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Get some sleep.

So this is the opening paragraph of a news article I just read on

“We all know that getting enough shut-eye is good for us, but now a new study suggests that getting too little sleep can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular disease that can result in early death.”

I am not certain there is an adult—and I use that term loosely—that hasn’t heard that getting enough sleep is key to good health. But I wonder how many of these specialists that advocate six to eight hours of sleep a night know the reality of a student’s life?

We are in our fifth week of school, at present. Not only are many, many of you hacking away at bronchitis and impending flu but many of you are still coming off of Superbowl weekend so most likely, you are already behind in most of the work due this week. So this idea of getting six to eight hours? Yeah. Right. Really?

Right about now in the semester, many of you are not only trying to get yourselves organized with any collaborative work you have been assigned in several of your classes but you also are trying to sort through what your personal responsibility on collaborative assignments might be.

Add in your commitment to various campus groups—and pretty much all of my students are members of some such campus organization that is either academic, athletic or social—and any sort of social life and there is no way six to eight hours is going to happen.

I know that for myself, if a new episode of Jersey Shore reruns at 11p and I have yet to see it, I am up until at least midnight, despite my ability to set my DVR.

So ‘tis the season. For mono.

I can usually call it. One look at a student on the first day of class and I can tell if they are going to be my mono pick for the semester. Many of you think I might be brilliant when I call it since I am usually right; the student I think will get hit with mono is usually the student who does.

It doesn’t take Bill Nye to figure this out.

today’s generation of traditional students tend to overbook and overachieve. Lack of sleep = illness. So plotting out who the mono recipient might be isn’t too hard. I look for which one of you is most stressed, least focused and sniffling for more than a week straight. As I said, you are not too hard to find.

My only hope is that you make it to your mono bed without passing that germ-infested warfare on to me. So far, so good. But then, I am a huge advocate of these:

and these:

And honest: apples and oranges really work. So get yourself to the dining hall and start stocking up on some fruit. And get some sleep.

Note: go hit up yawn in the Google image bank and see if you can scroll through that page without yawning at least once. Go ahead. I dare you.


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