sure they have sold a ton of Soul’s with this commercial. I mean watch the commercial; this is entertaining. The hamsters are “gangster”, and they are the only happy hamsters in the commercial. You see a clinically depressed hamster in a washer, two suicidal hamsters in a toaster, and who knows what is going on with the hamsters in the cardboard box. If that isn’t enough the background music is telling you to “get with this”, the Kia Soul. Plus if you don’t “get with this” I am sure those hamsters would kick your ass. Finally the newest commercial, which is my personal favorite, was just released August 28.

These hamsters are so smart, they have moved out of the hoods and into Hollywood. And now they are saving the world?! As one blogger said they are “bring Soul to a soulless world.” Not to mention, these hamsters are better dancers then most people I know, including myself. These hamsters are taking over the world. The songs exact lines toward the middle of the commercial are “everybody just have a good time, and we gone make you loose your mind.” They are showing how kick ass this car really is. I mean so far the car has hamster’s driving it, it has been showing as the “new generation”, and it is ending wars. These car dealers really know how to advertise a product, subliminal messaging at its best. Not only do they tell the consumer that they want this car because all the hamsters think it’s the best, but they actually show off the product. You can see its sound system, the push to start, the navigation, butterfly lights. This Soul is “the new way to roll”!

Back-to-School Sale

I have been kind of struggling with getting into the “back-to-school” groove. This is not a good thing when you’re a professor as all of your lesson planning is best done before the semester begins. (For me, at least, since the first month of school is usually preoccupied by fall TV season premieres.) It took me awhile before I realized that my disassociation from excitement concerning a return to campus coincided with my complete disconnect from television this summer.

With all the traveling I do between the last and first day of school, I had my cable turned off to save myself the expense. Which means that any TV I did watch–because you know I didn’t just go SVU-less–was watched on download, thus, no commercials.

This sparse, TV-viewing summer parallels the summer of 1996 when I was working a dismal corporate job and a trip to Europe was my answer to getting me as far away as possible from my cubicle. I spent some time in Prague and I remember standing on the Charles Bridge, looking out over the Vltava River. In an effort to jot down some tidbits in my travel journal, I noted the date and realized it was Labor Day. School had started back in the states and I had totally missed it.

Are you getting the picture? I had not seen any Back-to-School commercials! Which means, I had not seen (or heard) anyone talking about the best thing on the planet to spend your money on: school supplies.

I used to LOVE buying new school supplies as a kid. I loved having a brand new pencil box—always pressed cardboard for us, no plastic boxes, so a new one was a big deal since it still both opened and closed and wasn’t held together with masking tape (which was usually the standard by October). I also loved the full Elmer’s glue bottle. How many of you spread glue all over your hands then spent most of First Friday mass peeling it off your fingers? (Catholic school. What can I say?) And of course, the brand new box of crayons, with in-box sharpener.

Shopping for school supplies got me excited about returning to school. When that list arrived in the mail (they didn’t post them at Office Supply simply because Office Supply didn’t yet exist), you ran around the house trying to get your mom to confirm a date for shopping. All of those new products were yours, yours alone, and you didn’t even have to share them with a sibling since you were never in the same grade.

I realize that in missing the back-to-school commercials on TV, I have missed the excitement over new school supplies. The best solution, of course, is to just head on out on my own timeframe, bring my list and have at it. So I did.

I seemed to have traded in a lot of the types of supplies I buy these days. Since my teaching is paperless, out are notebooks, folders and new pens. For this new school year, I bought a new 2T external hard drive, a flatbed scanner and updated my Mac with Lion.

And you know what? I am still damn excited about school supplies.

Make it so.

We read The Hunger Games for my Adolescent Literature class this week. I love this book. I loved it so much when I first read it; I had to teach Adol Lit just so I could make it required reading for everyone. It’s an amazing text.

If you don’t know what The Hunger Games is about, or have never heard of it, you have been either living under a rock or are simply deprived of some serious quality American popular culture. The biggest news of pop culture in the past two weeks—aside from Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood and Lindsey refusing a plea deal—is that they have cast the role of the main character in The Hunger Games movie that is coming out next year. Apparently, everyone who is any female of acting caliber has read for, or at least wanted this role. Names from Abigale Breslin to Hailee Steinfeld have been mentioned but ultimately, the character of Katniss Everdeen went to Winter’s Bone actress Jennifer Lawrence.

In class, several of my students’ referred to this text as science fiction. Many wrote in their text response for the book that they didn’t care for science fiction so they had a hard time getting into the plot. I assigned this text as a dystopian novel: America in the future is a desperate place where the overruling government requires each of the segregated twelve territories to send two children into the Hunger Games each year where they fight to the death. Very much like The Giver and Brave New World, this text is classified as dystopian.

It never even occurred to me that this plot—or dystopian novels—could be classified as science fiction. I am not kidding. I never considered myself a fan of science fiction. In my mind—like many people, I am sure—lovers of science fiction are anti-social misfits that spend too much time analyzing the forcefield capabilities of the Enterprise. But as I write this, I realize: I know what the Enterprise is. That already makes me one of them.

I had to really face my sci-fi roots this week. No one has ever accused me of liking sci-fi—and I say that like it’s an accusation, a negated identity that I would never want to be associated with. Yet in this month alone, I have started rewatching The X-Files from episode one, something I just did a few years ago.

I have also listened to an audio version of Fahrenheit 451—again a revisit for me.

I also referenced the new Battlestar Galactica in last week’s blog post and quoted from Firefly in an email to a friend.

And the other night, I had a dream about Jean-Luc Picard buying me the new iPad2 as a gift for Easter. (don’t ask. I can’t even believe I am admitting this on a public blog.)

Apparently, I do like science fiction. Apparently, sci-fi fans are not all anti-social.

OK. You have me on the misfit description.

The SPARK Summit

From the SPARK Summit on the sexualization of women and girls in the media and its effects on young women: